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No Cost Auto Glass RepairDestroyed Windshield

No Cost Auto Glass Repair located at Team Dykstra's Car Wash in Corona Ca will vandalize your car. I went in for a chip repair on my windshield. They told me the spot would be hardly noticeable.

 I do the paper work, go out to my car to find a 19yr old kid smearing liquid laminate on my windshield & heating it w/ a BIC lighter. I complained & they said that they are just suppose to strengthen the glass. Thats not what they told me to get my insurance on the phone which asked me if I wanted to file a claim.

 I told the insurance I would pay as I didn't want a claim. They took my $50. I drive a BMW 745LI which brand new off the lot cost $92, 000. I just had a chip. Instead of arguing I said O'well, atleast now it won't run & I will take it to Safelite to properly fix it.

 Now I have the Safelite repair guy out to do it right only to be told there is no way he can do the job due to the lamiate this kid put on my window. Great, now here I'am w/ a $92, 000 car which had a 100% repairable windsheild which now cannot be repaired.

 The rock chip looks as fresh as the day it happened & is actually an obstruction in my windshield which would leave them liable if something where to happen. I spoke to the owner of the company who told me they don't have any insurance. Upon further investigation it shows the don't have a business licence either.

 I know people who work at the Car Wash this place runs out of & was told there are many many complaints & they already had to replace a few windshields. The owner & the regional manager are both impossible to deal with. The regional manager told me they wouldn't even try to repair it correctly. "Cause they can't"

 I consider this vandalism. My windshield was repairable until they touched it. This place finds Car Washes to setup in all over Southern California & their corporate address is in Las vegas. This is a big big warning to anyone w/ a chip in their windsheild.

 "No Cost Auto Glass Repair" is a complete scam which will vandalize your car. They are unprofessional & will hire anybody as long as you can talk people into this scam. Now I have to go through my insurance for an entire windshield repair which will cost my insurance $1800+ . This place is more than a ripoff...It's vandalism. Leave "No Cost Auto Glass Repair" & "Team Dykstra's Car Wash" alone.

 You will be sorry if you use these people.

looked up your company both in California & Nevada. I find it very funny that you do not have a business licence anywhere. I called the Riverside County Business Licence Dept. I was lucky enough to get a supervisor.

 The gentleman looked up your company only to verify you do not have a licence of any kind. Further more your not allowed to operate under the licence of the carwash either. He strongly encouraged me to call The California Dept of Automotive Repair. This was the same day I spoke to you on the phone, too bad you didn't take me serious & fix your mess.

 I recieved a call this Thursday from the Bureau of Automotive Repair. They already have an investigation going on your company. He told me all I have to do is fax him over your receipt, my receipt from safelite saying the job was not done properly, & my receipt for the new windshield I had to put in which set me back $1500.

 He informed me that after I fax over the information that they will be able to go out & start making arrests. You know...cops, handcuffs, etc. I will be LMAO while your little scam gets smashed to pieces. This company is 100% illegal & the state of California is getting ready to come down on them hard w/ criminal charges.

 Me & the guy from the bureau were laughing at your website which shows a guy using proper equipment to repair a windshield. Your website don't show the untrained kid w/ a tube of laminate & a 99 cent BIC lighter LOL. I warned your 20yr old district manager & I warned you. Now I can rest at night knowing when this is all over I will have cost you 100 x's the aggravation & money you cost me.

 It seems I'm not the only one to report you as there is already an investigation. The guy let me know that after I fax him all my papers that criminal charges will be pressed & you will be held accountable. He strongly urged me to do this because so many people have to file a complaint. He kinda let me know that I was putting the last nail in the coffin for your No Cost Auto Glass Scam.

 In California YOU MUST possess your own licence to do windshield repair, you are NOT allowed to operate under someonelses' licence which you probably claim to do. Afterall you don't have a business licence of your own. If you do I challenge you to post the licence #. Anyone who don't believe me can call The California Dept of Automotive Repair Bureau or Riverside Co business licence dept, or any business licencing dept in SoCal. This place is 100% illegal & the state of California I'm helping to bring you down.

 I will have a big smile on my face when they inform me that you have been arrested. When those cuffs get to clicking as they go around your wrists I want you to think of me. You know my name, you know what your employee did to my BMW. I want you to know it was me who drove the nail in the coffin to get the state of California to come arrest you. Your not safe in Henderson Nv either. I have had to deal w/ the business licence bureau in Clark Co Nv myself. I know they are a pain. I will be sicking them on you Monday, the same day I fax over all my papers.

 You will wish that you just fixed my window. You know what your doing is vandalism by taking a 100% repairable windshield & making it irrepairable so you can get 50 bucks. Your whole outfit is shisty & know I will feel warm & fuzzy inside while your in the holding tank waiting on your bail. I warned you on the phone & you thought your were dealing w/ an idiot. So sorry for you but that was not the case. I knew just who to call & the remember I said this. "The State of California is shutting you down" Did you really think someone was going to let you get away w/ this on a newer 7 series BMW ?

