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I recently found a collection on my credit report from the company, National Credit Solutions, located in OKC, OK collecting for a BMG music. I contacted this NCS and asked them what this was for. They said it was for some mail order company for CD's. I tried to explain to them that I did not order anything from the named company and do not owe the $162 they are saying that I do. I have never been contacted by the company by mail or telephone telling me I owe this money. It just appeared on my credit report. When I contacted them myself to tell them they were reporting this in error they were beligerant, ugly, rude and wouldn't listen to anything I had to say. They told me what a terrible person I was because I didn't pay my bills. When I tried to tell them that I never ordered anything from this BMG place they said "sure I did" so I asked them for proof and they said since it is a "mail order" they didn't have to provide proof that I received anything. This has to be wrong. I have some scamming collection company that has gotten my name and social security number somehow and it trying to stick me for $162 or they can just leave a collection on my credit report? I asked them for a debt verification and they have yet to send it to me. They did tell me over the phone as they were laughing at me that all they had to do is send me a letter saying they "verified" the debt...they are not required to send proof. How can businesses exist like this..this is harrassment and not to mention just plain wrong.


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    [email protected] May 05, 2011

    thank quasarblue I will take your advice!!

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    [email protected] May 05, 2011

    pardon my typing im swiping from my phone . The credit agentcy they sent was trident .They have a $77 collection for an account I have not ordered from.

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    [email protected] May 05, 2011

    i have bmg on my credit and have not ordered from them in ten years th ecredit agentcy is trident . I am realy comfused how this is so easly done.My credit was just recently cleaned up and now this..Very frusterating and I dont know how I can legaly do anything but pay them $77 and have it on my report .

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    againstNCS Apr 03, 2011

    NCS had a rating of "C -" as of 04/03/2011. And, on 01/27/2011 this company's accreditation in BBB was revoked by BBB's Board of Directors due to engaging in activities reflecting poorly on the BBB or its members. Source:

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    Kittenkat28 Nov 30, 2010

    Lmbo! God I wish I could work there! Make hella good money. ;)

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    pureStubborn Aug 08, 2010

    Lisa19072 said NCS had a rating of A+? Not so. Their rating is B with 498 as of 08/08/2010

    Their repugnant attitude and questionable business practices make me determined to fight them.

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    proxie123 Jun 16, 2010

    I'm A college student and I just recently checked my credit and BMG music appeared on my credit report stating that I owe them money for an account that is in deliquency that I so called established with them. I find it odd the reason being is because Its only on my experian account but are not on the others. Also i contacted BMG music services and asked them can they furnish any information in regards to this claim. Their response was that the account was established some year ago when i was fourteen years old, but didn't give me any form of info of how and what musics were ordered. So reluctantly I agreed to pay, but something kept telling me this wasn't right because when trying to pay them for some reason the payments never went through. The next step I took was counseling with my banker, and was told laughingly that I should do whatever i can to dispute this claim especially since it was account established without consent in regards to my age. but what else can i Do because being 21 it's hard to furnish any info to fight this claim. I also asked BMG service for an isp address from this computer that I so called order these varies music from. Would i need to file a police report or what?

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    toolman68 Jun 14, 2010
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    Verified customer

    ssmith1331, I sent u a PM

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  • Ss
    ssmith1331 Jun 14, 2010

    I'm in the process of buying a home and have been keeping a eye on my Credit through my bank, all of a sudden less than a week ago this lame company NCS shows up for collection as of 1/2010 for $225 Original Creditor BMG $105, well it's June and they just posted it, so the comment about updating it every Friday is obviously a flat out lie! They only update it as a result of your dispute. In my case two laws were broken, re-listing a debt that was removed due to original dispute without notifying me in writing within 5 Business days. Also I have yet to receive a Dunbar letter, I just sent them a Validation of Debt letter with the FCRA statutes called out. Did I have a debt with them or BMG, no! I did have Columbia House 4 years ago who has since gone out of business. They kept sending me movies I didn't order, I sent everything back and cancelled within 30 days, never once did I receive a bill, statement or anything else so how can this NCS company collect on something that nobody seems to have any records of and if they can produce any why didn't I get them? I don't have any merchandise from this company so how could I possibly owe them anything, so I thought. Whether it's mail order or not, they still have to prove that you received a product or Service from them, agreed to a contract and didn't break that contract at least in the eyes of a judge in small claims court. I know they won't respond to me but I'm sure they will respond to my attorney when I sue them for willful non-compliance, Violations of the FCRA and FDCPA, and not to forget defamation of character to other creditors! If you try to call Columbia House or BMG you get recordings that the numbers don't exsist. I'm not going to sit back and allow these people to try and pull a fast one on me! People shouldn't feel bad about these companies that suckered you into some bogus mail order program or the collection companies that were stupid enough to buy that debt, by the way they probably paid like 10 bucks for your account! I bet they're not even legally allowed to collect in my State, I've requested this info from my States Attorney General. All I can say is bring it on NCS, your going to have to travel to my state and pay airfare, stay in a hotel, pay for court costs in small claims, and lose up to $5000 in punitive damages, all over the original supposed debt of $105! That should make up for some of you others that they've burned!

