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I've gotten a couple dozen phone calls from this company, trying to sell me an extended warranty on a 10 year old vehicle. I've used their "press 2 to be removed" system, and they call back. I've talked to their agent and asked to be removed from their calling system, and was told I would be...and they called back. I've talked to their agents several more times, asked to be removed each time, been told I would be each time, yet still they keep calling back. Most recent was 10 minutes ago.

I have no relationship with this company, but I'm about to send them a registered letter telling them that if they call me again I will bill them for my time and the use of my phone equipment for their marketing calls, and that their agreement to my terms will be signaled by their next call to my phone number. Failure to pay will result in a suit for collection in Maryland. I'd prefer that they just stop calling me...

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  • An
    anthony rose Jun 16, 2008

    these people are jerks, i got a call, the 25th one in 4 weeks from these idiots...i told them to stop calling me...can we sue them? this is turning into harrasement



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  • Da
    Dave Jun 17, 2008

    If I can figure out a way of suing these guys or getting them in deep trouble, I will. I have had DOZENS of calls from them, all on my work cell number.

    I cannot figure out how to get rid of them

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  • Ir
    ironeric Jun 19, 2008

    This is obviously a phishing scheme. I can't find their website, corporate office, or any other information on this organization. It's just the newest way to steal identity or gain il gotten credit card numbers. They've been calling me repeatedly, and each time I ask to be removed from the list. This time I asked for corporate address, contact, anything and all she provided back was "we're all over the nation."

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  • Ge
    George Jul 01, 2008

    WE are basically getting the same treatment as the other companies above. We are getting from 2 to 5 calls a day from these people and have asked more than 5 times to be taken off the call list and they keep calling and calling all the time. If there is a feasible way to sue these people, I will gladly join the process. How can we get this to stop?

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  • Tx
    Tx_T Jul 01, 2008

    National Auto Warranty Services
    100 Mall Parkway
    Wentzville, MO 63385

    Ph:(636) 639-1620

    They have several suits against them already. You might have better success suing the government officials who continue to allow them to stay in business.

    They called me using a false name and number on my caller id, probably used skiptracey to change their id.

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  • Be
    Beware!!!! Jul 02, 2008

    These guys are clearly committing a crime. I've been receiving calls to my cell phone from them several times a day for the past couple of months. They use a fictitious number for caller id. They have given me fictitious call back numbers and web addresses which I have pointed out to them while they were on the phone with me weren't accurate.

    I've complained to the FTC a number of times, but the calls continue.

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  • Ka
    kanye Jul 02, 2008

    Thank you T The Skiptracer...

    These people have called me numerous times in the past few months. They always say this is the "2nd and final notice" about my car's warranty. They have no idea what kind of car I drive.

    Today I told the guy I had a 1985 560 SL (Mercedes) that I would love to extend the warranty on. He didn't want to mess with it and asked if I had another car I would like to extend the warranty on.

    They annoyed me too much so I did a lot of web searching and found out they have lawsuits pending in Missouri and found the number you listed. So I called them and wasted their time (lame, I know, but I had nothing better to do today). I got a couple of quote - including one on the non-existent 1985 560 SL and then started prying about references. She gave me a website: but she couldn't explain why that website didn't say National Auto Warranty Services anywhere on it. She said they were a broker for numerous companies. I then asked her if I could get any "testimonials" or any recommendations from satisfied customers. She said she was sure with as much business as they do, she's sure there are some people who aren't happy. I told her I understood and asked if she knew about any lawsuits. She said she was unaware of any, but was sure that with a company their size there were bound to be unhappy customers.

    Then I just let her have it and she asked why I had wasted her time and hung up.

    I have no sympathy for people who knowingly work for crooks. They are no better IMO. They should all be brought up on charges.

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  • Aj
    ajpearl Jul 08, 2008

    I am so sick and tired of these unsolicited and unwanted calls about extending my auto warranty. No matter how many times I've pushed "2" to be removed, the calls keep coming, over and over and over again. Sometimes I've pushed "1" to speak to an operator, at which time I 've told the operator that before I would discuss anything about my vehicle, I want to know more about the company that wants me to spend my money with them, to make sure I'm dealing with a reputable company. At that time, they would just tell me the company name is National Auto Warranty Services. As soon as I pressed the operator for more information, they would hang up on me. This has happened repeatedly. Then, a few hours later, I'd get another call showing a phoney caller ID name and number, but with the same message, that this was my second and last call about my expiring warranty. This is an invasion of my privacy and I find it reprehensible, but I don't know how to stop it. There ought to be a law requiring an actual caller ID number that you can call back. This is fraud and there must be something illegal about what they're doing. I can't believe anyone would be stupid enough to give these people a credit card number or any other personal information. Does anybody have any idea how to stop this? Help...

