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For the past several years (Approx. 5 yrs) , I have had no heat or hot water in my apartment. I have made many complaints to my management office (To no avail). I have also written several letters to my neighborhood politicians. This past february, my hot water and heat were in perfect working order after many complaints. Now the winter has set in again, and I am now going through the same problems, less the hot water problem. The hot water is working quite well (Not perfect) , but better. My issue is with the heat. I stress heat, because when it is below 50 degrees, I get none. When its 45 degrees I still get none. What do I have to do to get someone to fix the problem in my development regarding heat? I pay a lot of rent, whereas, you have people that don't pay at all. I should get proper heat and hot water at all times. I work for a living and I pay my rent, therefore, I need someone to take care of this issue as soon as possible. Why must I complain and complain about the same issues every year? Someone needs to address this. This is a serious issue, for I will continue to put my oven and stove on to keep warm. Living on the last floor (14th) gets very cold and windy. So why must I suffer when every one below me is nice and warm?


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      Nov 19, 2018

    victor melendez
    1970.Amsterdam Av
    New York ct NY. 10032

    mi complain es qwe no tenemos
    cale [censored]ion .en este bildin.
    Ynosotros semos en bejesiente
    sinior Yno Ay calefagsion cuando mas lonesecitamos

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      Nov 19, 2018

    @[email protected] caliente no caliente

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      Nov 30, 2018

    Contact your community board..
    contact scott stringer's office, as well
    along with all the politicians in your area...
    Withhold your rent...
    As long as you put your rent in an escrow account...
    make a copy...and write a letter explaining why your rent is not
    going to be paid until you have heat...and present it to management
    (make copies for yourself), housing cannot do anything against you
    for holding onto your rent..
    We at the sheepshead/nostrand houses have the same exact issues
    Housing could care less about its tenants...
    i've been here long enough to attest to that..
    but always get a ticket number, before calling anyone..
    the call center and ticket number idiocy i [censored]...
    but nobody will even listen to you without a ticket number
    and fight, fight, having your community board...and its contacts
    fight for you, as well..

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