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    toolman68 Jun 09, 2010
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    NCS showed up on my CR in May 2010 I paid it it was BMG Go figure, I paid it so I would not have to go through a battle getting it removed. Yesterday 8 June I checked Experian and guess what? another one for $226 out of nowhere, on my report it said started on 1/2010- submitted on 5/2010 same time I paid off the other one. I called and Talked to a guy and I asked him how did I get a BMG on my report when I just paid? and how is it from 1/2010? he said hold on please! I was on hold for 3 to 4 min long enough for him to pull my credit and get my address from 2003 when he came back he said it is from 2003 does that sound about right? I said no because I have never had a BMG account, he said, Did you live in sos and so in 2003 ? yes but it aint me, I asked him to validate it with a contract thats when he transferred me to a lady. She told me that they could not validate a mail order but it showed where one payment was made, I asked her what name and Bank she said she could not get that information. She told me that if I just paid in full it would be removed, I asked for a letter stating that, she said she could not provide that. She gave me her word it would be removed and is sending me a letter just saying it will be updated as paid. I will not pay it, they got money from me onece and that is it no more, I have filed complaints with every Agency available and I have sent Soldier civil relief Act (SCRA)Validation Letter to them, they have broken 4 laws in my case and forget to acknowledge that in my State the SOL for this is 3 years and from what they say it was sent for collection in 2005 even though I never got any calls or letters from anyone. Something's Fishy here

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    defineboredom May 07, 2010

    I believe the above "complaint" by Lisa19072 is in violation of FTC guidelines for contact concerning debt collection. If this person is in the employ of NCS, NCS could be held liable in court for harassing contact.

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  • Ja
    jastokes02 Sep 29, 2009

    sign up for class action lawsuit!

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    pennyz271 Aug 25, 2009

    I too, got my credit report about 2 months ago and lo and behold, there was the notorious debt!! OK, I have bought my house AND refinanced it in the last 8 years, and no sign of this alleged bill that I owe for $121. For that matter, I bought a car 6 months ago and this was not there. The debt is supposedly from 2006. I called NCS and they were rude as hell. I have sent TWO certified letters and to date, neither of them has been signed for at NCS. They told me that BMG may have had this debt for years and only send them the debts in a "lump batch" and that's why it took so long to show up. Whatever. I haven't been in a movie club since I was in college 20 years ago. NSC says it was DVD's I bought. I asked for proof while I Was on the phone with them and she told me to request it in writing, which I did and still, nothing. I guess I will start faxing and e-mailing these contacts some of you have so graciously listed for us other vicitms!!

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    villainous Aug 25, 2009

    Here's the thing kids, burden of proof is on the consumer (victim). Lil' Lisa from NCS says prove your case, but how do you prove something didn't happen. I can't prove I skipped breakfast I just know I'm hungry. Reporting people to the credit agencies without even a letter first for a five year old debt, however valid, is unethical to the point it should be criminal. Paying these pirates only makes it more likely others like NCSwill engage in the same practices. BMG said they would remove the debt, but I doubt this will actually happen. Dispute with all 3 credit agencies, file complaints with the bbb and ftc, and be aggressive in your demands for documentation. Correspond in writing so there is a record, and so you don't fly off the handle and tell these sorry sobs what you think of them. Nothing good comes out of anger. Seriously though, what kind of person would take a job at NCS. I think I have more respect for strippers and prostitutes.

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  • Jr
    JRFuerst Jul 02, 2009

    I want to start by saying I am in no way affiliated with NCS. In fact, I am one of the unfortunate ones who has had two accounts with them - one in February, and one recently a week ago. They were both for BMG.

