National Money Mart Companyoffice closures

Ju Aug 30, 2019 BC

This is the second time I've walked to this location and they've been closed when their hours have been posted that they were supposed to be open. It was 8:40 p.m. when I showed up tonight and it is supposed to be open until 9 p.m. Thursday and Friday night. I know one current employee of the downtown location so I messaged her and she said "oh he closed early he was supposed to be there until 9". I went to pay my bill and reloan due to a personal crisis and this has put an extreme amount of added stress on. The last time I went there and they were closed when it was posted that they were open was on a Saturday and I spoke with the same employee who advised they don't have enough workers as they can't keep people staffed/high turn-over. She told me there's only two people at the downtown Victoria location and they just can't work the weekend shift because they're already covering mornings and evenings during the week. These issues are not customer issues and these issues need to be addressed by corporate management. Provide better benefits or wages to keep staff if you have a high turn-over rate.

Your company makes how many millions or billions of dollars?
Frustrating, I had to walk half hour there, half hour back home, what is going to be done about this??
My contact number is [protected]

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