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  • Ph
    Phil Jul 08, 2008

    I'm getting these calls now on my cellphone, which costs me airtime minutes. The Caller ID is blocked, but since that often happens with business calls coming through a PBX its not a tell tale sign. I went ahead and pressed "1" to tell a human to please stop calling me and the lady told me the name of the company and just put me on hold. Rude.

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  • M
    M Jul 11, 2008

    Our story is a repeat of the above but it has been over 6 months and when you ask them to please remove you from the list they call back and harrass you again.

    I just spoke with the Federal Trade Commission (877-382-4357). In sum, the only thing we can do is file a report with the FTC. They are tracking everything to build a case. The story was old news to the woman that I spoke with. The best thing? Get Anonymous Call Rejection on your phone, file a complaint, and don't give these inhuman people the time of day. Blocking there number won't work because, well, it isn't one number.

    According to the FTC, they are total frauds. They want to get bank information to rip you off. The phones they use are throw out cell phones, etc. etc. Never give your information over the phone or internet unless you are positive with whom you are dealing.

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  • Ja
    Jasmine56 Jul 14, 2008

    I just bought the house two months ago and these people have been calling me every day, sometimes two and more times a day. Their number on the caller ID (always from FL) always comes back with a recording that the number has been disconnected. I am on the do not call registry. However, when I press 1 and start to tell them to take my number off their list, they hang up on me. This morning I got yet another call and got as far as, "I have asked you people to take my..." and was hung up on after being called a 'f------ b----'. I have filed a complaint on the registry and filed a compaint with the FTC, but after this morning I will also be filing with the Attorney General office. T The Skiptracer, thank you putting up the information on this company. I do not understand with so many complaints, why hasn't the government stepped in??

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  • Ro
    Ron Jul 14, 2008

    **** this info will help **** leave messages for each of those noted below, someone will call back and remove you from their internal call list **** the only way to get through to these people is to become a nusance to them **** good luck!

    National Auto Warranty Services
    100 Mall Pkwy
    Wentzville, MO 63385
    Tel: 636.639.1620

    General Sales Manager, Derek Carroll (ext 7799)
    General Manager, Eddie Struckman (ext 7706)
    Team Managers: Brian Hayes, Brian Sczepanski, Chris Robinson, Len Woolfenden and Nils Foldberg.

    Complaints to:
    FTC tel 877.382.4357
    File complaint with MO Attorney General's office

    National Auto Warranty Services, Inc.
    Incorporated by Darain Atkinson, Philip J. Jehle, Cory C. Atkinson, National Auto Warranty Services, Inc. is located at 100 Mall Pkwy Wentzville, MO 63385. National Auto Warranty Services, Inc. was incorporated on Wednesday, November 02, 2005 in the State of FL and is currently active. Business Filings Incorporated represents National Auto Warranty Services, Inc. as their registered agent.

    State of Florida Incorporation Record for National Auto Warranty Services, Inc.
    State: FL
    State #: F05000006403
    Filing Type: Foreign for Profit
    Created: 11/2/2005
    Status: Active

    Darain Atkinson
    • President
    • Secretary
    • Director
    1009 Hawks Landing Dr
    Lake Saint Louis, MO 63367
    Saint Charles County

    Cory C. Atkinson
    • Vice President
    • Director
    20 Signal Hill Ct
    Saint Charles, MO 63301
    Saint Charles County

    Philip J. Jehle
    • Chairman
    • Vice President
    3 Fort Sumter Ct
    Saint Charles, MO 63303
    Saint Charles County

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  • Ka
    Kalsia Jul 15, 2008

    I just called the FTC and registered my complaint.

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  • Al
    Allan Madar Jul 16, 2008

    Like so many others, I was getting a call about every day from them and I too asked them to stop calling, but they did not stop. For about 2 weeks I was getting at least one call a day from them.

    I too will file a complaint to the FTC about this.

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  • Bu
    Buddy Jul 16, 2008

    Here is an interesting link on the brothers...

    Paying his dues...

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  • Se
    SecretAgentWoman Jul 18, 2008

    These frauds have been calling my business tech support line for weeks now. FTC and TX OAG complaints filed.

