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Michael Cooper/ BCA Recovery  -  $8000.00 scam

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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I was contacted by an internet fraud collection agency called BCA RECOVERY, LLC by a Michael Cooper who told me that his agency had a 95% successful recovery rate on internet scams; there was no up-front fee only a fee of 50% of the collected assets. Since I had recently been scammed by an internet training group called Thrive and/or Focus for $16, 000.00 and had no luck in recouping this money I told Michael Cooper to put BCA RECOVERY on the case. After several weeks he reported back to me that the credit card rebate of $16, 000.00 would be credited to my Visa Card and on my next Visa statement it showed a "temporary" credit back assuming the vendor did not challenge this case. Michael reasurred me that the vendor had no way of challenging this credit and not to worry just send BCA the 50% due or $8000.00 which I did. Several months later the vendor was successful in challenging this rebate and Visa informed me that after 3 deliberations they chose to side with the vendor. So I had $16, 000.00 charged to my visa card and notified Michael Cooper at BCA that the vendor was successful in getting visa to pay the entire $16, 000.00 whereupon he told me not to worry he would try to appeal the case with visa. After 3 appeals, BCA was unsucessful in reversing the decision and I asked for a refund of the 50% $8, 000.00 fee that I had paid several months earlier when I thought the case was closed. He assured me that I would indeed be refunded but after several weeks there was no refund received and I tried to contact him by phone unsussesfully and finally sent him an email asking for the refund. He at first made several excuses about the company being in hard times financially and eventually sent me this last email which I have enclosed again reassuring me that the matter would be soon settled. As you can see by the date onthe email this was several months after I had requested the refund. I DO NOT EXPECT TO EVER SEE THIS $8000.00 AGAIN AS I NOW RELEASIACCZED THAT THIS COLLECTION AGENCY WAS ITSELF A SCAM.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Oct 22, 2012 9:28 am
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After further research the poster "Dr Tolchin" has an ip address of located out of NY same ip address host the scam website of "". The supposed email is fake as you can see from viewing it. The supposed victim cannot produce a credit card statement showing the company charging for services. Dr. Tolching comes up under the following address with the following information; 52 Grayson Place, Teaneck NJ 07666 - Date of biirth 07 /23/ 48 - with a sociall security# [protected]. Looking at this complaint and all of the keywords that the "individual" used, is to rank the company negatively in search results on search engine inquires. Thus deterring anyone to seek help that has been a victim of a mentoring scam, coaching scam, etc. Its a shame that [redacted] lets this happen to reputable companies and its quite pathetic that a competitor has to resort to these means.

May 24, 2012 5:53 am
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May 24, 2012 4:51 am
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BCA RECOVERY is now going by the name FIAD SERVICES. They are trying to get more people to go with their services by posting on all of the scamboards again. They took my money after a temp credit was put on my account when I used them and then they didnt do anything else I and I lost my dispute but they took their charges. Check out the links showing Michael Cooper is the same owner. He changed names after he scammed a bunch of people and now has hundreds of links on all of the compaint boards trying to get more people to sign up with him. FIAD SERVICES IS A SCAM TOO SAME AS BCA RECOVERY., -LLC-False-Advertising-for-1550.00-on-08-23-2011

Sep 30, 2011 1:51 pm

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