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I tried calling the number listed on the website and it has been disconnected. I requested through email to retrieve my password many times. They claim it has been sent but I have never received a reply from them. I sent them an email but I have not had a reply to that either. I guess I am screwed out of the $29 I invested in this crap.


  • Me
    Melanie Dec 12, 2007

    False advertising! Paid $30 and then was unable to get the information! Claimed to have DMV records, but once you pay it just sends you a link to the DMV website. A total waste of money and HUGE scam! Gives absolutely NO information - very disappointing!

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  • Ho
    Holly Lown Dec 27, 2007

    The website promises a whole host of services but as with all these products they cant deliver. The criminal background portion is an add on which costs $10 to activate and then $29/month. The other services are marginal.

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  • Da
    Darlene Perry Dec 31, 2007

    Can't even find my own name let alone any others. Get: not available, no results, error. Spent hours trying to search and what did come up was years old.

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  • Al
    alisa albea Jan 01, 2008

    Net detective is a joke they give out dated information. Or you will put in a request and it'll come back information not found.

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  • Re
    Rebecca A. Dexter Jan 17, 2008

    Am not able to get into site after paying for a 3 year membership. They used consumer guides as a recommendation and when I went on the web address they gave me there was no such site.

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  • We
    Wendy Dewar Jan 23, 2008

    Try to avoid getting scammed to get certain court records, read a website -Beware of online background check scams-insisted net detective was the best of the best and I subscribed. Boy was I scammed, it tells you nothing and wants more money to give you more information!!!

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  • D
    d Jan 23, 2008

    Also watch out for RECORDS ACCESS, same sort of scam. Just is a clearinghouse of sites you can find on your own and you have to pay extra for it all. "Lifetime membership" HA!

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  • Valerie Jun 06, 2008

    I cant login! The site is horrible! Took my money and the info is useless nothing like what they advertise. Beware all!

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  • Pa
    patty smith Jul 12, 2008

    just ordered myself and cant log into site

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  • Gr
    grammalisa Apr 10, 2009

    I am another that got ripped off. We need to post these beware of Net Detective in as many places as possible.

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  • Cu
    Curious Apr 27, 2009

    One thing I'm curious about...You said you can't login but the data is worthless. Which is it? If you can't login how can you see the data?

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  • Je
    Jeba1 Dec 28, 2009

    The reverse phone feature did not yield very many hits for me. Out of around 50 numbers I searched only two resulted in information. Don't buy if you only have phone numbers to search.

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  • Ab
    abacab Mar 20, 2011

    Probably the same thing that happened to me, first I logged in, saw it was a scam, called the number and then they locked me out. I still have not gotten a refund a couple years later. If I have paid for the service, I should be able to log in, I have complained, but it made no difference.

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