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Men's WearhouseDid not care that they practically ruined my wedding day

My husband and I chose to use Men's Wearhouse for our tuxedo rentals for our 11/17/07 wedding. My husband had experienced a problem with Men's Wearhouse in the past (a tuxedo for a wedding he was in in 10/06 came in in the wrong size and the children working at the store didn't know how to fix it - he was back and forth to the store 5 times during his friends wedding weekend) but unfortunately for us, Mens Wearhouse has a monopoly on the tux business in our area. This time we chose to go to a different location (Exton Mall in Exton, PA) so as to avoid future problems. Upon reserving our tuxes, my husband expressed his concerns about picking up the tux the day before the wedding, given his past experiences. He said he wanted to pick it up a week in advance as this was his wedding day and he wanted things to be as close to perfect as possible. We were told that he could not pick the tux up anymore than 1 day in advance and we were assured that there would be no problems - that everything would be exactly as ordered. We picked the tux up on 11/16 - the day before the wedding. My husband went in the dressing room and tried it on. It was then that we noticed that the wrong tie - a tie that didnt even MATCH his vest - had been ordered. Despite having the correct order number (my husband kept his recpiet as we were anticipating problems), mens wearhouse ordered an incorrect tie. And not just for my husband but for all 10 men in the bridal party. At this juncture- a day before the wedding - all 10 men had already retrieved their tuxes, in 3 different states and all 10 men had been given the wrong tie. We were told to come back in the morning. Meanwhile, in another Men's Wearhouse (located in NJ) our best man was having a similar situation with his tux having been ordered incorrectly. His tux came in in an inalterably large size. He could not wear the tux. He was told to stay put and that the correct tux would arrive in the morning. The best man was due to come into town, to West Chester, that night but could not because he had no tux. Thus, he missed part of our wedding day festivities. The best man - the grooms brother - was stranded and the day before our wedding, had no tux. Low and behold, morning came and the store did not pull through. My husband, the groom, had to call around from store to to store to try and find a tux for his brother. Luckily, my husbands hard work prevailed and a tux was located. Meanwhile, my Godfather (who was walking me down the isle) was experiencing problems with the Mens Wearhouse in Christiana Mall in Delaware. His shirt was ordered in a petite (incorrectly) and the sleeves were too short. He too was promised that a correct shirt would be in the following day and he too had to run back and forth to the mall during wedding weekend. The day of our wedding while my husband was putting on his grooms' tux, he noticed that there were no buttons on the shirt sleeves. He called the store and was told that this was not a big deal. My husband had to staple his shirt together on our wedding day. He could not remove his jacket all night and he could not lift his arms in pictures. It was also the morning of the wedding when the men realized that half of them were given their pocket handkerchiefs while the other half were not. The men were given no choice but to not wear the handkerchiefs. It was quite obvious that a portion of the ensamble was missing. Meanwhile, my father in law, also in nj, was dressing for the wedding when he realized that his tux had been shreded. Men's wearhouse actually gave him a tux that - in his words - "looked like it had been put through a blender." My husband and his groomsmen were put through days worth of aggrevation as a result of Mens Wearhouse - all throughout our wedding weekend.

To make matters worse, we were promised that the district manager - Frank someone or other - would be calling us to make amends. He never did. It took my husband and i calling Mens Wearhouse in Exton, me emailing them repeatedly, calling corporate and going to the exton store after our honeymoon to get so much of a phone call out of frank. After 20 minutes of arguing with the man, he agreed to give us a $100 gift certificate to Mens Wearhouse. As if after all of our aggrevation we ever wanted to set foot in a mens wearhouse ever again. My husband had to beg to get the best man - whose tux almost didnt make it - a refund. But frank finally agreed. Then he left for aruba without telling the NJ Mens Wearhouse about the promise he made us. The best man went into mens wearhouse to receive his refund and was told that they had no idea what he was talking about and - as frank was in aruba - his story could not be verified. Frank never did send the gift card either. Instead, the very nice woman (Alli) at corporate who i had been dealing with for weeks on end - sent us a note and a giftcard. Frank was never to be heard from again (despite us having left messages for him while he was enjoying his vacation in aruba.)

Mens Wearhouse should be taking pride in their opportunity to work with customers during the happiest days of their lives. Instead theyve optted to ruin these magical moments and ignore complaints such as mine. Do not make the same mistake as we did - take ur business for your special day elsewhere.