 I gave you a chance to make it right & you thought you had all the sense to talk your way out of it. I would love to watch you defend yourself against this. I will post every move that is made & what happens against your company. What you don't realize son is that I'm from Las Vegas & I know just how to deal w/ your kind. Enjoy the happy days ahead w/ multiple licencing bureaus. California already wants to lock you up. The guy clearly said "Arrests".

 If you don't believe that they are investigating you & getting ready to arrest you. I encourage you to call the Bureau of Automotive Repair @ [protected] or you can fax them on the same line I will be faxing them @ [protected]. Anyone reading this can call this number & they will tell you about your no licence havin self. Don't ya wish you just made things right that one time ? LOLOLOL have fun.

I was under the impression that they were going to properly drilll out the hole & fill it w/ laminate which fills in the cracks making a chip in your windshield barely visible. This technology has been around for years. It is a quick & easy fix w/out having to replace a windshield.

 There is also the hooptie windshield repair they sell at Auto Zone for 8 bucks which you just smear on your window & heat it & this does not help w/ the appearance of the chip.

 The guy I talked to about the repair assured me they use the same procedure as Safelite Auto Glass. So after dealing w/ the paper work I come out to my car to find them smearing that Auto Zone laminate on my window which is why I started to complain.

 I did not know this would stop me from getting a proper windshield repair. They sold it as a proper windshield repair. A chip repair is no big deal, I have seen Safelite repair a window where you couldn't even find where the chip use to be. This is the service I was sold verbally by their reps & the same service shown on their website.

 The carwash also has a windshield repair guy onsite who is actually recommended. He was not there the day I got the "repair" done. I figured these reps who are dressed professional knew what they were doing. Boy was I wrong.

 However I already fixed my windshield & can move on, however this guy will have to deal w/ all this BS just cause he didn't wanna make things right. I would have settled if he paid my deductible but not now. Now he is exposed for having no licence to do business & this guy is not even allowed by law to touch your car.

 Thats exactly why [redacted] is here. Now people know about " No Cost Auto Glass Ripoff " .

Today everything was faxed over to John @ the Automotive Bureau. 1st off I will call you a flat out liar. Your punk kid of a manager told me he wouldn't even attempt to fix my car. This was right after I asked him if he was going to use a BIC lighter to do so.

 That is why I said I didn't wan't you touching my car & I never used profanity, not once.  Let's break you down for what you really are. Since you would like to lie & put curse words in peoples' mouths'.

 1st off I'm professional in anything that I do unlike yourself. Really you guys deserved alot more than one cuss word. I never used any but for arguement sake I will take the blame on that one just to give you a boost.

 When you smear this 8 dollar laminate on someones' windshield for $50 do you tell them that they will never ever be able to get a proper windshield repair done ?

 Are you going to sit here and tell everyone that a windshield chip is not visually repairable ? I quote this in your last post. "Depending on the age of the chip we have seen some chips appearance look 60% to 80% better than before."

 Your method of repair is smearing some laminate on a chip & heating it w/ a cigarrette lighter. This is how my repair was done. Why on your website does it show a technician using the proper equipment to do a windshield repair ? Why doesn't it show a 20yr old kid w/ a BIC lighter ?

 Your reps assured me they use the same procedure as Safelite to repair a windshield. Safelite drills out your chip, injects it w/ laminate, than holds a UV light to it to harden the injected laminate. This is the procedure I was sold.

 Why did I walk out & find a kid burning my windshield to harden up some Auto Zone laminate out of a tube ? There was no drilling, no injection, or a UV light. Why ?

 Let's say I drove a junker. I can get almost any windshield installed for $89 . Why in the hell would someone pay you $50 to stop a chip from spreading ? Who wants to file a claim w/ their insurance & still be left w/ a chip as ugly as the day it happened ?

 The picture of my chipped windshield was after your repair. I took that picture 5 mins after hanging up w/ you on the phone. Would anyone call that any percentage better looking ? You know there is no improvement in the appearance of the windshield after you smear the lammy on. So why do you advertise it ?

  Why don't you have a licence in Clark Co Nevada ?

 Others may be fooled but that is not a business licence from Simi Valley.

 You must possess a licence in whatever county your working out of. Why are you only screaming about Simi Valley ?

 You are not allowed to work under the licence of the carwash. To do windshield repair you must posess a licence.

 What your doing is chip spreading prevention. Why don't you sell your service as exactly that ? Why are you calling this a repair when it is clearly not ?

 Just so everyone knows what your doing I can explain it really quick...If you have a chip in your windshield & you do not care about the appearance of it you can go to Auto Zone & buy an 8 dollar tube of laminate. Smear it on your chip, heat it, your done. Chip is still ugly as all hell but it won't run.

