Meijercheckout cashier - valencia

Z Oct 19, 2019 Review updated:

I have been a customer for many years and have never been treated so poorly. The cashier was rude and didn't say one word during the entire transaction.
When she put my small carton of buttermilk in the already overfilled bag it put a small hole so no biggie I picked it up and double bagged it before placing in my cart. Still not a single word. Then she slams my eggs down on the carousel... Hard enough I felt I needed to make sure they weren't broken... So I did open them up to look. Again not a word. Didn't even speak to tell me how much my order was I just put my card in she handed me my receipt and again not a word. I did look at her and say... That was very poor service and she rolled her eyes at me without a single word. I have never been so insulted especially at an establishment I spend much of my hard earned money. I have always raved about meijer... My favorite place to do my shopping. I work in the health profession and will definitely be letting coworkers etc how my today experience was. Very insulted and disappointed

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