    These are the kind of people you would agree it's ok to torture in public.

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  • Xe
    xeon Jul 18, 2008

    His home line?

    Darain Atkinson
    (636) 561-2754

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  • Ja
    James Jul 18, 2008

    Don't worry, I blew up these peoples voicemail boxes, lol.

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  • Ca
    carlos Jul 18, 2008

    Getting tons of calls from (720) 564-0156 . Make it stop!

    Check this link

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  • Gw
    gw Jul 19, 2008

    i talked to my phone service. the rep said u should register on the national do not call list at 1888 282 1222. then if they call u after u are registered on the list its a violation of federal law-and u can register a complaint and they will investigate. but u may have more luck getting ur phone company to investigate and my company was willing to do it if they called after i had registered on the do not call list.

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  • De
    debbi Jul 19, 2008

    Please know that the above phone # 636-561-2754 is not the home # for Atkinson! It apparently used to be, but is not any longer. It is mine and I have nothing to do with this company, nor do I know this person. (or want to know him!) Thanks!

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  • Mr
    Mr. Jones Jul 19, 2008

    You all need to get a life and stop making bogus complaints on message boards. Don't you have something else to do like mow the grass or make your kids some dinner?

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  • De
    debbi Jul 19, 2008

    interesting - the above comment - what do you think that says about you?!!! Sad.

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  • Li
    Lisa S Delfino Jul 21, 2008

    I have enough problem without having the phone ring all the time with some bogus crap. I am getting messages at home and on my pre-paid phone. That costs me to answer that call or open that message. I would like to know how to get my phone numbers off of their lists.

    Concerned tax paying citizen.

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  • Mr
    Mr. Smith Jul 23, 2008

    I have been getting 2 to 3 calls a day on my cell phone. I attempted to remove myself through their automated option but it did not work. Then when I got someone that worked their they would tell me that they would remove my number... BUT the number I was calling from was not the number I wanted removed... AND they would hang-up on me before I had a chance to tell them that. After being hung-up on 3 times, I finally got someone to stay on the line long enough to take my number down so we will see what happens... How do they stay in business???? There has to be a way to STOP THIS MADNESS!!!

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  • Ih
    I hate spam Jul 23, 2008

    I get stuff like this from time to time on my cell phone. This is the latest.

    f[bleep] these people. with a s[bleep]stick.

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  • As
    AST Jul 23, 2008

    While searching for information about National auto warranty services, I came across this article about a business deal between this company and Qwest.
    DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Qwest Communications International Inc. (NYSE:Q) today announced it signed a 3-year agreement worth an estimated $3 million to provide St. Louis-based National Auto Warranty Services with a comprehensive voice and data solution.

    Qwest was the only provider that agreed to build fiber directly to the company’s St. Louis facility to create a unique voice and data solution that improves the company’s sales processes. This new solution helps National Auto Warranty Services generate leads, process sales and route prospects right to their call center.

    I am suspecting Qwest is the culprit (or they provide the tools for using fake caller IDs) for making all these unsolicited calls to phone numbers in thier data base and if any innocent person response to their bait (sales prospect), they will route the call to National Auto Warranty Services and collect a fee for the sales leads.

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  • An
    Anonymous Jul 23, 2008

    I called that Atkinson's home phone number. I asked if this was National Auto Warranty, or whatever. The woman said no. I said mm-hm and hung up. Then she called back telling me that it used to be his home number but now it's her number. She said she's slowly finding out that this guy [Atkinson] was a big bother to a lot of people. She said she's been getting a TON of "nasty" phone calls regarding the issue. She said it's not her making the phone calls but she's sure we can find his current number somewhere online. She also said if there was a way she could help us out, she would but she doesn't know what to do.

    I think she should change her number ASAP!

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  • Ra
    Rachel In Missouri Jul 26, 2008

    To play devil's advocate... I know first hand that this company is not a scam. If your phone number is on the do not call list, they will not call. They do not use disposable cell phones, the company exists and employs around 350 people in the St. Louis Area. Many companies have more than one name. I have a warranty policy with National Auto Warranty Service on my Toyota and have filed 2 claims, both of which were filed successfully and paid by the company. If you look at the statistics, they broker more than 250, 000 auto warranties per year and work with 7 nationally recognized warranty companies. The warranty that I have is with a company called Warrantech, which also sells warranties on high end electronics. Unknowingly, I already had my plasma warrantied with the same company. People who do partial research and don't go the extra mile to make sure that the information they put out to the masses are just as bad as a company who doesn't strive to have the best business practices. IMO- maybe you should take the steps to protect yourself and your phone numbers from this sort of thing before bashing a company that does operate above board. The FTC is not suing NAWS because they are breaking no laws. Agreed, the constant phone calls are annoying, but there are ways to take care of that sort of issue. Hopefully, people will take into account the nature of the business and the amount of other happy policy holders out there.

