Midashonoring the warranty that came along with the product

R Jul 18, 2019

One of the tires I noticed I had a slight bubble on the sidewall so I took it in for them to replace it because I bought these tires from them with a warranty. The tech who previously worked on the vehicle Miss wrote information about the mileage stating that the car had ran these tires well over a hundred thousand miles when in fact they only have about 10, 000 on them. The manager there even said himself these look brand new and I explained to him that there was a mistake and I have proof. I told him I can bring in the title of the vehicle when I bought it and transferred it into my name, they always take the current mileage at that time which is the same time I bought these tires and they still wouldn't listen or take the time to at least look into it. It bothers me that I pay good money 4 good service and get treated like this and basically get told we're not going to do anything for you

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