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J Dec 01, 2018

on Saturday 12/1 /2018 I traveled from Union new jersey to New York Penn Station with a round trip ticket and a recite dated with my credit card number and name witch you printed out from your machine . On the way back from New York I gave the conductor the return ticket and she punched it putted in my coat pocket it must have fell between my pocket and the liner of my coat . when I got on the 1:34 Rartian in Newark Penn station I realized I lost the ticket it happens to all of us, when the conductor came to collect tickets I toll her
I lost it but here is the your printed recite she precited to show the back of a ticket and said read this and refused to look at the recite or ck my ID to see if I was lying she just said you could have pick it up any place in penn station and would not listen to any thing I had to say putting me into a freeloader class of people . I was not happy with her response and if I didn't have the recite and I did not offered to pay the full fair to union which was only one stop I could see her point but there was no
reason for her response at all and I have two witness who would testify that she was out of line and we can go to court on this if you want I don't care, what implies on your ticket is if you don't have proof the fair and no ID that you were the rightful owner of that ticket in that case your are write and should treat that person as a freeloader which was not my case and the the conductor should be taught how to conductor them self correctly in all cases with people all times . Then don't print recites for fairs if you don't honor then on the date they were issued .

Joseph Steffel
677 Summit rd
Union NJ, 07083

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