Michael Korscustomer service

S Nov 22, 2019

After work I went to square one to michael kors to pick up a watch I called early about to see if they had it in stock which they did. I went in, everyone looked at me but didn't come up to me to see if I needed help. Anyways, I ended up lining up to get the watch they had on hold for me and to be cashed out and there was two people behind me. There was two cashiers and both of them asked the people behind me to come cash out. They assist them before me when I was in line ahead of them? Mind you, I work in a warehouse and I wasn't wearing any makeup or any fancy clothes so why didn't they assist me? Because I looked like I didn't belong there? Did I look to poor for them to assist me? I felt so embarrassed and humiliated I will never ever buy anything from michael kors again or step a foot in any michael kors store. We are all human, we shouldn't be judge by what we look like or dressed!!! If the watch wasn't a gift for my grandma, believe me I would of walked out there with nothing after the experience I got today.

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