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Do Oct 03, 2019

To whom it may concern,
I've been staying at the motel 6 in sedalia missouri on Broadway for about 3 months. And for my first 3 weeks staying here we had no internet at all. But still paying full price for something I couldn't use. Time went on I chalked it up to server maintenance or whatever. I usually dont spend a bunch of time in hotels but the wife and I are relocating because I got out of the military and moved closer to family. Since August. The services mainly the internet have barely been able to use. I only tried the breakfast once and never have eaten again. I strongly suggest fixing one or both of these issues at this location or the motel6 brand will keep getting a horrible reputation. When I can I will find something else that has reliable services. Additionally when you pay with debit/credit card you get uncharged like 25-30 dollars and only get a small percentage back like 1.5% I'm incredibly angry with this. I'm a veteran and fought for this country. If these immigrants are gonna come here and have a business they need to run it like they are in the U S and not Delhi. Need either to fix the services or lower the prices. And no military discount? What kind of establishment is motel6? If it weren't for the military no business in the U S would be able to operate.
Forever regretful
Joel brandt USN

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