SheffieldHeights.comoffice staff incompetence

Li Oct 03, 2019

My current complaint is that I'm interested in upgrading to a 3 bedroom 2 bath unit because my daughter and grand daughter want to move to Nashville for employment reasons. In order to do that we had to have a background check done on my daughter and son in law in order for them to be permitted to live with us in the apartment complex.. They came to Nashville, they currently live in Chattanooga area, last weekend to fill out the background check form and all and the office staff said it would be Monday or Tuesday when they'd let us know the results, it's now Thursday afternoon and AGAIN they're delaying it until tomorrow. My son in law is supposed to start working WITH US here in Nashville tomorrow (Friday), we scheduled his start date Friday because we were told we'd have the results back BY Tuesday. We need this resolved TODAY if possible and the office staff is still putting us off. Please contact me ASAP. My phone number is
Misty Johnes
P.S. We HAVE already paid the fees and everything associated with the background checks.

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