    I know a few a years ago I joined BMG and made a horrible decision to "get free stuff now" and not pay for it. I ended up forgetting about really until the start of this year when I decided to finally be financially respoinsible and start clearing up my debt.

    My first BMG account was for $250. I thought this was a little pricy for something that was initially 12 cds for the price of 1. But then I figured with the cost for NCS to purchase it, late fees from BMG and other fees tacked on, this seemed about right. I didn't argue with NCS and had it paid off in one payment. The person I spoke too was extremely professional with me, mainly because I wasn't being argumentative with them and I was trying to get this thing paid off and clear.

    I was expecting to see it say "Paid in full" on my credit report, but instead it was completed removed, and my credit score went up.

    This past Monday NCS showed up on my credit report again for this time $360-some dollars. I was confused because I thought I had paid it off. I called them to clarify and they explained to me I had two BMG accounts - one in 04 and one in 05 and they just recieved this one. I thought about this and figured, well, knowing how unresponsible I was with my money years ago, I probably did have two BMG accounts, knowing how easy it is to get one, especially when you have a new address.

    So I did question the account, but once it was explained to me, I set up two payments - half on July 15 and the other half on July 31.

    Personally, for me I was upset with this latest NCS account because in January I had set up a plan to get myself 100 percent debt free on my June 30 paycheck. This whole time I'm thinking "debt free finally" and then one final debt pops up. I was frustrated not with NCS, but with myself for my poor financial decisions I made in the past. But, instead of being debt free today, I will debt free on July 31.

    My pros about NCS - They are extremely professionally and will work with you to help you. People always thinking that debt collectors are these mean, unprofessional companies. The fact is, while their may be some truth to debt collectors raising their voice, not being cooperative's not just one sided. In my time dealing with debt collectors, as Lisa said above, I've found the more professional I am, the more they are willing to work with me. You think they enjoy their job? It's got to be completely stressful for them to deal with customers who just complain and yell at them in the phone. Realize that they weren't the ones who got your credit report screwed up. If you truly feel that there is misinformation, you must show proof.

    Try to reverse the tables - say someone owed you, the customer, money, and your friend said they paid you back, you wouldn't just believe them, would you? No, you'd ask for proof. It's the same thing. One of the dozen collections on my credit report did have misinformation. I showed them proof that the account was paid and they apologized for the misinformation and removed themselves from my credit report. Simple as that. Creditors DO make mistakes from time to time, there are millions of things being reported each week.

    Chances are though, and I did this years ago, most customers tell themselves they never did something and think they can get out of paying something so they tell the creditor they never did this. I tried this tactic years ago, and it never worked. Not once. Why? Because it wasn't true and I had no proof for it.

    Also, I think when people complain about creditors, the situations are overrexagerated to make the customer really look like the victim and the creditor look like and evil business out to steal money from someone that claims they never did anything. Sure, I've had a couple unpleaseant dealings with creditors, but never close to what I have read on here - I've never had anyone laugh at me, or put me down. I find that hard to believe.

    Bottom line - if you are professional and try to work with the creditor calmly and in a business manner, they will treat you with the same respect.

    I will say, the person that did comment how they call and they get a message that you've called after normal business hours is true. That's my one con with NCS...I've called them on multiple occassions during Monday-Friday normal business hours and get that message a lot, and I don't know why.

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  • Li
    Lisa19072 Jul 01, 2009

    I am honostly trying to help, I do not see how I have bullied any consumers at all in any of my posts? I apologize if any of my posts were offensive.

    I have never once said 'pay or else' and I have also never led a consumer to falsely believe that paying is thier only blogs and any blogs from my fellow NCS employees are aimes at informing you on the details of all of your options and the common procedures:

    -requesting validation
    -submitting a dispute
    -deletion for payment in full
    -payment plan
    -cease & desist
    -filing a complaint

    I know that some bloggers emailed me personally however I was not able to correspond with you via email because that would be breaking a federal law. However I notified my supervisor of your name if you emailed me and in one case the account was already closed, so good for you I am glad that you were able to get everything figured out.

    NCS will be launching a new consumer friendly website in the near future. We are working on opening up the lines of communication to better inform consumers who are going through the collections process.

    I am sorry that your collections experience was not pleasant. Dealing with debt can be scary or frustrating but NCS is working to improve our relationship with consumers. We strive to make the payment process as easy and quick as possible for you. We want to let you know more about your rights and more about your options. Let us help you get your debt cleared.

