Meijer Storeservice/ unethical behaviour

C Oct 23, 2019 Review updated:

Today 10/23/2019 12pm I was acosted verbally by surveillance team member at the Meijer Store while ordering form hot prepared food. The large black male approached me and began to question me about what I was buying. He was not in the area when I arrived. The customer counter lady was at the counter at this time. He began questioning me. when I asked if he was with security or worked for the store He left the area without requesting food items. I said strange, very strange.

After receiveing my order, I went to customer service desk and requested the store director, Drew came to meet me. I explained to Drew the situation. We walked to the area where I saw the individual sitting, the dining area. As i pointed the individual out, Drew said He did not work for the store, however this is the second time I have been approached while shopping in the last 30 days. The first time it was an employee with weird questions. I have shopped at this store at least since 2007 when I bought my home only a few blocks away. Prior to these event I have never been approached before for any reason.


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