NPN.bizScam don't buy into it!


I came across this site called it caught my intrest so i decided to give it a try. they had the program setup where you could buy leads from them and they would automatically put the leads into an autoresponder for you. I paid 199.00 a month to get this service. well...they never fulfilled my order! and when i kept checking to see if i had leads i would find out i had none at all! so finally i complained to paypal. they still did'nt answer for a few days. then i get this email from some woman named marylou. she told me that i needed to first cancel my dispute before they release the leads into my autoresponder. That is not how paypal works! paypal wants the seller ( to provide proof that they either refunded my money too me or gave me the service i paid for. wanted me to cancel my dispute without them doing anything toward fulfilling my order first.

well call me stupid...i decided to cancel my dispute to show that i really wanted quality leads and nothing else. since then they still have not fulfilled my order and i am out of 199.00. a lesson learned. and i hope that this posting help others out who wants to know more about :mad: . DON'T DO IT! They will take your money and RUN!

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