Rs Oct 10, 2019

I called in my 3 hear olds refill for his seizure medication on Tuesday morning at 10am. I was told it would be ready that afternoon. I went to the pharmacy that evening at 6 :30 pm. The person at the register said the prescription had not been filled, they would need to order the medication but they had enough for a partial refill I could have. As I was checking out I realized they had refilled the incorrect dosage of the medication & pointed this out to the staff. He told me i could no longer take the medication, he would have to refill it, so I agreed to come back the next morning. The next morning it still was not ready. My son ran out of his medication at home Wednesday night. I went back to the pharmacy Thursday evening at 5:30 pm. I was then told it was ready, but I needed a new script called in by my doctor, so they would have to charge for this one. I could not afford the medication since i was not expecting to have to pay for it, so I asked to speak with someone else. Eva was sent over to help me, and I questioned why I was not told that i needed a new script back on Tuesday when I called or anytime in 48 hours since. She responded very rudely and showed no interest in helping me. I explained my frustration that this was the third day trying to get this medication & my son is at a greater risk of having seizures now that we are out of it. I am incredibly disappointed with how poorly the staff handled the situation & that I was consistently treated as an annoyance. While it may not have been important to the staff or to Meijer that my son get his medication, it is of the up most importance to me. I called another pharmacy while I waited in line for 20 minutes, and they were able to resolve the issue & get my son's medication within 30 minutes. I will absolutely never be going to any Meijer Pharmacy again!

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