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Please see documents below. When you apply for Social Security Disability in NY you must submit to an exam at IMA. They make the final decision or your claim. Upon entering you are given a clipboard of forms to fill out, date and sign. Medical info, a form saying you will not film or record anything ( they will take you phone away if they suspect you are) and the form below asking you to become a test subject for investigational drugs for pharmaceutical companies. This is BEFORE you go in for your exam. This was quite scary. On the back it says you canh recieve free medical care and posiibly be paid which is appealing if you are ill and you have been out of work for months. Then if you recieve a denial you might be so in need of care and money you would submit to anything. How can these doctors who exam you and have access to ALL of your medical records make an unbiased judgement about your disability when they openly ask you to be a test subject BEFORE they even do your exam. I cannot believe that NY State is invoved with this practise and I think that everyone who had there disability decision done by these doctors should have someone investigate why NY is using IMA Research to make disability decisions.

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Jun 27, 2015 8:16 am EDT

When you apply for Social Security Disability in NY you are being sent to an IMA doctor. It is mandatory if you want to be considered for disability. What they are not telling you beforehand is that IMA is also IMA Research. Please see the documents below. Upon entering you are given a clipboard with forms to fill out. You must submit all of your medical information, sign a paper that you will not film or record ANYTHING said or done to you there and they can take your cell phone away if they think you are using it. You are also given the form below BEFORE you see the doctor. They ask everyone to fill it out. I said I wanted to think about, so I took mine home. Another man said he did not want to and they joked that you could have free medical care & possibly get paid to participate. It says that on the back of the form. I would like to know how these doctors can possibly make an UNBIASED medical evaluation about mine or anyones disability when they tell you BEFORE you even enter the exam office that they want you to submit to medical testing for investigational drugs for pharmaceutical companies? They do put a disclaimer on the form.. see below but why on earth would NY State even condone or send you here unless they are trying to find test subjects for these pharmacies? I think every disability claim that has been done here should be investigated by someone because if you are denied you would have been out of work and had no resourses and you might do this just to get medical care or money and they would know that fact. I have blocked out my info for obvious reasons.

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Dawn Measel
, US
Sep 02, 2017 10:44 pm EDT

Hello I'm dawn Smith in 2005 I was run over I filed for ss finally got in front of as judge granted disability in 2009 but judged said goes back to October 7 2007 I m still trying to get my back money I v been to the d's building, calling i get no where I was told by agent don't hold ur breath then in 2015 I was owed 1878.00 well they took limb sum and also month Nov threw March because they say I owed Medicaid which I receive extra help from them so I don't own Medicaid nothing then my ssI payments in 2009 was 525.75. In 2009 in Illinois they put on my file that I receive help from family member 600.00 a month and that I make 2000.00 a month which I don't iv lost my home after 11 years do to this I'm homeless and really need this straighten out please this has been going on long enough I appeal it I call we will check into it and get back to U well here I am 2017 still waiting to hear something this is not right iv worked my whole life and now not able to work and this is how the system treat us the rep that answer the phone will hang up on me then like I said I was told don't hold ur breath I would like to have my case looked over and be there with someone who is going to get me the money that is owed to me and receive the correct amount every month I am a single mother of 2 children which now live with there father because of my financials situation due to Megan in Illinois not properly put down the correct information I only get 604.00 a month then 14.00 Asians that is the only income that I have not over 2000.00 a Month that's why my check month was change from 895.00 and 525.75 to 604.00 and 14.00 I'm owed a lot of money and have been very patience wait for u to fix it but nothing ever happens the system is failing me and my girls we lost everything I worked my whole life for now I can barely even eat please help me get this rectified dawn measel 01/27/1970 [protected]

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