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August 26, 2019

Memorial Hermann Health Solutions, Inc.
7737 SW Freeway C-97
Houston, Texas 77074
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To Whom It May Concern:

I was seen by Memorial Hermann Hospital in 2017 on dates 5/26/17, 6/4/17, 6/17/17 and 6/23/17. I was not working, did not have a place to live and was receiving SNAP benefits. Each time I went into the Hospital, I was very clear in communicating that I was not working.

I am now seeing the ARS Collection Debt on for ACS Physicians related to the Hospital visits above. I contacted Memorial Herman Hospital regarding the matter and the representative told me that I could no longer apply for charity care and she could escalate the matter to the Supervisor. The Supervisor informed me that the hospital themselves have not sent any billing to collections. However, they have no control over the billing of the physicians. He also stated it was my responsibility have asked for Charity care at the time I was seen and up to 240 days. However, it is NOT THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO ADVISE ME THAT CHARITY CARE IS AVAILABLE.

I expressed my gratitude for the hospital recognizing my inability to pay, but asked why was that information not given to the physicians? Again, he stated that the only way to close the physician-related accounts is to have a charity care approval letter. I asked the Supervisor, how can I ask for Charity Care if I do not know it exists?

I have tried to talk with ACS and ARS who state if they receive a charity care letter from Memorial Hermann, they will close the accounts.

I am respectfully asking that these accounts be closed. I was not working then and did not have a place to live.

/s/ Sabrina Woods
2909 Rogerdale Rd #420671
Houston, TX 77242

Update by Sabrina Woods
Sep 23, 2019 6:01 pm

Please confirm receipt.

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