  • Rh
    RHN84 Apr 26, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My wedding is in 4 weeks and we are having serious issues getting Mens Warehouse to get the order right. My fiance wanted to buy each of his groomsmen a suit, shirt, tie, shoes, belt, pocket square. I know he is a generous guy. He bought them from the Boston store and was given an order number and told to relate the number to his groomsmen most of whom live in other states. After several calls and visits, all the wrong suits were sent out, some have the right stuff in wrong sizes, some got the wrong suits and other items completely. My fiance is going insane, and I feel horribly for him. I have been trying to figure out who to get in touch with to make this right. They have 4 weeks to get the correct suits in the correct sizes, along with all the other items, to five guys, each of whom has already gone at least once to their local mens warehouse, but to no avail. I have looped in someone from customer service, a guy named Seth Braziel. Unhelpful. We have spoken to the Asst. Manager of the boston store, as well as the GM of the store and members of the regional staff. All to no avail. It is too late to find the suits elsewhere. Maybe if I dispute the CC charges someone will get back to us? ANY ADVICE IS GREATLY APPRECIATED.

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  • Wa
    Was an Employee for years Apr 29, 2011

    To the "Former Store Manager" . . . honestly I think I know who you are. You got fired from your position due to sexual misconduct and you are bitter against the company that fired you. In all actuality, if there were SO MANY tuxedo complaints at your store, I believe that directly reflects on you as a manager. It is your personal duty to ensure that the Operations Manager is doing her job as far as not-coms, confirmation calls, and calling tuxedo customers when their tuxedo arrives at the store early. If those three thing are done correctly, as they should be at every store, there will never be a huge issue. Ofcourse, sizing will always cause some frustration for certain hard-to-fit customers. There will always be the unpleasant customer who is upset that they have to wait 15 minutes while the tailors in back do temporary alterations on the hems of sleeves or pants, (to the "former employee" who said that's incorrect, you need to check your sources. Tailors to temp alterations on tux garments ALL the time.) . . .or the disgruntled groom who lost 20 pounds after being measure and is upset he'll have to come back the next day to pick up the jacket we kindly re-ordered him, and had it shipped overnight from Texas, without charging him a dime. Those are things that we can blow off, they can be upset if they want to but we know it is by no fault of our own and if handled with grace in the midst of a rude customer we will come out the better person. However. . . if style, colors, tuxedo's themselves are incorrect that should only come back on the Op's and Store Manager themselves. Yes, perhaps the wedding party shouldn't place such importance on the inconvenience of coming back the next day to pick up their newly re-ordered garments, after all mistakes happen and if they are fixed in a timely manner it shouldn't "RUIN" anybody's wedding. However, it is those mistakes that should never happen. And in good stores, they rarely do. So, Store Manager, look at yourself. If that was an ongoing issue at your store, then an evaluation of your skills as management is needed.

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  • Jl
    jld382560 Aug 03, 2010

    As a current mens wearhouse employee, I also have to bring up something that the other employees have not yet brought up, what about the notcom calls.

    it is standard policy in EVERY mens wearhouse and mw tux store, that starting 8 weeks out and until the week of your wedding we call you and notify you of the people in your party who have yet to be measured. also anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks out we call you to verify styles and make sure everybody is in the right thing. In my store as well, we give the bride and groom the group summary to show them excatly what every member in the wedding party is wearing. bottom line is if you dont answer the voicemails or phone calls we send you and things are not right, thats on you.

    also keep in mind that everyone is shaped differently. if you want a modern fit, tailored look, your best bet is to buy your tux. just get a 2 button, classic traditional tuxedo that looks good on anyone.

    one thing I can say about George Zimmer is that the cares about his employees AND customers. I couldnt ask for a better boss. I also can say that our corporate customer service employees respond to your complaints immediately after you call them.

    my best advice to any future brides and grooms is to sit down and make a list of questions to ask us while we are booking your wedding, and please dont hesitate to call us 10, 20 times and verify that things are correct. also dont wait until the last minute to have your guys try on your tuxedos. if you wait until the last minute to try it on, dont get mad at us if we cant fix it!

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  • Ca
    cas25 Oct 27, 2009

    To the "former store manager" who said you felt DIRTY for working there. I too am an employee of the company and have worked with Men's Wearhouse for 61/2 years. It def must be the region you are from because it is NOT like that where I am in Ohio. YES mistakes happen! They happen anywhere you go! But for you to be a former employee and talk bad about such a GREAT company is RIDICULOUS. I have a tuxedo manager that would bend over backwards for our tuxedo customers! And to the very first lady that commented on the tux being available just the day before the wedding. That is def wrong (which others have stated) because it is ALWAYS guaranteed 2 DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT! Unless you come in 3 days before to get fitted. All I have to say is, obviously as a company we are doing something right if we own 80% of the tuxedo business and have over 1, 000 stores nationwide! Yeah you'll have those employee's here and there that mess up, but who has never made a mistake?? It happens people! We really are a good company, and I am proud to call myself a Men's Wearhouse employee =)

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  • Fo
    Former Store Manager Sep 11, 2009

