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DT: October 3, 2008

I am writing this in rebuttal to the complaint from Nina Rotti made against my agency Molliwood Production.

I Molli Funk; owner of Molliwood Productions, have been blessed with a very successful business in a very difficult industry, modeling and promotional staffing. I take great pride in the fact that since opening my agency in 1990 I have not experience anything such as this. I employ / contract a large number of people. Typically in this business the talent doesn’t get paid until the promotion is completed and the contracted advertising agency pays the local staffing agency. However I have been fortunate enough through our steady stream of work to be able to pre-pay the talent more often than not. Of course this isn’t always the case and in this line of work is almost never heard of.
Ms. Rotti makes several claims in her report which I will attempt to dispute. I am the owner and operator of this agency and in my opinion I am very organized, keep great records, and respond to all inquiries timely. Although not all problems are resolve to everyone’s satisfaction, I do value my reputation and take pride in the people I work for as well as the people that work for me.
Ms. Rotti’s claim that a local search in San Francisco doesn’t find Molliwood Productions is true. The reason you can’t find Molliwood Productions in San Francisco is that the home based agency mainly operates in the Midwest. I do not staff talent in California. If Ms. Rotti knew anything about business she would know you can’t own, operate, or run a business without federal tax ID #. I have been operating under federal tax ID # since 1990, and can provide such documentation.
The further claim that there is no website or contact information regarding my agency is false. I have made my agency available to hundreds of people and businesses. Enclosed you’ll find contact information for my agency. We do not currently advertise on the internet. Fortunately for me I have been excessively successful without advertising other than by word of mouth, which should illustrate my organizational commitment to complete satisfaction.
Since I am a wife and a mother to three we have had some great opportunities to relocate with my husband’s corporate assignments. Fortunately for me with each relocation my clients have asked me to take on additional markets. We did move from Ohio a few years ago and continue to staff that entire market.

Finally, the real allegation; Ms Rotti claims I owed her money as well as many other models in Ohio. Her report makes reference to legal action against my agency. That is simply not true. I don’t know a Nina Rotti nor have I ever contracted or employed a Nina Rotti, if I did my accountant would know. I responded directly to the report by way of e-mail offering my availability for discussion regarding this matter. I welcome the opportunity to discuss this with Ms. Rotti or her attorney. If there has been previous legal action it will be easily proven. I am anxious to see the documentation of such legal proceedings since I know they don’t exist. Hopefully, if Ms. Rotti actually retained services of legal counsel she would have been advised on defamation of character and libelous posting which are prosecutable by law.
In short, this posting is bogus, and I don’t believe this person exists as one of my staff or models. I don’t owe her money nor have I ever been involved in any legal action with this person or ANYONE else that has ever worked with my company. I can and will provide positive testimonies from my clients/staff although I shouldn’t allow unfounded claims to take up my valuable time. I will proceed with legal action against Ms. Rotti if we can find her, or the real person behind this bogus claim. The claim that Molliwood Productions is a fraud or a scam is simply not true. We provide professional staffing for major manufactures and do not engage in any illegal or questionable activity. I WELCOME/ENCOURAGE anyone to pull up public records on my agency in ANY state! I can be reached at the contact number below.

Molli Funk
Molliwood Productions

1 hours 8 minutes ago by Molli Funk [send email]
Ms. Nina Rotti, Please see below on how to file a "Real" lawsuit. As you well know, if legal action had been taken, you of all people can back up that claim with proof of a work order/report forms, which I might add goes directly to my client to expedite the paying process faster via website access. As with any legal action you MUST have tons of proof, YOU AND YOUR HIRED ATTORNEY, CAN SHOW! PLEASE, PLEASE PROVIDE THAT! WAITING!

