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O Dec 01, 2019 Review updated:

The City of Menifee Code Enforcement Division fails to respond to all complaints from the public. The so-called Code Enforcement Manager, Lionel Martinez, actually goes so far as to only list a worthless "hotline" phone number on his email signature thinking that the public will never find out his direct phone extension but they. He never answers his phone, period. His answer rate is zero (0) percent. He and the building official Colin McNie are very good at avoiding all public contact and then placing the blame many incidents, they will attempt to pass off voicemail message to some so called "Office Specialist" who actually works for Community Services part-time saying "here you go" or "call them and find out and open a case" when the voice message went to a Code Officer named Andrea Montes, and the caller repeatedly referenced the Andrea Montes' failure to respond. How could the so called "Office Specialist" read the caller's or Andrea's mind, much less hack into the said Andrea Montes' system to anticipate the response. Also, the said Andrea Montes makes fraudulent cases to appease the so called building official brown noser Colin McNie. Andrea Montes took two pictures of a so called car not moving and put the second picture from the first inspection as a cover up to a failure to take a picture six weeks later. Thankfully, someone in the office block scrambled the case and dismissed all fees without a case notation and naturally the said Andrea Montes never knew about it. See case CE-19-2988. Andrea Montes gets hundreds if not thousands or tens of thousands of calls from esrcrow companies saying and I quote "Your lack of response is delaying this transaction." La Rue Escrow has ripped Andrea Montes repeatedly for her absolute failure to respond. The said Andrea Montes was more concerned with did you check the voicemails than releasing a pendency so a real estate transaction could close. If I heard that one more time, I was going to puke.


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      Dec 02, 2019

    There is also in the building and safety department an "Office Specialist" or so called as you have aptly noted named Brittney Chavira who is out now on a faked maternity leave - she was just fat, never pregnant. Brittney Chavira also called in sick at least six (6) times, three (3) of which in the first three (3) weeks of employment there. She only got the job because supposedly her parents know the fat pig building official Colin McNie. The only thing Brittney Chavira (who likes Dinosaurs ? - I wonder why could it be because she is just so fat) is sit on her phone all day every day and order food. She comes in with a Del Taco bag at 8:20 am (she is supposed to be there at 7:30 am ?? on her 9/80 schedule) then she orders a hamburger at 10:00 am for her break, the she goes to the Texas Roadhouse for lunch, has ice cream at 3:00pm for her break? Her whole day is nothing but a big break?? I would hate to go into the bathroom after this fat pig takes a dump. Also, the Code Enforcement Manager, Lionel Martinez, who is still on probation was out three (3) weeks due to faked headaches. One building inspector even walked by his office and asked "What is up with this guy?" So much for Brittney Chavira, calling in sick on a probation . . . So much for Lionel Martinez (who all his officers hate) calling in sick on probation . . .

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      Dec 08, 2019

    Apparently, there was quite a bit of speculation as to whether Brittney Chavira was planning on returning to work after her faked maternity leave. Brittney Chavira even went so far as to name the fake child as "Brooklyn" (???) Since she never did anything at work, why not stay out forever? Of course, all doubt evaporated into thin air when it was discovered that Brittney Chavira recently purchased a Volkswagen Tiguan, fully financed for 6 years 6 months (ouch!) Well I guess she would have to come back even though her mother signed the loan and Brittney Chavira only wanted to pay a certain amount per month even though it was not in her name at all. Of course, Brittney Chavira's boyfriend, not husband, who not only fathered a [censored] child (if it exists) would surely not pay anything to help the mother in law? In any event, Brittney Chavira crashed the "Six Sixer" Tiguan in the parking lot causing personal injuries and other damages in the amount of $432, 928 to an innocent victim. Office course, she was only concerned with damaged to her fi-nanced Tiguan. Brittney Chavira immediately complained that she could not afford the $1300 per year insurance as it is. Of course, the innocent victim offered Brittney Chavira the opportunity to pay-off the full medical damage bills of $432, 928 but only making $18/hour as an "Office Specialist II", Brittney Chavira could not write a check for the full amount. Her insurance then went up to $2876 per year which she did not pay at all and the lienholder (Tiguan Credit or whatever - I don't know I only drive paid-off vehicles) forced placed the amount to $5498 per year!! It appears then that she has to return, if allowed, to work to pay off the very long "Six - Sixer" Tiguan loan. Remember, approximately, six and a half years ago Christopher Dorner was still alive. Ouch - long long long long long time ago!!! Even if she would try to sell it, the insurance is already forced onto it, making any profit or escape amount impossible. Also, car loans are generally non-dischargeable in bankruptcy. However, Brittney Chavira also has approximtely $192, 855 in student loans which are hard blocked, death trapped, dance on the grave, forever death forced, dig up the grave to see if you died with any money on your person - so people will have to deal with her choking stench there for a very long time. Brittney Chavira is a scam!!!

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      Dec 10, 2019

    Lionel Martinez code manager here, yes I do confess all is true. I never answer the phone and just put a so-called "hotline" number on my email signature. I tried to pull the dots on an Office Specialists phone and it showed nothing. So I had Jeff Wyman follow this one into the bathroom to make up more rumors and the building official Colin McNie did not answer the phone to dispute the EDD claim?? I just hope they don't pull mine. Also, Officer Donna Burks is being sued by Scott Stoll, I just hope she has enough money to pay off the judgment. If they do a judgment debtor exam, the department will have to post her bail bond loan if she does not appear and I will have to give her all days off to go to court because the bail bond agency will take her picture and if she fails to appear in court, they will sledgehammer her front door in at 2 am or whatever and drag her in to testify. This is because it is illegal to fire a non-probationary employee due to a judgement loan. Of course, Donna Burks' butt will go where it belong, on the witness stand to have one duty, answer the questions asked of you. Also, even if am fired, I will still be subject to subpoena to have my butt on the witness stand or be subject to bench warrant, bounty hunter bail bond loans if my car doesn't start on the day I have to go to court, I have to wait for the bounty hunter to go boom boom boom boom boom, on the door and drag me into jail to simply do what they want because they want and I can't escape concrete walls and electrified fences even if fake headaches.

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