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MTC Truck Driver Trainingservices not complete and discrimination

I enrolled at MTC Truck Driving training to learn and obtain my cdl license to become a truck driver. I was told that they would teach, assist and help obtain the neccasary credentials. They also promised assistance with job placement. I past the yard test at dot. After attemping the road at the DOT for the third time, the school informed me that I would have to leave and return later to complete more training and go again for the test. I recently attemped to make arrangements with the school to return. They informed me that I was not allowed to return because I already graduated and that I left on my own. There were many students who were allowed to return to DOT without having to leave the school and return.


  • Rob227 Aug 05, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    DO NOT BE SUCKERED INTO MTC. Check local career links for financial help in job training. CDL drivers in demand and training can be free to some. If you were suckered in, contact the Attorney Generals Office of the state MTC is in and the state you are from. File a consumer complaint and have as much evidence available. Save emails, get photos and log what you can. MTC is under investigation as of July, Aug 2018 and you can help put them out of business by reporting them and their conspirators. FACT: MTC will have you get a temp license for the state of Missouri, that will also be your CDL permit state, so expect to transfer it back to your state at your cost. FACT: every week MTC brings in new students, you will be fighting for time with instructors on yard and for trucks that arent maintained. They wont allow A/C on as the trucks are left running all day in yard and break down. In the summer, you will bake in yard for 8 hrs as you watch and learn from other students, not instructors. People will quit, be removed for drug use etc, but the yard grows every week with new students. Your temp license will be delivered to motel and the school will grab it and the motel will not give it to you nor tell you its there. File complaint USPS (United States Postal Service). Some companies will pay and train you, look into them. MTC is NOT a place to be wasting your time. VERY FEW who attend actually get their CDL. They hide the real numbers of people who attend to people who actually receive CDL license through them. You can contact your local media and send them info, but make sure you file complaint with Attorney Generals Office, MTC state and yours. From there, you can obtain an attorney and file criminal charges with your DAs office. Wait for them to try and collect for the school and file Consumer fraud and theft by deception. Have your attorney and we can put them out of business.

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  • An
    Anonymous33314 Jul 28, 2015

    I like most of the commenters on this post would say that this school would NEVER get a positive feed back evaluation from me. I would have to say my most positive day would have been the day I arrived to the campus, from that point on it was down hill. Now do not get me wrong I was on track passing all written exam quizzes and test and passed my permit test after two days of being there. I would like to believe if I would have been able to complete the training I would have earned my class A cdl. I however was not able to finish due to an illness that occurred while I was there and had to have emergency surgery to correct the illness while I was there. Now I'm from Georgia and Missouri by no means is a hop and skip away from Georgia, I was there alone when I fell ill and had to be rushed to the emergency room, I was in the hospital there for three days and I received not even a hand wriiten letter from the representatives at the school my aunt had to call and inform them that I was in the hospital, they had no idea of my where abouts and get this, they had me clocked in... So to make a long story short I had twelve weeks of recovery, yet I was in attendance of MTC not even a week and for whatever reason they feel that I accrued an almost six grand bill... I don't understand how so considering I wasn't able to complete said course, now my unviable debt has reached collections and after several failed attempts at getting in touch with an rep from the school I have given up, and decided to file bankruptcy. Bottom line MTC has terrible business practices and I would not recommend this school to anyone looking to obtain their class A cdl. I left out a few things about the recruiters and the recruiting process but ill just say what's understood does not have to be said. I will definitely say please explore your options before choosing a school because you just may end up bamboozled!

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  • Ab
    Abmail P Oct 22, 2014


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  • 22
    222King Jan 26, 2014

    Can somebody answer me that question
    ?..thank you

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  • 22
    222King Jan 26, 2014

    At mtc trucking

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  • 22
    222King Jan 26, 2014

    Do you take the physical or drug test first

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  • Mt
    mtc student2013 Sep 05, 2013

