Meijerraven/ cashier

Ja Oct 03, 2019

She was having a bad day and took it out on me. She had put other items in with my meat.
I did not say anything, but I did remove the items and put it in another bag. She said to me do you want to do it yourself, I said i'm just helping you out. I don't want to ruin your day. She said I know right and rolled her eyes. Then she set my change on the counter and I said thank you have a nice day, she replied with [censored] you. I just started shopping at meijer for the last four weeks. This was the
First time at this location. I guess I will be spending my money elsewhere. I can't believe how ratchet and unprofessional she was. I hope no one ever treats her parents like that. Totally ruined my day thanks raven!
I know you can't control the people that you hire. I would have a use the self check out but I had too many items. I know I would've done a better job. So disappointed.

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