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Nomad Capitalist review: NC action plan

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Warning! Please stay away from Nomad. They are heartless and basically took nearly $30,000 from us, which led to another $8,000+ in costs trying to recover it. If you like burning money and time, work with Nomad... and have Nomoney.

Nomad Capitalist/Andrew Henderson was hired to help us navigate the complex tax burden incurred from our planned emigration. This process was dependent on the imminent sale of our business — a detail Nomad knew about. The situation was further complicated by our young child's unexpected and frighteningly lengthy hospital stays during this period. The situation was further complicated by our young child’s unexpected and scary lengthy hospital stays during this period.

I honestly was initially excited, swayed by the positive buzz around Andrew, naively ignoring the negative reviews. I even ordered his books and watched his youtube quite a lot. I thought there was a passion for independence and self-autonomy there and appreciated it, thinking we were like minded. The salesperson was personable and made us feel cared for, yet, after paying and meeting Andrew, he made us think we might not be the right fit for their program, yet sent us through.

We found ourselves being passed around to different nonchalant advisors, and the sweet, kind, helpful salesperson was unable to assist us, nor was Andrew. They ended up wasting our time with multiple discovery meetings, which was incredibly frustrating with all that was going on.

Then, our business deal collapsed. Before signing anything with Nomad, we had informed the team that selling in our market is tricky and could take years — a fact they were aware of, and that we couldn't move until the business was sold. Adding my child’s severe and recurrent hospitalizations, I realized it could take years to find another buyer, and that their advice would eventually become irrelevant. So I asked for a partial refund. If this would have happened, I might of considered using them again when I sold my business, but after this ordeal, I want to warn everyone to stay away from them.

As a business owner myself, I understood there were costs on their end, but since we hadn't really used their services, I thought this was reasonable. However, they outright refused, stating their policy against refunds, and that we signed a contract that said there were no refunds. Low and behold, it is in the fine print, seriously... I couldn't believe that they wouldn't compromise as they literally provided nothing and I was asking for a partial refund. But they were firm on the "policy." I understand having a tight refund policy and saying there aren't any, but I'm compassionate and can make exceptions for special circumstances. However, Nomad does not operate like that. These are not the people you want to work with.

They temporarily paused our sessions, as a "courtesy," giving the option to continue in a 2-3 months. Which I told them was pointless cause it is unlikely that I will find a buyer in that time. When I reached out later, I got no response, so I sought legal help. I couldn't believe they could walk away with our money like that. My lawyer was clear that their actions were indefensible and figured that they would be reasonable if he spoke to them. They ignored his attempts to reach out. Only after we threatened legal action, did their lawyer get in touch, threatening to sue us for their legal costs. Unbelievable.

Their attitude shifted drastically post-payment — from supportive to dismissive. This experience has taught us to scrutinize the fine print, learning it the hard way. Their no return policy, contradicts numerous online testimonies of people receiving refunds, something never disclosed in our interactions, and is unreasonable.

Amidst this ordeal, our child faced multiple hospitalizations. Nomad, fully aware of our circumstances, showed no empathy. Though a lawsuit might be in our favor, the additional time and expense involved are daunting, which is likely what they're counting on. We’re now considering a class action lawsuit, as it seems we're not alone in this situation. Many have been disappointed by Nomad. Considering the wealth of information and AI advancements available online, their services seem almost redundant now. I regret not paying attention to a warning review I found at

You have been warned. If they treat people like this, it is likely their advise and organizations will be poor also.

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