Merry Maidsunethical behaviour

J Aug 03, 2019

Thought your corporate office should be award that one of your staff members from the Gainsville, Florida location has some very serious issues going on which should be brought to your attention. To make a long story short, myself and several others walked off the job today and one supervisor was told to go home, also due to the abhorrent attitude & behavior/and lack of respect to workers by one of your local supervisors/manager/... Named: "Josh Brune" (for the Gainesville, Fl office location) for the past two days. (I would never again work for Merry Maids if I had to be under the supervision/management of..."Josh"). He displayed various behaviors that would be consistent with someone under the influence of drugs. He was even overheard speaking with another worker about the use and purchase of cocaine. To make a long story short ...Please Drug Test This Guy Before He Caused Any More Harm To Your Company And The Company's Name Brand. It really would help you to understand what is going on with this person. (And maybe help him to receive the help he needs). Thank you.

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