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MyGrant Dollarsunauthorized invasion

I had my checking account charged for 58.61 and did not have the chance to cabcel anything because I never received a phone number or email or cancelation procedure's on the computor or through the mail. I know I won't get my money back but i will close the account so there will be no more unathorized withdrawals . This is a crappy way to do business . Take me off your mailing list cancel any occount I have with you because if this is the way you do bussiness it isn't anty wonder that your rich because you got the perfect scamm ripping people off !!!

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  • Vi
    vikingroovin Feb 05, 2009

    I got scammed the same way the same amount

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  • Mk
    mkcowherd Feb 09, 2009

    I got hit with a charge for $58.61. My bank statement says its from MYGRANTDOLLARS and the phone number listed is [protected] (they never pick up).

    I am interested in filing a class action lawsuit on behalf of all those who have been scammed by this company. If you have had the same problem and are interested in joining a lawsuit, please email your contact info to [protected] Thanks.

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  • Ab
    abbeytek Feb 09, 2009

    The same exact thing happened to me today...I did get ahold of mygrantdollars however, and they tried to tell me that it was a 7 day trial which was not what I signed up for...They won't give me my money back, but my credit card company did tell me that I can dispute the transaction after it has been processed, but that can take up to 90 days to get my money back...what gets me is that the info they give you isnt even WORTH 58 dollars a month!!! I'm very upset, we were saving our money to buy a camera and now had to take extra out of our account for the household since they took the money out...we need to get the word out to everyone we can on every social network out there, so that this doesn't happen to more innocent people!!!

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  • Ku
    KUZMER Feb 09, 2009



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  • Fl
    flat-v8 Feb 09, 2009

    I got scammed too, I should have known better, I never belive anything, but the $1.95 was just for the grant list which I got and thats ok, but $58.61 every month for ever! All you have to do is cancel, easy right? Wrong, they never answer so its impossible to cancel and your stuck. I put a stop payment on my card for 6 months, and that cost me another $30.00 What a bunch of rip-offs! I hate scam artists.

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  • Do
    donpal Feb 09, 2009

    first they charged 2.95, then another 29.95, and finally 58.61 everyone is talking about that is 91.51 i want my refund the better business bureau will hear from me

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  • Wi
    wiccanmagick9 Feb 09, 2009

    I live in New Mexico...I just checked mu bank account...there is a charge for $58.61...unauthorized by me!!! I merely wanted to pay the $1.95 for the CD and information on obtaining U.S. Grant information...I DID NOT AUTHORIZE THIS CHARGE!!! ...THIS IS ABSOLUTE [protected]@#$%!! If there is a class-action suit, I'm IN! Jay Starman

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  • Ma
    mary Feb 10, 2009

    I also have the same issues as all stated aboue. I did get a hold of them at [protected] after trying about 5 times today since I have gotten charged the $58.61 today. When i did talk to someone they gave me a cancellation # and told me that they could not credit my account because it was past the 7 day trial that I agreed to. I told them today was the 7th day and I want my account credited and if he would not do it then I would call my bank, he stated that I agreed to the terms when I hit the "submit" button, I said I have the sheet printed out and nowhere does it state that I agree to spend $58.61 per month. I also never got an email with any membership stuff.
    I called my bank and they have to let the charge go through and then dispute it.
    I also checked the BBB and the reports are not good (the guy at the 866 number told me they were registered with the BBB-I told him I would let everyone know this was a scam, I am also contacting my states Attorney Generals office on this company. Count me in with everyone email is mary.[protected]
    I would love to get these guys!!!

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  • Sa
    sampdrizzt Feb 10, 2009

    Same scam happened to me. I paid $1.95 to see what possible grants I'm eligible for and figured if nothing came from it, whatever it's less than $2. Less than a week later (2/04 was when I paid and it's now 2/10) I got charged $58.61. I'm in for the lawsuit and will be on the phone with my bank shortly. I saw this ad on Facebook.


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  • Qu
    QUita23 Feb 11, 2009

    WOW what a bunch of Aholes!! COunt me in I want my money back!!!
    They have no right to just take money out of my account. I knew i should have ignored that Facebook ad!!

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  • Ja
    jaybry Feb 12, 2009

    I got Scammed First was the $1.95, I recived nothing. Then 29.95 for some Debt Eater program that I never heard of, agreed to, or authorized. Then the $58. I have not recived one thing from these people. I want my money back, and I want to bring these crooks down. Let me know what I got to do. [protected]

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  • Do
    donpal Feb 12, 2009

    Here we go people send a nasty email here attention Janet Johnson at [protected] I finally got through thats the email address they gave me I sent one and it worked they refunded me with no reply back GO 4 IT! Lets get these ###!!!