Nina?? Im curious to know why you are so contradictive in your false statement above?, , , , , , , , , , you wrote "NO PHONE NUMBER"? However this was your next comment:" YOU CAN ALWAYS HEAR KIDS SCREAMING AND DOGS BARKING WHEN YOU TALK ON THE PHONE TO HER", , , , , , Yes I have kids/dogs and proud of it! That is why I work from home, family first! So which is true? NO PHONE?? OBVIOUSLY YOU HAD MY NUMBER NINA ??TO KNOW I HAVE KIDS/DOGS, , AND YOU SAID YOURSELF "WHEN YOU TALK TO HER", , , , , I would suggest getting your facts, or might I add lies together before posting any INVALID complaints online, , , , , , , , , at least when I post negative complaints to warn others of BOGUS AGENCIES, I get the story in the local news, and hire a attorney to collect "ALL" the funds" I ACTUALLY WORKED FOR!!!, ", , , , , , , , , , , Again Nina Rotti, (You dont exist), , , , , , show proof of those legal fees spent, , AND OF A NINA ROTTI, , any intelligent person would file in small claims for a small fee first, rather than hire a expensive attorney THAT YOU OBVIOUSLY CANT AFFORD, unless you are owed large sums, such as myself in the case below, , , , , , , , , , PLEASE SEE THE EXAMPLE OF PROPER DOCUMENTATION TO BACKUP YOUR CLAIMS: PS, , , , I RECEIVED ALL MONEY OWED, THANKS TO A GREAT JUDICIAL SYSTEM/ATTORNEY THAT HAD ZERO TOLERANCE AT THE LAST HEARING, MIGHT I ADD, THIS PERSON WAS FORCED TO PAY THE REMAINING AMOUNT WHICH WAS NOT GARNISHED FROM HER CLIENTS & BUSINESS CHECKING ACCOUNT, , , , , I JUST RECEIVED THE REMAING BALANCE JULY 28, 08...Im actually happy to know that I do not know you as a staff/model. I think to have a valid complaint from a real model/staff would be very hurtful, , , , , , , , I CAN SLEEP AT NIGHT, CAN YOU? JUST TO LET YOU KNOW, I'VE HAD THE SAME CELL NUMBER FOR YEARS, , AND THE SAME EMAIL FOR THE LAST 10 YRS, , , IM VERY REACHABLE, , , , , EVEN AFTER HOURS WITH MY FAMILY IN TOW, KIDS & DOGS, AT LEAST I ANSWER MY PHONE!



This aired on her local news, , , , , , , , , Now we are victims of retaliation on her myspace/ctayloragency
Anyone knows that when someone is caught red-handed that they will retaliate. The truth is being revealed about The C. Taylor Modeling Agency and Theresa Catanese - So please if you REALLY want to know the truth, please go to the Vanderburgh County Court Systems in Evansville Indiana and check it out for yourself! Please do not believe the slanderous lies that she has been spreading about the people involved. Get the facts.

And consider this: If a well known news reporter did a special story about all of this, you know she has to be very careful about her facts. She cannot air anything that cannot be proven.

Please read the News Story below:

Reporter: Stefanie Silvey Channel 14-WFIE Evansville, Indiana
New Media Producer: Rachel Beavin

The owner of an Evansville talent and modeling agency is ordered to pay up after being sued by models who say she pocketed their paychecks.
The C. Taylor Agency has been in business in Evansville for more than a decade. (SO she says... actually it has been about 4 years).
The owner, Theresa Catanese, has been active in the local pageant world for years.
Now, several models say she hasn't been paying them for their time and work.
We spoke to former clients of Catanese. One after another have gone to court to fight for a paycheck they say they never received.
Former client, Andrea Simmons, says she tried very hard to contact Catanese, 'I tried contacting her on several occasions and had no response. Her voice mails were always full so you couldn't even leave a message.'
Amanda McClure says she is still waiting on payment from a lengthy job, ' I did a job for her in October 2005. It was supposed to be a four hour, six day event where I was paid and she didn't pay me for those.'
They say local companies paid Theresa Catanese's agency a paycheck for promotional jobs her models did. She was supposed to take a percentage of the money and then pay the models, but the models say instead she took it all.
McClure says, 'I think she doesn't think we would have went this far but I mean, there's a lot of girls she hasn't paid so we're determined to get it.'
McClure goes on to say, 'I deserve to be paid. I took off work to work for her and I missed school to work for her and she should pay it.'
Molli Funk sued for thousands of dollars, and won, after she modeled and provided other models to do a job for Catanese. Funk says she ended up paying the other models out of her own pocket when Catanese didn't, 'No one should have to go through this to get their money and what is rightfully theirs and what they are owed. She knows this and she's the one who has to look at herself in the mirror everyday.'
Some have appeared in court more than once, after a judge ordered Catanese to pay up, and she didn't.
Many times Catanese has failed to show up at all, and that's also what happened with us. After she failed to show up for our scheduled interview, she issued this statement:
'I am fully aware of the talent that needs to be paid for jobs they have performed. We have full intentions of paying those individuals as quickly as possible. If any individual feels that they have not received full compensation in work they have completed, they are welcome to call us and we will help resolve the issue. The C. Taylor agency has been successful helping to launch the careers of many local and national talent and are looking forward to help both talent and clients in the future.'
A judge ordered the money owed to one model garnished from Theresa Catanese's assets after Catanese failed to appear in court a second time with this particular model.
Four models have sued Catanese. In every case, the judge has ruled in favor of the models.

Amanda McClure went back to court this Monday for the 3rd time because Theresa did not pay her from 2005, and Theresa has not shown up to ANY court hearings. SO.. the judge ordered her to pay the money in full within 2 weeks, or there will be a warrant out for Theresa's arrest.

