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Kh Aug 06, 2019

Moved out of my apartment on 5/30, and have been charged for maintenance issues (such as my kitchen and foyer floor that was replaced with a laminate sheet in 2017, and tore by the contractors that were replacing, and was told that i would not be charged) it also states that that were were "bleach stains" on the floors, i tried reaching out to the property manager and have been ignored for over 2 months.

Morgan Properties

  • Morgan Properties Customer Care's Response, Aug 07, 2019

    Khadijah- I am sorry to read about the charges that hit your account after you moved out. Do you have any photos of the apartment from move out that you can send me. You can reach out to me at [protected]

  • Updated by Khadijah Benton, Aug 07, 2019

    This is my 2nd complaint on this company, the Forge gate property in particular. The property manager Barbara has treated my family very poorly our entire 5 years living on the property, she has accused us countless amount of times, violated my privacy, and has spoke very poor of me to neighbors. I moved out of Forge Gate apartments in May of 2019. I have been trying to get a hold of Barbara since then and was ignored for over 2 months, We received a call from one of her partners at the office(which one of them hung up on me after yelling because she didn't want to listen to what i had to say) saying we owe money for damages we knew nothing about. She claimed there were holes in the wall that needed to be repaired and when i asked for pictures she proceeded to say "after further investigating there were no holes, 3 coats of paint needed to be applied to the walls", she also said that there was damage to the foyer floor, when she sent the photo of the "damages " it shows damage to the kitchen which she is trying to say is the foyer (i will attach comparison pictures to this email). The damages look like they were made by someone either moving a refrigerator or moving things into the kitchen. I do not come on these boards to bash anyone, but this woman needs to be stopped with this, she has been doing this for years. Some one please correct me if im wrong, does the location of both images shown appear to be the same? any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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