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  • Sk
    Skip Parsons Feb 13, 2009

    Everyone needs to read the terms and agreements section on the bottom of the web pages for any of these grant.coms. they actually spell out that they would take the money every month until you screem uncle.
    I do however find it interesting that this web site actually advertises for these schemes.

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  • Ca
    CANDY Feb 17, 2009



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  • Sc
    Scotty Mac Feb 17, 2009

    I am the newest member of the rip off scam commited by Lisa Fitsgerald. The only thing one can do is to cancel your account with Lisa Fitsgerald, call your credit card company and dispute the unauthorized charge, the its very important to change your credit card # so Lisa"RIP ME OFF" Fitsgerald can not bill you anymore. From what I have heard they still bill you after you cancel with them. So change your credit card number(**VERY IMPORTANT**) I am very interested in finding out new information on these fraudsters.Please email me at [protected] Thankyou!!

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  • Mk
    mkcowherd Feb 17, 2009

    This is the current version of the sign up page with the terms below. THESE TERMS WERE NOT THERE WHEN I SIGNED UP A FEW WEEKS AGO! Can anyone else confirm the same?



    Trial Terms and Conditions:
    By submitting an order through this website, you are agreeing to receive online access to the Grant Resource Center for a 7-day trial period. If you request shipment of the Grant Resource Guide CD, the 7-day trial period is free plus shipping and handling of $2.95 billed to your credit card. If you request instant online access to the Grant Resource Center, the 7-day trial period is free plus $1.95 for instant access billed to your credit card. The 7-day trial period begins on the date your order is submitted through this website. Following the 7-day trial period, the credit card you submitted will automatically be charged $68.13 for monthly membership access to the Grant Resource Center unless you cancel by calling [protected] M-F, 7am-8pm PST. If you do not cancel during the 7-day trial period, you will continue to be charged $68.13 each month. You also agree to the 14day bonus trial to the SBA Connection Resource Center and the 21 day bonus trial to the Kind Remind Media Center. Following these trial periods, the credit card you submitted will automatically be charged $13.42 for monthly membership to the SBA Connection Resource Center, and $9.34 for monthly membership to the Kind Remind Media Center. These charges will also continue every month, thereafter, unless you cancel by calling [protected] M-F, 7am-8pm PST. You understand that this consumer transaction involves a negative option and that you may be liable for payment of future goods and services, under the terms of this agreement, if you fail to notify the supplier not to supply the goods or services described.

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  • El
    Ellison Creek Feb 19, 2009

    I got scammed also and billed the $58, All I agreed to is the $1.95. I finally noticed in my confirmation e-mail in small print the monthly billing of $ 58.61. I want out of this!

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  • La
    laurie bruell Apr 11, 2009

    I am in total agreement I could not even finish the transaction so I couldnt cancel or get back on the website
    I got nothing I see the charge registered on my cc in Feb
    for $68.13 It lists London Great Britain on it. Class action would be a good idea I only agreed to the $1.95 list charge. contact me at [protected]

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  • Wt
    wtfnix Apr 29, 2009

    Doing chargebacks myself on these ###wits. They are all the same people

    See here:

    Original Authorization
    Date Type Status Details Amount
    Mar. 2, 2009 Debit Card Signature (0052) Purchase Completed ... -$9.34 USD
    Mar. 2, 2009 Foreign Transaction Fee Completed Details -$0.09 USD
    Net Amount: -$9.43 USD

    Related Transactions
    Date Type Status Details Amount
    Feb. 26, 2009 Authorization To MYCALENDERWIZARD.COM [protected] GB Completed Details -$9.34 USD
    Feb. 26, 2009 Temporary Hold Placed Details -$9.34 USD
    Mar. 2, 2009 Temporary Hold Removed Details $9.34 USD
    Mar. 2, 2009 Cash Back Bonus Completed Details $0.14 USD
    Original Authorization:
    Additional Authorization:
    Total Payment: -$9.34 USD
    -$0.09 USD
    -$9.43 USD
    Purchase Date:
    Mar. 2, 2009

    Authorized Amount:
    -$9.34 USD
    Authorization Date:
    Feb. 26, 2009
    19:44:47 PST

    Cash Back Bonus:
    $0.14 USD
    Bonus Date:
    Mar. 2, 2009

    Foreign Transaction Fee
    -$0.09 USD

    Net Amount:
    -$9.43 USD

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