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employers, dont have respect, for the costumes, my wife, was in store, 64 el jebel rd co 81623, employer spanish, no respect, next time i call police, my friends complaim about the store, the manager is very bad person.Thanks very much. Michael Santini


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    Tire of the Whining May 25, 2010

    Hmmm! The "Employer" of this NAPA store is not Spanish. I personally know the owner of the store & he is a professional & decent person. Maybe the problem was with Mr. Santini's wife? Was she wearing a "Costume"? I would have to guess that Mr. Santini has a spelling & grammar problem judging from the sentence that he posted, & he really meant "Customer".

    Maybe the problem is with Mr. Santini AND his wife? Was she pissed that there was no one there at the time she visited that could bend over backward & speak to her in her native language? That is not a requirement even though, last I checked, they do have at least one person there that is a Hispanic and speaks fluent Spanish! If that person was not there at the time that, Mrs. Santini visited, that is not NAPA's fault that there was no one to translate or speak to Mrs. Santini in her native language. Maybe Mrs. Santini should learn English being that she has chosen to occupy America, most likely without permission. If I went to a Mexican or other Latin country & visited their equivalent of an Auto parts store, should I expect them to provide an employee that speaks my language or should I learn to adapt to their language? Just saying!

    I'm just tired of all the weasels that are coming to America, usually illegally, to "Better their life", but then behave ungrateful when, because of their own deficiencies and lack of will to acclimate to the country they have chosen to occupy, that it is America and Americans fault that we do not bend over backwards to accommodate them! PISS OFF!

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