    National Credit Solutions is a debt collection company. This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. To ensure compliance with federal laws pertaining to debt collection, we are unable to correspond electronically. Please feel free to call the office at [protected] our hours are online at

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  • Ka
    kandycemitchell Jul 01, 2009
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    Verified customer

    FightBack is right on the money here.

    I had the best luck following the advice of FightBack, specifically in contacting Chris Murphy at [email protected] [protected] x 2530.

    NCS is unscrupulous at best.

    And, yes RRW, Lisa is an employee of NCS. Her intent here is to further the bullying byNCS. Pay or else! No matter of the facts. She goes by the name of Bridget on other boards and her statements are refuted by former employees of NCS who were trained in NCS's tactics.

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  • Fi
    FightBack Jul 01, 2009

    The comments above from "Lisa19072" is obviously tainted since she works for NCS. My original comments 2nd from the top is still the best advice.

    If you owe the money pay it otherwise if you got caught up in their scam don't them push you around. The statement "National Credit Solution will not harass, bully, or threaten any consumer and we do not support these tactics in any situation." is TOTAL BULL. If you believe that I have some ocean front property in Arizona I would like to sell you.

    Take it from me a person not affiliated with NCS but, a victim of their scam they will try everything they can to extort money from you...don't let them win...they hope you will just give up, pay, and go away!

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  • Li
    Lisa19072 Jun 30, 2009

    NCS does not want you to file a dispute ( that is pretty silly) they want you to pay the debt that is under your name?
    The advice is to dispute the debt if you do not think it is your debt and you HAVE PROOF. Without proof a dispute will most likely go nowhere.

    If you have a dispute and proof that the debt is not yours ( For EX: identity theft documents, or proof of a different address) then you have two choices...
    1) To send in the dispute and the proof DIRECTLY to NCS and have the account closed

    2) Sumbit a dispute to your Attorney General or another third party and let them send it to NCS days/weeks later

    I am just trying to clarify that NCS can handle those matters ( when proof is provided) quickly and with no problem at all.

    People are often confused in the minor details of all these procedures.


    If you feel the debt is not yours dispute it. If you feel you have been harassed or you have been subjected to illegal collections practices that is when you would want to submit a complaint.

    The information above " if you only file a dispute with National Credit Solutions, they will continue to give you the run around and it will remain on your credit until you pay them!" is incorrect because if you file a dispute and submit proof NCS handles it way faster instead of you sening it to someone who sends it to someone who sends it to NCS. HOWEVER if you submit a dispute with no proof, the validated debt will not go away.

    If you are having trouble with your dispute maybe that was the case for you, you provided no proof?

    Also- NCS responds to all complaints filed through the BBB, FTC, and all attorney generals with avalidation of the does NOT mena the account is automatically shut down.


    Who regulates a collections agency?

    The Federal Trade Commission is the primary regulator of collection agencies. There are varying city-wide and state-wide laws that also regulate collection activities within their jurisdiction. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is the primary United State Federal law governing debt collection practices. For more information check out In addition to state and federal laws, NCS is a certified ACA International member and has agreed to abide by the association's code of ethics as a condition of membership. ACA's standards of conduct require its members to treat consumers with dignity and respect, and equip agencies with the tools and resources needed to professionally address all consumer complaints.

    What tools does NCS use to collect?

    • Skip tracing – investigation of account bearer, verifying contact information and whereabouts.
    • Investigative Software
    • Credit Reporting Capabilities
    • Sophisticated Lettering System

    National Credit Solution will not harass, bully, or threaten any consumer and we do not support these tactics in any situation.

    Is it legal for NCS to report to my credit?

    Yes it is legal. You may or may not have been contacted by the original creditor for attempts to receive payment before they handed over the account to a 3rd party collections agency. It is frustrating to find something on your credit report without any warning HOWEVER once the account is handed down to a collections agency (the last step) they have the right to report it to the Credit Bureau without notification (With the exceptions of 3 states).

    National Credit Solutions gained credit reporting capabilities after the company was audited and fulfilled the requirements set by Credit Bureau. Unlike other agencies NCS contacts the credit bureau every Friday for the quickest possible updates to your credit. Whether you establish payment in full, a payment plan, a settlement, or have the account closed there is a difference in each option and how it affects your credit report. If you have any questions or would like to make an agreement that best suits your situation please call into the office at [protected] and have your account number ready.

    Do I have to pay extra fees to NCS in addition to the principle balance?