    I am a current student at MTC and to all that are interested in going to school here I'd highly advise against it there are only about three great instructors and two of them are just road instructors (meaning they just help you with getting the driving part down) the other is a yard instructor but he usually has his hands full because the classes are over crowded so there's 8-10people with one instructor using a truck and if you have a large class then there will probably be more than that because majority of the time there's still gonna be people from the class ahead of you that are still there training. Now on to the office staff and recruiters they're all liars, unprofessional, and rude (exception Ms.Dee) she at least made an effort into helping. But back to the recruiters my recruiter lied about my tuition fee and was very unprofessional she pursued me for weeks about coming to the school and told me I was approved to go with the carrier US Express and my down payment was $200 so the day I buy my ticket to come there I call her and tell her I got my ticket and should be there the next day. Then she tells me that I was denied and she got me approved through another company and now I gotta pay $500 which I still don't know why I had to pay that much because I looked on the list of students and their down payments after I paid and seen some people only had to pay $150 or $200 and some were even $0 so I don't know why I had to pay so much. She also never mentioned to me I'd have to pay for my permit and my license if I don't pass every test the first time. Now as for the office staff they always have an attitude, I will repeat that, they always have an attitude and are very short with you. I've never gotten a attitude with them nor done anything for them to have one with me but they still treat me as if I'm some kind of criminal or [censored] just for coming to the with a question or comment mainly Sandra. It is true all they want is your money and once they have it they want you out of their face and the catch is they give you 3days to get a refund if you change your mind but you wont get to see how bad it is until after a week because the first couple of days are just spent in the class room. So overall I would advise going to another school unless you like paying $8000 to stay in a crappy hotel eat nasty snacks (cause you don't get meals its enough food for a child) and want to be treated like ### of the earth.

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  • Ran-Ragged Jun 26, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Be careful when choosing a truck driver training school. Some of them are just CDL license mills, hoping to process as many students as possible just for the income, regardless of whether you actually get your license or not. After speaking to one of the MTC "recruiters" on the phone, I was NOT impressed with their knowledge of CDL licensing laws. I have 10 years and 980, 000 miles of accident-free long haul, over the road truck driving experience... and I can tell when I'm getting a line of B.S. from some idiot behind a desk. To those who are serious about truck driver training, I have to recommend Driver Solutions in Springfield, Missouri. I am not affiliated with them, but I have spoken to their people (just last week) and they seem to know what they're doing. They try to place most of their graduates with PAM Transport and USA Truck.

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  • Ju
    Jugsnstuff Jul 28, 2012

    I went there in 2010 and received my CDL on 2nd try. It's not a vacation, it's job training. I have been driving for Schneider for over two years and don't regret it.

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  • To
    tony2883 Apr 04, 2012

    I went there in 2006, I thought it was a decent place, the people who didn't really do the work are the ones that either never finished or was there forever trying to finish the training. while I was there I did everything I was told and did all the homework assigned, half the people didn't do the homework and instead of blaming mtc they should be blaming themselves, I got my cdl from there in 11 days

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  • Br
    BrendanL Oct 02, 2011

    I recently attended MTC in Hazelwood, MO. In fact, tomorrow will probably be my last day. Yes, the "yard" trucks are junk, but thats why they don't leave the yard. The road trucks are in decent condition. A couple of the instructors can be ###s, but if you LISTEN they do know what they're doing. The class before mine was only nine people, and my class was only four. Hardly overcrowded. Fact is, they do what you're paying them to do, which is train you to get a Class A CDL. Can they turn you into a truck driver in just 160 hours? No, there isn't enough time for that. Can they teach you to drive a truck in just 160 hours? Yes, if you listen to the instructors and do what you're told and make a serious effort. I have a job already lined up, with Werner Enterprises. They also work with Hogan, Stevens Transport, TMC, Swift, and a few other less-known names.

    As far as the food sucking, and The Lodge being a low-end motel, guess what? You're there to get training for a Class A CDL, not to take a vacation. If you ran a school and had to provide a meal to your students, would you order them lobster and steak dinners, or cheap stuff like McDonalds? Would you put them up in a cheap motel, or in the Hilton? C'mon. Its not hard to figure out why they do things this way.

    As for the above comment, not their fault they had to send you home buddy. FEDERAL LAW dictate that you must pass strict physical health requirements to get a CDL, and the school isn't going to waste anyone's time training someone who doesn't meet those requirements.

    Yes, they exist to make a profit. That comes as such a shocking surprise to you guys? Guess what? So does every business in the world. I do not understand why MTC gets such a bad rap. They worked for me, and within the next two months I will have completed my training phase with Werner and will be running my own truck. People considering going to MTC and read this and the above comments, all you need to know is this: not everyone is going to be happy about everything, this is life. Yes, MTC could use improvement in a few areas. However, at the end of the day, if you do what you need to do and what you came there to do and stop worrying about little ###, the school will serve its purpose.


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  • Ca
    campus fuzz Aug 11, 2011

    I went to the training and failed the second day due to hearing loss per the Physician. It took me 4months to receive my payment towards the class. The school refused to answer my calls . I sent in a complaint of this company to the BBB and received my money back the next week. Wouldn't recommend this school to anyone.

