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S Jan 08, 2019
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On Sunday January 06/2019 approx 5:20 am. I arrived to M H Pearland (E. R) location my c/c was pain in my ears, mostly the right! After waiting bout an 35 min I was escorted too a room, the nurse asked again reason for my visit! I again explained. She replied ok I will check you for Flu/Strep! My reply ok! Nurse walks out, Dr. Loera walks in oh you have"Strep Throat" we will give you pain medicine (mind you the nurse just walked out with the swab in her hand! Nurse comes back with pain med 2 hours pass dr comes back in! Does your throat still hurt, my reply no! its my ears that were hurting! He said no it was your head! but the pain made if feel like it was your ears! You can go home! In shock I said your not going to look in my ears or even listen too my lungs! He said you have Strep so you think its your ears that hurt! Released with Amoxicilin and Naproxen! Took meds but the pressure in my ears still remain! The next morning I make an appointment January 07/1019 for my PCP! Fast Forward My Ears are inflamed pretty bad! The drainage from my sinus was going into my ears that's the reason for the fluid was coming out my ears. My doctor asked what meds the E R prescribed, I told him he said oh no! You need something stronger than that for your ears! Gave me a prescription for 3 different medications to treat the source of the problem! I have NEVER had a bad encounter when visiting a E.R. as I had with Memorial Herman PearLand! Not one TIME did this doctor touch me, he stood with his hands behind his back the entire time! Dx me on what could be the easy way out! For him! He treated me as if I was a regular too the E.R. too get hooked up to I.V. meds! I will remind my family and friends NOT to visit this location! Wrong dx, wrong medication, and bed side manner"to be a doctor" was worse! Myself and insurance company paid for medication I am unable to use!

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