    Any additional late fees that have accumulated on your account depend on two things. These fees will vary according to the contract that you entered into with the original creditor at the time of your transaction. Varying state regulations also dictate what kind of fees and collections are permissible. If you have any questions about your account you may call National Credit Solutions at [protected] and ask for a breakdown of your charges.

    Does NCS have to provide proof of purchase before collection?

    The answer to this question is No. After NCS sends you validation of the debt they are not further required to prove any of the details of your original transaction with the creditor. Validation includes an itemized statement of your transaction, contact information of the original creditor, and your last known billing address. Even if you didn’t actually receive the product you were charged for that is an issue that needs to be taken up with the original creditor. When the agency receives accounts from the original creditor they trust that the accounts are correct and valid. Due to the large amount of accounts some errors and cases of identity theft may occur. In these situations the burden of providing proof lies with consumer. You must submit substantial evidence to NCS that proves that this debt is not yours, an example of this would be submitting identity theft policy reports and the official affidavit.

    Will my account be closed if I send in a complaint?

    There is a difference between filing a dispute and a complaint. If you feel that the debt is not rightfully yours send in a written dispute and submit proof accordingly to the NCS office. If you have experienced harassment or witnessed any unlawful business practices there are a number of places you can submit a complaint. However, filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau, your Attorney General, or on the ACA International website does not close the account.
    We will respond to any complaints filed through these organizations and provide validation. We pride ourselves on maintaining a healthy relationship with the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission and wish to defend our reputation and handle any and all complaints in a timely and professional manner.

    What is the best way to dispute a debt?
    • A dispute must be a written request.
    • Provide proof that supports your claim
    • Be clear in your request for deletion
    • Be patient in waiting for a response ( may take up to 30 days for investigation)

    Should I contact the original creditor?

    If a mistake has been made and you have proof that you paid and closed your account with the original creditor, mail any documents you have directly to the NCS office with a request for deletion. It might be hard to contact the creditor and many times they will simply direct you back to NCS. The original creditor no longer has your account on file and NCS is not able to give out their contact information. If you wish to speak with them you will have to use your own resources and it is very important if for any reason you receive any instruction or approval for deletion that you get a written statement and mail it in to NCS.

    How can I prove this debt is not mine?

    Once you receive validation this means that the debt is in fact under your name and the agency that you are dealing with has legal authority to collect the debt. If you have never lived at the address on the file or were a victim of identity theft or have any special situation in which the debt being pursued is not yours you must send a written dispute to our office and also submit sufficient proof. After a dispute is filed an investigation will be taken up and you will be contacted within 30-60 days.

    Because I have prompted you to call NCS I must state by law that National Credit Solutions is a debt collection company. This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. To ensure compliance with federal laws pertaining to debt collection, we are unable to correspond electronically. Please feel free to call the office at [protected] our hours are online at


    •If you have moved and currently have a new address it helps to call in and correct the information so you can receive any reminders for payments, receipts, or notifications concerning your account. You should have received an initial letter 5 days after any contact with NCS informing you of your balance and your rights. If you have found something on your credit report and haven’t received a notice from NCS yet please contact our office so that we can get you the information you need as quickly as possible.

    •If you contact NCS and make a request for payment in full (PIF) your account will be closed and the Credit Bureau will be contacted. We will request that the collection be deleted from your credit report entirely. NCS reports to the Credit Bureau with any updates to your credit every Friday. This ensures quicker updates than many other agencies out there. All that NCS can do however is notify the Credit Bureau and after that it is their obligation to make any changes as they see fit. The time that it takes to see any immediate results or removal varies.

    •If you are seeing the date of December 2008 this is when National Credit Solutions received your actual account, this is NOT the date that indicates when the actual transaction occurred NOR does this date effect the fall-off date of the collection on your credit. The fall-off date for the collection on your credit is seven years from the last activity on the account. Your credit report will have this date listed. NCS does not “re-age” any accounts or manipulate any information illegally. NCS operates in compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). We are licensed and working continuously to adhere to different stipulations that vary from state to state. We follow a strict code of ethics and treat every one of our consumers respectfully.

    •There are some consequences that come from leaving a collection report on your credit and waiting for 7 years for it to fall off. These consequences include but are not limited to drastic changes in your credit score, high interest rates, high insurance premiums, and difficulty acquiring loans or purchasing a house or car and may affect job eligibility. For more information on Your Rights: Credit Reporting & Credit Reports & Scoring visit

    •If you know that you owe money but have questions about the actual amount you can call into the NCS office and ask a Debt Resolution Representative for a breakdown of the principle balance as well as any late fees or interest accrued.