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  • He
    Heidi Nicole Aug 09, 2018

    @Rachel In Missouri I don't care how many claims they process, these people call me 3 to 4 times a week. I don't even own a vehicle and have told them as much. I have begged and pleaded with them to stop calling me and yet they continue. The lady I spoke with yesterday told me sarcastically " don't worry honey, I will call you tomorrow and the next and the day after that and hung up on me. This is definitely harrasment and it needs to end.

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  • Aa
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Jul 28, 2008

    one word (domain?) for you guys: /link removed/

    fight fire with fire. in case you don't know, /link removed/ is an extortion scheme, and apparently an extremely effective one at that.

    just google "ed magedson" before you go to the site so you can see how the scam works. let him twist the bad guys' arms for you.

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  • Ji
    Jim Vandiver Jul 30, 2008

    Alot of people are saying that Dealer Services or National Auto Warranty Services in Wentzville, MO are the ones making these calls. They do NOT dial outbound to customers. The best way to figure out who's calling you is to do this:

    1) Answer the call and act interested when you do
    2) Play along, the first person you talk to is just screening calls so agree to talk to a specialist or salesman
    3) Go through the sales pitch then say that you need to call them back with your credit card
    4) Get the callback number and post it here. I can figure out who the phone number belongs to and I can also verify it with the utility company.

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  • Ji
    Jim Vandiver Jul 30, 2008

    Whoops, didn't mean to double post. Lol, my bad.

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  • Pg
    PG Aug 06, 2008

    Jim the Dealer Services shill hard at work again on yet another website.

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  • Ma
    Mary Aug 08, 2008

    Thank goodness for this website! I actually called them because of a notice I received in the mail and was interested in extending my auto coverage. When they were unable to send me and email or something in writing, I asked for the when I was unable to see any contact information, no phone number to later call and cancel I started becoming skeptical. Then they said they were apart of National Auto I searched that. The salesman then asked me what was holding up my decision...I said the integrity of your company...and he offered me a lower payment. No thank you. This seems a little fishy to me.

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  • Ja
    Jack Aug 12, 2008

    This comment is in response to the one from Jim Vandiver.

    You are a liar and a shill for National Auto Warranty Services located in Wentzville, MO. We have seen your numerous posts all over the internet and we are on to your lies on behalf of the ### at National Auto Warranty Services.

    (Note: to everyone: the following refer only to the company National Auto Warranty Services located in Wentzville, Missouri. There are many other companies with a similar name that may be legitimate. Also, there is a company known as "Dealer Services." This is the company that sends warranty expiration letters to your house with a logo that is a copy of the one used by General Motors. Guess what? It is the same company!)

    This company is one of the biggest auto warranty scammers and crooks in the country. There is no way they are legitimate in any sense of the word.

    Want proof? View this link, a press release from the Attorney General of Missouri:

    They are currently being sued by Missouri for fraud and numerous violations of the state's "No Call Law."

    In addition, they are part of a national crackdown on telemarketing fraud from the Federal Trade Commission. This press release clearly shows they were involved in both the state and a federal action:

    You can lookup this company's listing at the Missouri Secretary of State website. Be sure to click on the "Filed Documents" link at the top of the page. If you look under the Annual Report dated 4/3/2008, (and previous filings) you will see the home address of both the President and Vice President of this company. This is public information:

    In addition, this Jim Vandiver, or whoever this person really is, has listed more than one location under his profile for different posts. For example, under this post, he is from Council Bluffs Iowa:

    And in the following, he lists himself from Troy, NY.
    /URL removed/

    Guess Jim Vandiver will have to refund the $7.50 that National Auto Warranty Services paid him for his post. Good luck on your next career. Or perhaps Jim Vandiver is really Darain Atkinson, the President of National Auto Warranty Services, or Cory Atkinson, the listed Vice President. In that case, good luck in prison.

