Meijertelecheck system

Ri Oct 04, 2019

We have been customers of this store since it originally opened. We had become dissatisfied with it when products we usually purchased such as store brand nutrasweet and a few other items. We had shopped at Walmart and Kroger for a few months and decided to try Meijer again. During that process we had switched banks and tried to write a check for our purchases. This is the third visit to the store that the check was declined. After being instructed to call telecheck about the matter and doing so after the second visit and rejection of the check, I spent at least a half hour on the phone with them verifying the information on our checks. Telecheck assured me it was taken care of and would be accepted from here on. Tonight I attempted to write a check for our items and again it was declined. The cashier was great as nice as ever. When the lead person came to oversee the matter and I explained the entire citation she told us she could not accept a check if telecheck had declined it. I asked if she could write my drivers license number on the check and verify my info and I was told no she could not accept it. How did you ever do business before telecheck? Has the staff become so incompetent as to not know if a check come back with insufficient funds there is a legal obligation on the customer to make amends. We spend approximately $900+ in this store every month. If this happens again I assure you they will be told to put the product back on the shelf and we will go somewhere else.

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