Navien/CR201A-NACompany does not stand behind product


Bought this unit three years ago brand new and had the builder install it. within the first six months no hot water. So the tech from Navien sent me up to the attic where it is installed to clean the flow sensor. Now I am not a plumber and told him so. But I worked through it. Now 2.5 years later and a few more cleaning of the sensor the unit is now leaking water into my attic. Instead of the tech taking charge he tells me I will need to call a plumber out to verify the warranty then he will send all new hoses and elbows and a new board for the unit. Then I get to pay again for the plumber to come out and replace their defective parts that they should have gotten right the first time when they manufactured the unit. In the mean time the unit is still leaking in my attic. If the Navien knows what parts they need to send as their tech suggested then why not just send the part so I only have to pay the plumber once? Also if they know what parts they need to send than they have had numerous issues and know it was poorly manufactured in the first place. This unit is dripping water directly onto the internal circuit breaker. How safe is that UL Ratings! So the Plumber is coming out tomorrow and we will see how Navien Handles it. I am not holding my breath!


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    Tennessee Tommy Aug 01, 2012

    No doubt they have a problem with the flow sensors. I have had to replace the sensor 3 times in 18 months was without hot water last time for 4 days! They claim it is probably my water quality but American water supplies water to 400, 000 people. My neighbors have Renai & Rheem on demand hot water heaters with no problem.

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    Kencpor Jun 03, 2013

    Back in the attic again this morning to work on this pile of cR ap. 2000.00 Plus hot water heater that is junk. This company is so cheap that they have a recall on the unit and refused to pay more than 100.00 to handle the recall. Two different pluming companies that I called one of which they recommended estimated the job at 2.5 hours or about 300.00 bucks. Navien expects the customer to pay the rest of the cost of the service on a recall. This thing has been a lemon from day one. Navien does not even want to here from you if you have an issue. Once they have your money good luck. I would highly recommend that you buy something else. With as many issues as i have had there is zero savings when you are calling over plumbers every other month to work on Naviens junk. My neighbor has two Rheem units and his house is a year older than mine. Never has had a service call. I am out about an additional 900.00 in service on Naviens crappy unit. Adds up fast. Again stay away from Navien and you will stay away from stress and headaches

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