    I also used to work for Men's Wearhouse as a store manager and I can attest that mistakes like this happen all the time. ALL THE TIME. Despite the online order tracking. Despite the promises made by employees. Despite corporate guarantees. I cannot tell you how often I or the Tux manager had to call a bride or groom and apologize to them for their order being delayed or incorrect. Some mistakes happened as a result of employee error, some because of customer misunderstanding, and some because of screw ups at the distribution center (the central hub from which tux orders are processed). However, regardless of the reason, mistakes happened far too often and are a poor reflection on a company that touts the benefits of its supposedly exceptional customer service. What did Men's Wearhouse do on multiple occasions to remedy/ apologize for these eggregious errors? The District Manager graciously offered to give the bride or groom a $25-50 dollar Men's Wearhouse gift certificate. Think about that for just a moment -- here is a company that screwed up what is arguably the most significant day of a couple's life, after costing them hundreds of dollars in rental fees, wasting important time scheduling fittings (oftentimes in multiple stores across the country in the case of larger wedding parties), and hours upon hours of aggravation, only to "apologize" by offering them gift cards that can only be used in the company that screwed them in the first place. Unbelievable.

    I can only speak for stores in my region but it seemed FAR too much emphasis was placed by district and regional managers on "upselling" (squeezing every possible penny out of the customer) and far to0 little on making the rental a positive experience. Bottom line is that this is a multimillion dollar company and as such is more concerned about cash than customers. Men's Wearhouse believes that customers can always be replaced; they subscribe to PT Barnum's philosophy that "There is a sucker born every minute." Unfortunately, they took you to be that sucker. They use sleazy, aggressive sales tactics to pressure suit AND tux customers into spending FAR more than they had originally intended; in fact, my District Manager once said, "We are not pushy sales people, we are agressive ... and aggressive is pushy with class."

    As a former employee all I can say is GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! I wouldn't give this company my business if they were the last clothing store on the planet. I felt dirty working there and participating in experiences like yours. I only hope that despite your poor treatment at Men's Wearhouse the rest of your wedding went well.

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  • An
    andy Jun 07, 2009

    I used to work with Men's Wearhouse. Now keep in mind MOST, not all, tuxedos arrive early in the week (Monday, Tuesday). However there are times when a customer would come in after the two week deadline (for wedding parties), after one week deadline (for individuals) and the tuxedo would arrive later in the week and would have to pay a late fee due to the rush order. At this time, this was before Men's Wearhouse purchased Afterhours Tux Rental and President's Tux Rental. So I do not know the new standards, however, when I worked at Men's Wearhouse, our Operations Manager who handles the tuxedo rentals made sure to call our tux rental clients ASAP in the morning and notify them to pick it up ASAP to take care of any necessary and/or possible changes. If there is anyone in the party who needs to be sized again or any new measurements that need to be brought up to the Men's Wearhouse staff, do so before the two week deadline of your wedding, so there hopefully will not be any mishaps before or the day of the event.

    The previous comment mentioned about the ["expert" tailors to take five minutes to fix it], will not take five minutes, plus they cannot alter rental tuxedos. It is also unfortunate that Men's Wearhouse stores do not carry any extra items at the stores so a re-order would not take place and have us clients to come back 2+ times to retrive the new correct item(s). Hopefully due to Men's Wearhouse expanding their rental tuxedo business (with the purchase of President's and Afterhours rental tux's) that they have enough merchandise to handle any possible outcomes.

    If your renting, make sure that when you receive a phone call or e-mail that your tuxedo has arrived. Take the time to go to the store IMMEDIATELY to retrive it. The Men's Wearhouse employees who previously mentioned in this complaint are correct. You have the tuxedo up to six days (I think after the wedding). After that is a late fee (unless notified that you can keep the tux after the six days). I also advise that one person from the party should take all the rental tux's back, instead of individually, they can be returned to ANY store nationwide. Make sure to track your order online, since I'm glad Men's Wearhouse is now involved with that and clients can check on what is being delivered. My only opinion is to purchase a tuxedo, it can be altered the way YOU want it to look.

    Best wishes to all,

    Andy for Ohio

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  • ... May 21, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I recently had a unsatisfactory experience at Men's Wearhouse in Simsbury, CT. When I arrived was given the tuxedo rental to try on. Immediately I noticed that the shirt was the wrong color. After a little investigation I came to see that all of the groomsmen's shirts were the wrong color, despite the fact that the groom had ordered the tuxedos three months in advance.

    Now, it was the day before the wedding and we had the wrong color shirts. The groom and I both voiced our concern to the staff. They seemed confused, even after checking the initial order and realizing they had made a mistake. A staff member finally decided to call other stores in the area to try get the shirts. They found a store with the shirts, but we were told that we had to wait for a kid who was currently in class at school to get out of class to pick up and drop off the shirts.

