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Monro Muffler Brake review: careless and dishonest service

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Throughout the past few years of taking my vehicles to Monro, I have experienced service which can only be described as going downhill, fast. I will recount my most recent experiences.

6 months ago - I took my 2002 Ford Focus in for an inspection. They said the vehicle was in great condition but would not pass inspection because they needed to replace a brake line that had been rubbing on the front wheel. I thought to myself, "How does the brake line even have enough slack to reach the wheel?" I foolishly agreed to have it replaced. $180 later I had my car back with a new inspection sticker. Once home, I looked at where the brake line is vs. the wheel. There is no way that what they told me was true. The lines aren't long enough to reach the wheel, even if they came loose from where they are attached.

1 month ago - my 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix needed an oil change. I usually do oil changes myself, but since it was the middle of winter, I took it in. The service was quite speedy, but due to my prior experiences, I checked the oil level for accuracy (back at home... I should have checked it in their parking lot!). The oil level was about an inch above the "max" line. Not wanting to drive 20 min back to Monro, I drove up on my ramps and drained 1.5 qts of oil. Very careless Monro.

2 weeks ago - again, 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix. I found a coupon online for a free flat repair at Monro. Thinking that it would be difficult for them to mess up a flat, I took in my tire that had a slow leak . Got my tire back and checked my air pressure the next day. Whoops, it's down to 24 psi. I realize I could have gotten another flat on my way home, but how likely is that.

1 week ago - my girlfriend's 2001 Kia Rio. She brought it in for a brake check since every so often her rear right wheel would make a clunk when she applied the brakes. They didn't find anything wrong with the brakes but wanted to replace the flex pipe since it was "falling off the manifold" (their words). She said no thanks and took the car home. Today her car is at a different mechanic who is replacing the back brakes which have locked up since the visit at Monro. He said there is nothing wrong with the flex pipe and was surprised that Monro didn't see a problem with her brakes.

All in all, Monro was my first choice for automotive repair but I will be taking my money elsewhere from now on. I wanted to give them a second, even third chance after my most recent experiences but they have struck out. Be wary and ask lots of questions if you decide to go there. Thanks for reading my rant!


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Mar 11, 2019 10:01 pm EDT
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Crooks ripped me off and they almost burnt my car engine. On Feb 7th, I stopped at Monro Auto Service in Binghampton as my Subaru was leaking oil underneath and smoking somewhat. They said I needed a new oil pan and gaskets. They kept the car over night as they did not have the parts.
I noticed that when they delivered the car next day, it was still smoking but they said it was the oil residue from the day before that was burning off. I asked - are you sure? They said yes and charged me $417.00. I got back on I-81 headed south for about 30 minutes and stopped at a rest area. The car was leaking oil just like if they had never fixed it with hardly any oil left in the pan. I had to wait till next day and took the car straight to a Subaru dealer where they immediately identified the cause which was a leaking oil pressure switch and replaced it. Back on the road and it never leaked again. Shame on you Monro. Real crooks.


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