    This information is not to be construed as legal advice. Legal advice must be tailored to the specific circumstances of each case. Every effort has been made to assure that this information is correct and up-to-date. This is not a full and exhaustive explanation of the law nor should it be used as or considered legal council.

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  • Rr
    RRW1 Jun 30, 2009

    Responding to Lisa 19072, it is evident that she works for National Credit Solutions. (read her post very carefully and you will notice the statements about "we") It is also evident that they want you to only file a dispute. I would take it further and would file COMPLAINTS

    1. BBB in Oklahoma City

    2. Your state's attorney general

    3. The credit agency that put it on your credit report

    4. The Federal Trade Commission

    As well as sending an email to the president of NCS and a certified letter through the postal service requesting the debt to be validated.

    Do all of the above and then you will see things starting to happen, because if you only file a dispute with National Credit Solutions, they will continue to give you the run around and it will remain on your credit until you pay them! (and why should you pay for a bogus debt?)

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  • Li
    Lisa19072 Jun 08, 2009

    If you see that NCS has reported something to your credit report this means that the account has been overdue for an extended amount of time and the original creditor has transferred your uncollected debt to National Credit Solutions for collection. Someone had to provide two types of identification and legitimate credit card or payment information for these original transactions... so whether it was you ordering from BMG a long time ago and you just can't remember OR it was someone with your information ordering the merchandise EITHER WAY the order is under your name because of the information that was provided. If you submit a WRITTEN request for validation NCS will supply that to you no problem at all ( they have 30 days to get it to you)

    You may or may not have been contacted by the original creditor for attempts to receive payment before they handed over the account to a 3rd party collections agency. It stinks to find something on your credit report without any warning HOWEVER once the account is handed down to a collections agency they have the right to report it to the Credit Bureau without notification (With the exceptions of 3 states).

    NCS is a certified and licensed collections agency and is in compliance with regulatory state laws. They are NOT a scam or fraud because they were thoroughly inspected and passed in order to be able to report to the credit bureau. They are also rated A+ with the BBB.

    NCS contacts the credit bureau ever Friday for updates. Many other agencies contact the credit bureau every month making any updates and clearing your credit a much slower and strenuous process. After NCS receives contact from you or contacts you personally, 5 days from this initial contact you will receive a letter stating your rights and the amount owed. If they don't hear back from you it is assumed that you have received the notice.

    After receiving this first notification from NCS you have 30 days to send in a formal written request for validation. After 30 days NCS is not legally obligated to send you a validation but may or may not as a common courtesy.

    It is very important to resolve any issues with collections agencies in order to avoid increasing fees and to maintain a good credit score. Some people might say don’t pay, reporting to your credit is just a bullying tactic. This is bad advice because the longer you wait to pay your debt the more fees build and your credit worsens. In extreme cases your credit card may be cancelled, you may be refused a loan or unable to make any serious purchases.

    Full payment, payment plan, settlement?

    There is a difference in each of these options and how it affects your credit report. Also keep in mind that the quicker you resolve your debts with the agency the better -- as the account sits in the system it accumulates interest fees and becomes more and more expensive with time. Stay calm and make an informed decision, but do not blow your payment off. This only costs you more in the long run.

    Full Payment- quickest, guarantees that your credit will be cleared

    Payment Plan -National Credit Solutions offers various payment plans over extended periods of time based on how much you are financially able to pay. This process takes longer to clear your credit but eventually does. they can set up automatic withdrawals according to the payment plan you have established.

    Hardship Settlement- On a case by case basis NCS may or may not qualify you for a hardship settlement after assessing your situation and financial standing. Different factors affect their ability to settle such as ownership of the account and what type of account it is. If you chose this option your credit report will show that you settled for less than the legal amount owed. They can't guarantee the degree to which your credit will improve it varies in each situation.

    Best way of paying
    They accept payments over the phone or by mail, from checking, savings, credit or debit cards, mail orders, or cashiers checks. (Discover, Visa, MasterCard only) They will prob. encourage you to pay over the phone which I was uneasy of at first but when I checked into it I was told this was for a few reasons. It is a lot faster and actually more secure to pay via phone. If you mail in your payment there is a difference in the amount paid versus the final balance ( which includes any fees that were accumulated while your payment was in the mail).