    Meanwhile, I tried on my tuxedo to make sure it fit and everything else was in order. The pants were huge. Though the waist size was correct, I felt like I was wearing MC Hammer era parachute pants. When I asked a staff member in the tuxedo department about it he simply said, "well they need to fit everyone". Well I need it to fit me! Also, the jacket had a piece of cloth hanging out of the back which the staff member said he would have pressed. Of course the effect of pressing it only lasted until I left the store and put it on to wear for the wedding the next day. Instead of pressing it, they should have had one of their "expert" tailors take five minutes and actually fix it.

    Two agonizing hours later the shirts arrived, from a store 15 minutes away. I was given my shirt and told to try it on. It was the wrong size neck and sleeve length. At this point the other groomsmen had left for the rehearsal, but I stayed because we needed the shirts. The staff member did not believe me when I told him it was the wrong size, so he checked for himself. It was the wrong size. Eventually we found a size close enough to mine. After that I had to go through the sizes of each of the other groomsmen to make sure they would get a shirt that fit them, because they were all already at the rehearsal.

    Half an hour later I was ready to go, until I realized that the handkerchiefs were the wrong color. When I brought this to the attention of the Men's Wearhouse staff member he told me that "white would look better", to which I replied "well that's not what the groom ordered". Again, the scramble began to find the correct color handkerchiefs, albeit only after my insistence that we be given handkerchiefs in the color that was ordered.

    I spent three hours at Men's Wearhouse that day and paid more to rent a tuxedo than it would have cost to buy one of the same quality. I am mailing a letter on complaint to Men's Wearhouse tomorrow and will come back here and post how my multiple problems were or were not resolved.

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  • Ek
    E. K. May 20, 2009

    I too work for Men's Wearhouse as a store manager and have also never known anyone working for the company that would demand anyone have their final fitting only one day before their event - UNLESS the order was placed last minute (less than a week before the event date). The tuxedo ordering system auto-defaults to two days before the event, AND prints it clearly on the customer's copy of the order receipt, which is why I find this difficult to believe.

    The company standard has always been to have a final fitting and pick up your rental at least two days before the event. It's also a standard to go over the finalized order with the bride and groom (or whomever is booking the event) before they leave the store so that everyone is on the same page with the styles and colors ordered.

    With these two simple procedures in place, provided they are followed properly by both parties, every tuxedo will go out the door in the hands of a happy customer.

    Kyle is also correct about the online wedding tracker. Customers can view actual photos of their style selections and see what party members have been measured, as well as email their party members directly from the web site. Since styles cannot changed on the website, it's safe to give out the log-in information to every member of the wedding party if desired. It's a great system and probably under-utilized by many.

    I am sorry that there were problems and complications with your order. I do hope the joy of your wedding and your bright future together out shined the issues you had to endure with the tuxedos.

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  • Ky
    Kyle S. May 05, 2009

    I work for Men's Wearhouse and have never known a single co-worker, or co-worker of my co-worker, who demanded a person to come in ONE day before their event. Everyone I have ever known has said AT LEAST two days before the event. An interesting thing is that any person who carefully reads their receipt(s) will understand that he can actually have their tux for UP TO SIX DAYS.

    If there was a major concern that the "children" at the store couldn't live up to your standards, then perhaps you should have voiced your doubts to the store manager and also to the operations manager, who is in charge of the tuxedo department at specific stores. Besides, YOU CAN MANAGE AND TRACK YOUR WEDDING PARTY ONLINE to see any problems such as the vest/tie episode. Perhaps there was too much faith placed in a RENTAL not retail?

    Are there mistakes in Men's Wearhouse? Yes. However, this is by far the most extreme story I have heard in regards to our tuxedo department. True though, that some stores are ran more sufficient than others.

    I do not defend the mistakes of my fellow co-workers, for that is their fault. However, with perhaps a little more care and concern for your own wedding party it would have helped the situation. If Men's Wearhouse "ruined" your wedding day, then you were completely focused the wrong object; it should have been your beloved groom and thoughts of the lives you will spend together. I understand that when things don't happen the way we'd like them we can get frustrated. But, if you cared more for the moment then the ambiance, you might have had a enjoyable night.

    Best wishes.

    -Kyle S.

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  • Aj
    AJ Craig Jan 02, 2009

    I suggest to anyone to buy the clothes they will be wearing for important events, rather than borrowing them from an individual or a company. Renting is essentially borrowing with the added pitfall that you have to pay for second-hand clothing. Rental tuxedos can not be altered to fit your body and suits / tuxedos are meant to be tailored clothing.

    Tuxedo rental: $130
    Tuxedo purchase: $600 (w/ shoes and accessories)

    Ever rent a movie from a video store to find out that it's got scratches on the DVD or the VHS tape skips, has snow, etc? Tuxedos suffer the same problem.

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