Molli Funk's attorney went back to court this Wednesday with Theresa because she had lied about her income and had to be served legal garnishment papers on the set of a photoshoot recently (in front of the client and models, I might add!) They are still trying to work with Theresa on paying back the $4000 she owes Molli alone, but if it does not happen soon, the future does not look too bright for Mrs. Catanese.

MOST of the models who Theresa owes money to are out of state. This is how she does most of her business because now all of the local clients are aware of her methods. This makes it very difficult for anyone to sue her if they live so far away! ...ALL part of the plan, I am sure.
If you 'GOOGLE' the words Theresa Catanese or The C. Taylor Agency along with the word SCAM... its gets very interesting how many other models are out there.

Anyone can go to the Vanderburgh County Courts and look up these words to find out the truth for yourself. The one where Theresa was arrested for criminal check deception is very interesting as well.
Theresa Catanese
Theresa Catonese
Theresa Steel
Frank Catanese
The C. Taylor Agency
Natasha Smith
Andrea Simmons
Amanda McClure
Molli Funk


  • C Taylor agency victim
    In November 2005 I was hired to do a video shoot for Bristol Scribb by Lori Rosas of the C. Taylor Agency. After 90 days of not receiving payment I contacted Mrs. Rosas and was informed that she had since disassociated herself with the C. Taylor Agency. She had recently found out that the owner, Theresa Cantanese was cashing the checks for all modeling/actor jobs and not paying the talent for their work as agreed per contract.

    I contacted Mrs. Cantanese myself and was given lies after lies from Feb. 2005-May 2005 via email and phone. She frequently told me that the check was 'in the mail' or that the client had not paid yet and she would have to invoice them again. With the help of Mrs. Rosas who was also a victim of Mrs. Cantanese, I tracked down the receipts of the cashed checks that had been deposited back in January! She was lying for 5 months!

    I proceeded to file against her in small claims court for everything I was owed, plus interest, mileage, etc. Of course Mrs. Cantanese did not show at the court date in July 2006. However, the judge awarded me the claim since she failed to appear and I had to now re-file for payment. I filed again and was set to go to court again in August when Mrs. Cantanese received her second summons and would be in contempt of court if she failed to show a second time and would have a warrant issued for her arrest.

    So I suppose she decided it was in her best interest to pay the judgment against her and I received payment for my court judgment the same week I filed against her again. I considered the matter at rest until I have recently found out that she continues to do unethical business practices and withhold wages to talent. She is telling the same lies and cashing money from clients that is to be paid to the talent.

    She owes thousands of dollars in unpaid wages to talent all over the country. Do not get involved with this agency because you will never receive payment unless you take legal action against her. She frequently threatens people who speak out against her with slander lawsuits, however we have yet to see her take anyone to court because she knows she will have to answer why she has not paid her talent.

    I also spoke with Robert Vega of the U.S Dept. of Wages and Labor and he told me not to worry about such idle threats. Slander is considered FALSE words spoken to damage someone's good name. You can consider these charges to be true because I have documented proof from a court of law that Mrs. Cantanese does not pay for work done for the C. Taylor Agency!

    I also have emails from Mrs. Cantanese herself trying to lie to me about my wages when I had a cashed check receipt in hand proving otherwise. I thought that my lawsuit would teach her a lesson but I guess not because I am starting to hear about people all over the country who are victims of Mrs. Cantanese and her agency.

    The only action I would recommend is to take the agency to court for your unpaid wages and try to warn others about doing business with this agency. This agency needs to be put out of business for good!

    Columbia, Tennessee

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  • Do
    Dont waste your time May 04, 2009

    On the C. Taylor Agency website, she also has this claim:

    "The C. Taylor Agency also represents the area's only experienced, licensed or certified and insured Make-up Artists and Wardrobe Stylists to help complete your production."

    For one, I know for a fact that Theresa is NOT a licensed MUA, nor "certified" by any means, and the actual price of being insured as a Makeup Artist is outrageous... I am guessing she has never even checked into it, or she would know its more costly than her mortgage.
    She has never been trained as a Wardrobe stylist either... maybe she has bought a few pageant gowns for some girls in the past... but I do not know of any jobs she has ever had as an actual professional wardrobe stylist. Pardon me if I am wrong and all of a sudden she has become one.

    Aren't ALL Makeup Artist who go to cosmetology school LICENSED? Aren't they insured if they work in a Salon?
    How about the HUNDREDS of licensed Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists in the Evansville area? Has she forgotten that they exist too? MUAs and Hair stylist are NOT covered by the salon's insurance IF they decide to freelance though... They could loose their license in many cases if they did!

    There are other MUAs in the area who have 5 times the experience that she or her "people" have. No matter how many pageant girls she paints up, she will never have the professional experience or talent to call herself a MUA.

    It seems like she did not THINK before she made this claim on her website...
    I wonder when she is going to take the photos down of all the Talent who are NOT represented by her anymore...
    Including a few that have SUED her recently!!! Weird.

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