    They really do want to help you close out your account at NCS because that is in their best interest too. People who I have talked to say that they are more flexible if you are nice and communicate clearly.

    After I pay how long will it take to get it off my credit?

    NCS reports to the Credit Bureau with any updates to your credit every Friday. This ensures quicker updates than many other agencies out there. All that NCS can do however is notify the Credit Bureau and after that it is their obligation to make any changes as they see fit. The time that it takes to see any immediate results or removal varies.

    Two other options... Cease & Desist/ Dispute

    Cease and Desist is a formally written request. Be advised, cease and desist does not make debt go away. Requesting cease and desist will simply terminate any written or verbal communication towards you from NCS employees. NCS will honor this request. However, the debt will still show up on the consumers credit report, the account is still open, and the individual is still held accountable for the debt.But don't send a cease and desist and ask for verification...that doesn't make sense.

    If you are disputing the debt it is best to file your dispute through or, or mail it directly to NCS addressed to Blake Taylor for the quickest response.

    1.) You must provide proof.
    2.) After a dispute is received by NCS they commence an investigation that can take up to 30 days.

    If you feel that this debt is not yours and you have legitimate proof to clear the account from your name then we suggest that you file a dispute. After our office receives a dispute an investigation is taken up that lasts 30 days. After this 30 day period NCS has 30 days to contact you. This takes time.

    If for example you are disputing the debt on the grounds of identity theft you must provide a police report and the identity theft affidavit for that relevant period of time when the debt occurred. Another example would be a person who was overseas at the time of the transaction, if the correct documents were submitted to prove this the account would be closed.

    With millions of accounts there are bound to be mistakes or cases of fraud HOWEVER many people claim identity theft with no proof in an attempt to get out of paying.

    If you don’t think the debt is yours do not file a complaint submit a dispute!

    Complaints should be very rare. File a complaint if you are reporting any harassment or if the agency has broken the law.

    Any other questions let me here to help!

    -1 Votes
  • La
    lady B May 01, 2009

    I tried calling the number listed on here, and it tells me I've reached the office after business hours! It's 2 o'clock central time! What the world is going on? They state I owe a collection of $182! From BMG! I've never even ordered cd's from them. This is crazy!

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  • Fi
    FightBack Apr 18, 2009

    National Credit Solutions / BMG is running a scam on bogus debt that is years old.

    Here is what I suggest you do if you receive a letter from NCS, BMG music and or Capital Assistance Group if you do not owe the debt.

    1) Call [protected] and tell them you want proof that you owe what they are claiming.
    2) Send an email to [email protected] requesting proof.
    3) Send a fax to [protected] requesting proof every day until they sent it.
    4) Mail them a letter with a return receipt to:

    National Credit Solutions
    PO Box 15779
    Oklahoma City, OK


    National Credit Solutions
    3675 E I 240
    Oklahoma City, OK

    Based on the many complaints I have read on [redacted].com and this website including my own experience they probably will not provide the proof and hope you just pay it.

    If they try to use strong arm tactics like they did with me then report them in a professional manor to the BBB and the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals at [email protected] ask them for a complaint form and explain in a professional manor what happened. It is easy to let your emotions blurt out what happened but, that will only muddy up the water just stick to the facts and don't be sarcastic.

    Here is an outline of what they have done to me that I reported to the BBB and ACA.

    -Requested proof of debt on these dates, mail, phone call, email, response. Spoke with Blake Taylor at extension 112 and was told proof was on the way. Never happened.
    -Use of strong arm tactics (threatened to access my credit report on a daily basis which can lower your score, was told I had to prove the debt was not mine before they would do anything, hung up on me when asked repeatedly for a copy of proof that I owe what they are claiming, negative report on my credit file before I was given the opportunity to review the debt and pay off if it was mine).

    If warranted contact a lawyer and or the Oklahoma Attorney General for help.

    Finally I also suggest you contact Chris Murphy at [email protected] [protected] x 2530

    I found Chris to be quite helpful in coming up with a solution to this problem.

    Capital Assistance Group they apparently own BMG music and associated debt.

    There are many resources if you do a little digging on the net. I hope this helps!

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  • Ka
    kandycemitchell Apr 14, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Turn them in to the Better Business Bureau in Oklahoma City. This can be done online Apparently, there are alot of complaints out there against National Credit Solutions.

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