    Here is how to contact these crooks:

    Here are the owners' addresses as listed in their Missouri corporation filing, all public information:
    Darain Atkinson (President)
    1009 Hawks Landing Drive
    Lake St. Louis, MO 63367

    Cory Atkinson (Vice President)
    20 Signal Hill
    St. Charles, MO 63301

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  • Da
    Danthony Aug 12, 2008

    I personally know people that work at this company. I know first had that there is NO outbound dept. There are scammers out there, but this one IS NOT!! They receive thousands of calls per day. They employ over 350 people. More like 500 if I am correct. The Company is a company that stands behind Years of warranty services and agencies, Agencies that have been around for nearly twenty years. They house conferences, weddings, and Business meetings at their State-of-the-Art facility. They do NOT use scummy throw away cells phone to do business. They are Professionals, who have saved me thousands of dollars on repairs on my personal vehicle. I know I am just one of thousands who would stand behind their savings. Sure, you may have received phone calls from warranty companies, However This company is LEGIT!! Every, I MEAN EVERY company has dissatisfied clients. That's EVERY business. So those of you who are constant in your negativity. Find a real company to fight about...I have seen, and experienced this company first hand in person, and in sight. Their REAL! HONEST! SINCERE!! and..SAVED ME THOUSANDS of dollars on repair.


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  • Ji
    Jim Vandiver Aug 13, 2008

    Its unfortunate that people are so brutal when it comes to things like this. National Auto Warranty Services no longer performs telemarketing. What I listed was true, and if anyone cares to actually post a number instead of flame people then I can show you who is really pestering you all day long.

    Secondly, anyone that believes this business is a scam has no idea what the term 'technicality' means. You purchase a warranty or service contract then you as a consumer have an obligation to read over that contract so that you find it satisfactory. If you don't, respond immediately for a refund. People get angry because everything isn't spoon fed to them.

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  • Ja
    Jack Aug 14, 2008

    What I find amusing in not only is "Jim Vandiver" a shill for the scammers and crooks at National Auto Warranty Services, he actually wants people to post phone numbers of telemarketers so he can "investigate."

    What's the matter Jim (or whatever your real name is)? Worried about the law breathing down your neck?

    Now, there is a post by "Danthony" singing the praises of the crooks known as National Auto Warranty Services.

    People, please do not believe me. Do not believe Jim or Danthiny. Perform your own research.

    Here is a great place to start. Please copy and pasate this link in a new browser window:

    This is a press release from the Attorney General of Missouri regarding lawsuits against several businesses that rip people off. They received tens of thousands of complaints. Guesss what? This "great" company that Jim and Danthony speak about is one of the companies being sued. Here is the quote from the press release against these scammers and crooks in question:

    "National Auto Warranty Services Inc., of Wentzville, which also sent consumers postcards and letters informing them that their warranties were about to expire, and that it was offering them their final chance to purchase a renewed, extended warranty. The company failed to inform the consumers that it was not affiliated with the dealers or manufacturers of the vehicle, and that it was actually offering to sell MVESCs instead of warranties. In addition, the company violated the Missouri No Call Law by calling Missourians who were on the No Call list, as well as federal telemarketing laws by contacting consumers by phone and failing to honor their requests not to be called. The lawsuit was filed in St. Charles County Circuit Court. "

    It clearly states that they violated both Missouri and federal telemarketing laws.

    In addition, another company was named in the suit that we believe is the same company:
    "Dealer Warranty Services of St. Charles, for using misleading notification letters to pressure, confuse and intimidate consumers into purchasing MVESCs they did not need. The defendant also misrepresented to consumers the cost of purchasing the MVESCs and debited the bank accounts of several consumers without authorization. The lawsuit was filed in St. Charles County Circuit Court. "

    So, Jim and Danthony...We have shown our evidence that National Auto Warranty Services are crooks. How about showing us some evidence that this is an honest and reputable business?

    Didn't think you would...

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  • Ji
    Jim Vandiver Aug 15, 2008

    Did I ever state that they didn't violate any laws? No. I'm stating that the company no longer makes telemarketing calls but they're still getting the bad PR thanks to the other companies that truly are still telemarketing. Jack, you have past facts but no present ones. Find someone else to stalk over the internet, please.

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  • Fr
    frank Aug 20, 2008

    They just don't stop. I've listened to the sales pitch. I've called the head office. I DON'T OWN A CAR! They call my cell phone everyday from different numbers from across the US.

    I've called their sales people dirty names. I've called them nice names. I fake cried. "Please, please, please take me off your list. These are my anytime minutes. (sob)"

    I'm sending dirty pictures to the CEO's house. Thanks for the address.

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