Napa Auto PartsCalled me Taliban on Veteran's Day


I went to the Napa Main Store today (VETERAN'S DAY) at N 501 Freya in Spokane, WA. I asked if the customer rep if they had a military discount. The guy at the counter says, "yes we do, but what country." I said "US". Then the guy says "Oh good, cuz we don't give Taliban a discount." I was highly offended, but smiled, took my part, and left. Being half Filipino and of darker complexion in a city of 98%+ caucasion, this "joke/comment" was completely inappropriate and clearly would not have been said to any other "white" person. The purchase was made at 13:15 on 11 Nov 2012. My receipt says Employee: 21, Stu. Sales Rep: 18, Nobody. Accounting Day: 11.


  • **SuperMan** Nov 11, 2012

    Dare I say - If you choose a Dentist with a fictitious business name, such as "Dental Office and Optical Magic", you may be asking for trouble in the long run. Also worth mentioning... Karla and her husband are both graduates of the University of Baja California, a non-accredited, Mexican Public University. You folks really need to do a little more research on your Medical Practitioners before trapping into the chair! Then again, Obama-care will soon be upon us - so we'll all be subjected to similar treatment under his mideaval version of Socialist medicine.

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  • **SuperMan** Nov 11, 2012

    WTF? I posted the above comment on a completely different posting and it showed up here?! Sorry bro!

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