 That is exactly what you do to your customers, fooling them or their insurance company into paying you 50 bucks for something a 6 yr old can do. This again is not a repair. It is "crack prevention".

 I bet you would lose 9 of 10 people if you were honest & made sure the customer knew that once you do your little smearing of goo that they will never be able to repair their' glass properly.

 I havn't even started w/ Nevada yet. California is going to shut you down. What are you going to do when an undercover investigator rolls through your operation w/ a chipped windshield & your reps sell him the Safelite procedure like they did me ?

 Do you think he will be ok w/ your method of repair ? LMMFAO

 Why don't you tell everyone here what you told me on the phone about the diffrence in the equipment Safelite uses vs the equipment you use ?

 Remember telling me how a BIC lighter does the same thing their UV light does ? If a BIC does the same job why would they have the UV light ? Why wouldn't they just use BICs like you ?

 Why was my chip not drilled ?

 Why was there no injection & just a tube of laminate some kid was smearing on w/ his fingers ?

 You should just walk away from this website. It is just making you look worse & worse. Your scam's days are numbered & you know it. I can't wait untill they press charges & you will be paying me what I had to lay out of my pocket.

Do you really think America is that stupid ? You claim to have been doing this for about 8 months. Why is it right after a complaint is made that a positive review rolls through ?

 This is a fake review posted by the owner to save the face of his scam. I'm not going to start dropping names of people I know at the carwash where you run your little shifty operation out of however, know all I have to do is make a call & can start listing almost all of your unsatisfied customers.

 Would you like to explain the situation where you had to replace an $1100 Prius windshield ?

 Your method of repair will not help the appearance of a chip whatsoever. You do not drill out the chip. You do not inject lamination, you smear it on. You do not harden the laminate w/ a UV light, instead you hold a ciggarette lighter where you smeared the cheap laminate.

 Look here son. So you know who your talking to. I have been doing commercial & residential glass for 16 yrs. My family has been doing it for 30+ yrs. I may not have ever done auto glass however my very own mother use to work for Harmon. I'm sure you heard of them.

 In other words you cannot BS me. Anyone who has read this please look at the photo I listed at the top. That is how they repair a windshield. Would you be happy with that ?

 Just so people know. It is 100% impossible w/ your method of repair to fix the appearance of a windshield chip. With no injection this means no laminate gets into the cracks. You cannot smear laminate into a chip, the chip must be drilled 1st to allow the laminate to fill in the cracks via injection not fingers.

 Than instead of a UV light to harden the laminate your guy pulls out a ciggarette lighter. LMAO

 I hope you keep trying to make yourself look good. Everytime you reply to me it puts this posting higher up on the google search engine. If you type in "No Cost Auto Glass Repair" in the search engine this is now in the top 5 results for the search.

 Unlike you my friend I have knowledge about glass, alot. That is why I asked your reps that sold me this service if they used the same procedure as Safelite which they assured me they did. The girl behind the $20 booth you have set up in the back of the carwash by the bathrooms lol. She went as far as to tell me that you guys usually do them w/ a better result than safelite.

 Look at the picture folks. Would you call that a repair ?

Destroyed Windshield



  • Al
    Alden Jun 08, 2010

    I read through this text and just have to clarify one thing. A windshield chip repair cannot be done properly without attempting to vaccum the spot. Drilling is usually, but not always, necessary. As far as using a lighter, that wasn't the bad part of the repair. All that heating does is expand the glass causing the crack to temporarily receed and allows the vaccum that is on it to remove as much air as possible. Then pressure needs to be applied as the glass cools and allows for the "resin, " not "lamiate, " to be injected into the chip. The resin itself is "solar reactive" which is why a longwave ultraviolet light is used but which is not needed in the sun. However, if the resin in this cheep kit was placed on the chip in the sun with no cover it would have no time to get into the chip thus being completely ineffective. It wouldn't even stop it from running. Whoever did this repair was obviously inexperience. I really do feel for you and am glad to hear that you didn't just sit on your [censor]. You actually got ahold of the BAR(Bureau of Automotive Repair). I really gives those of us doing things right a bad name creating a fear of replacement and reapair. Any [email protected]

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  • Wa
    WatchDawgie Mar 25, 2010

    I just noticed a posting on 3/25/10 Craigs List- Orange County-Jobs-Sales. It was using this same name as your unfontunate experience with. Have they just jumped across county lines to avoid legal problems. It looks like they have set up shop in two locations in Orange County.

    Ad shows: Location: BUENA PARK/SAN JUAN CAP

    I have dealt with SafetyLite for several windshield replacements and from your discription a similar repair caused by a small rock. They never guaranteed the repair and said it might crack further. But I had the repair done and it has worked well. It has been a 75% savings to replacement.

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