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L Jul 23, 2019

On July 7 - 14, 2019 I came to retrieve a car from NU car rental which was booked by me through Expedia. During my booking on Expedia I paid for insurance which costed 11 dollars daily. When I reached to the car rental company the representative told me that I would have to pay a deposit of 200. I told him ok, he later proceeded to ask me if I had insurance. I said yes, I bought insurance through Expedia, however, the representative went on to telling me that I would have to pay a liability insurance through the company as it's the requirements. At first I was upset and told him that it was nonsense as I already had protection for the vehicle. He told me the charge would cost 104.93 that would be refunded after I brought the car back and there wasn't any damages. This message was relayed 3 times as I wanted to confirm I was getting accurate information. I found it strange that this representative swiped my card two different times. He also encouraged me to get a pass for the tolls which would cost 11.99 daily, and not forgetting to mention that if I went through tolls without a pass I would be charged 25 dollars daily. I did have to pass through tolls numerous times which I paid cash and verified the information that the representative shared with me about tolls which they said was a lie. Looking at my bank statement I also saw a rental car tolls for 12.49. I'm really curious to know how my card was charged if I only paid cash.
This situation is highly frustrating as I'm upset that I made a decision to try something new, but was lied and robbed blinded of my funds. If there was miscommunication I would understand, but what's really upsetting is I made sure to verify this information 3 times.
My name is Lanna Prince
My contact number is [protected]
My email [protected]
I've already contacted my bank and I'm hurt because I don't like to be taken advantage of nor lied too.

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