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  • Dr
    dre m 2009 Jul 14, 2011

    All I am going to say is I got my cdl thru MTC. I failed the first yard test at highway patrol but past the second. It wasnt easy but I do have my cdl class A where I live. I no longer truck due to family issues but the school is what it was a training facility with training equipment. I could have went to a school right in my own back yard better everything except experience. Also like all things its a business its all about the money no doubt, dont be fooled. The food sucked and some of the attitudes from the staff did also and when your done they want you gone right then and there so go into this with your eyes open.

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  • Wi
    williamlaw12 Jun 10, 2011

    WATCH OUT FOR THIS PLACE. They will tell you anything to come into there school in St Louis Mo. ( Hazelwood). The owner is only concerned of the $$$. The training there is a joke. There trucks are in terrible shape. When it is time to go to take test for you CDL you will end up failing due maintenance on the trucks. I went to MTC and it is the biggest mistake I could of ever made. The recruiters there will lie to you. They have been instructed to tell you only what you need to know. To many guys come to this school from out of town and then get told once they are there for about a week or so they would have to leave for some unseen reason. The contract you sign with them is outrageous. You are talking out 18 % interest. The hotel you stay is called the Lodge this is a terrible place. Very dirty, you get treated like crap there . The collection agency that has been calling me is Partners Financial they work very close with MTC / CDL traning services . Please if you are smart you will go somewhere else this school is so unfair and will ripped you off in a heart beat . Dont let them take your money.

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  • Ma
    Marcia Cohn May 24, 2011

    I was told that my husband would get his cdl through mtc . His recruiter is Jennifer . She even checked his credit for financial assistance . So, instead of getting it, we are going through the va to pay for his training . I didn't know it was like this . Is this course of training for real ?

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  • Je
    jenny1oneil Apr 20, 2011

    I am really surprised there is not alot more complaints on MTC truck driving training center. They will take your money in a heartbeat and treat you like you are dirt on there shoes. The recruiters are instructed to push getting the down payment before you start your training so incase you dont show it could take up to at least 6 months to get your money back and that is being nice. Who knows you might not even get it back. Also the article that was wrote by driver dan was done by a employee by the name of Sandra, now that is pretty sad.

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  • Je
    jermaine brooks Mar 15, 2011

    The owner at mtc suck they just care about money. If you cant learn in 3 weeks they want to kick you out and you wil be under a lot of pressure trying to train. Everybody do not learn at the same pace but they fail to see that. Too many students not enough instructor or trucks and they excepted me to know how to drive an 18-wheeler in just 4 hours in a 3 days span so roughly one hour and a half every other day, and i never drove a stick before in my life. Some of the instructor talk behind your back to other students if you are not a quick learner and the whole time you are there not once to do the owner or your recruiter say a word to you they rude and lousy. They just see you as dollar sign!!!

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  • 5m
    5_million_safe_miles Nov 01, 2010

    JACK, I have been driving OTR for 30+ years. I would say to you go with a company that will let you go with a trainer. There are lots of them. I was raised in Leadwood, MO myself. I am retired now but would love to return to area and teach at Park Hills School. Maybe someday they will need someone like me Good Luck

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  • Ja
    jack derousse Jul 31, 2010

    sounds like he needs to stay with 4 wheels but i went to the mtc in park hills, mo and passed it but the woman that was in the office did not turn in my apps in and no one called me mailed me any thing its been a year so far i called tmc trucking and they told me they could not take because it was to long what can i do they want me to go back for a refresher course but the state is out of funds and i cant pay for it myself. sign jack d

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  • Sa
    Save Driver Dan Apr 06, 2010

    What the student failed to inform you of is that the school is a 160 hour course taching the basic truck driver skills needed to assist in passing a Class A CDL test of which he was at the school for 290 hours of training. This is why a school of any kind can not guarantee that they pass the course or obtain a CDL. In his statement it show that he went to the Missouri State Highway Patrol in THREE different instances and failed. Now after a total of 290 hours of training and THREE atempts with the Highway Patrol would you want him behind the wheel of 18 wheels, up to 80, 000 lbs in weight, 65 mph vehicle behind your family vehicle.

    With this type of attitude you could also look at it this way, if the student went to a major university to become a surgeon and failed the course, then should the state allow said student to start performing surgery on unsuspecting people because he thinks they should????? I think not.

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