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I had a 5:30 pm reservation for a New York-to-Boston bus trip on Friday (August 1, 2008). I arrived at the Megabus' stop at 4:30 pm. There was a bus waiting and there were seats still available. Therefore, I asked the supervisor if I could take the 4:30 bus and he did not allow. A couple of minutes later, a girl arrived at the bus stop with a 6:30 pm reservation. She asked the same supervisor to take the 4:30 bus and he allowed her without additional fees. I asked the supervisor again if I could take the 4:30 bus. He, again, did not allow me and suggested me to pay $45 if I still wanted to take the 4:30 bus. I then asked him the reason that he allowed the girl to take it and he said "she's going to love me forever". I felt discriminated and did not feel safe using the company's service with such discriminatory treatment. I decided to leave and did not use the service at all.

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    On Saturday 8/24, I took the 5pm Megabus from NY to DC. We left NY on time. The bus stopped in White Marsh MD shortly before 8pm. About 15mins later the driver announced that we were waiting on a relief driver who showed up an hour later. There was no appology or anything given by the relief driver. We arrived in DC at 10:25pm


  • Sh
    Shanna Pressley Aug 15, 2018

    My reservation# 72-9261-062018-M37R-2305-ATH-ATL my name is Shanna Pressley I had a reservation last night and the bus was running 1 hour and 20 mins late therefore I was uable to take this trip. And it was because y'all had a bus driver quiet. I really want a refund but another ticket would be just as well. My phone # 7065012523

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  • Aa
    Aayusi Aug 20, 2018

    On my trip frim Los Angeles to Oakland CA, on 29th May at 11.59 pm, the person who was handling the luggage behaved in a very irrational manner. Racism at its peak. Also he used a derogatory slur, calling me a Midget and worst stuff.
    Please look into the matter and take some action !!

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  • Ny
    NY99 Aug 20, 2018

    I am on the 3 pm trip from boston to new york on 7 May 2018, and the lady driver have been rude to a couple of passengers.

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  • Jo
    Jolyon Murray Aug 21, 2018

    Got to bus stop at 12:45 am for the 1:00 am bus
    Had a purchased ticket
    Got to terminal gave them my conforming number AG6VAQQ
    The attendant said it was not on file
    So I gave him my credit card to purchase another ticket for 45 dollars
    He took my credit card and swiped it
    Then the bus driver pulled off before 1 am

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  • Tr
    Travis Amengual Aug 21, 2018

    Today me and about 10 other people were trying to catch a megabus in NYC to Toronto. The bus started pulling away as we were all standing there waiting to get on. We stepped in front of the bus asking to be let on and he refused to open the door. Customer service was useless and refuses to issue refund or even a credit. Do not ride with them!!!

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  • Lo
    Looooper123 Aug 27, 2018

    Too aggressive and mean date 20. Going from pittsburgh pa to New York city

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  • Ch
    Chantay EL Sep 01, 2018

    Bus was very cold and restrooms lock was broken want refund bus was. Late bus got Atlanta GA we had to wait on a cold bus for 2 hours we got off to get on another cold bus all the way to Chicago IL bus was so cold my hands were numb rest room lock was broken you go in but you can't get out please give me a refund my number is 678-748-9499

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  • Jo
    joshuaj690 Sep 01, 2018

    they did not give us discount after we cancelled the bus was sept 9 2017 for 3 adults when buy the ticket then cancel the trip because we had miss our flight was not getting notification on time was not our fault I am sorry

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  • Lo
    Lorena Sierra Valdivieso Sep 01, 2018

    We waited more than 1 hour and a half for the bus from New York to Washington. It was supposed to leave Washington at 11:00 pm. We were stranded on the frozen street and nobody told us anything until the bus arrived super late.
    I consider completely fair a refund of the ticket.

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  • De
    Deon T Sep 01, 2018

    On 8/24 we left NYC at 5pm heading to Washington DC. We stopped in White Marsh MD about 7:50pm. We were there 15mins before the driver announced that we were waiting on a relief driver. The relief driver showed up an hour late. No appology or anything was given. We arrived in DC at 10:25pm.

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  • Ja
    Jason Yang Sep 03, 2018

    They kept changing the driver. I was supposed to get to new york by 2:30. I still couldn't get to new york until 5p.m. It really messed up my schedule. Please be responsible. The entire trip was supposed to be a 4hr trip. It's been 7 hours!!! Never using megabus again

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  • Mo
    Moira Craigen Sep 06, 2018

    Hi there.

    I have travelled up and down for years on the mega /gold bus to Edinburgh.I get a hot drink and snack when i take the Gold service.
    However the few times im in Glasgow bus "the boiler has broke" so no hot drinks.
    This has been for years now so what is the REAL problem we dont get hot drinks to Glasgow

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  • Ke
    Kevin Brownlee Sep 10, 2018

    Guest continued to antagonize me for the entire 2 1/2 ride

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  • Ur
    Uroš Dimitrijević Sep 18, 2018

    The bus was supposed to leave at 8:30 now it's 8:55 and we're still not moving, every person here deserves a refund, people have schedules and are depending to be right on time, in my opinion this is a complete disrespect to everyone that is riding this bus.

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  • Pe
    Petra Alling Sep 18, 2018

    Routes: Why is there no bus from Memphis to Knoxville TN?

    Connection: My daughter has to spend one whole day in Atlanta, GA, because the bus from Memphis gets there after the bus to Knoxville leaves. She has no money for a hotel. Why can they not have the bus to Knoxville, TN leave later so people that need to get there can make the connection.

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  • Ra
    randyingr Sep 19, 2018

    No wifi service on the afternoon detroit-ann arbor-chicago run yesterday, september 12, 2017.

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  • El
    Elaine Martinez Sep 20, 2018

    I was on bus DD929.. first off our bus ran 1 and half hours late.. I'm having a conversation with my mother and our bus driver was very rude and told us if we don't keep it down we will be kicked off the bus.. noted that we are right above the stairs. Of course she can hear our conversations. So now this bus ride had become socially awkward for us

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  • An
    Anna hinton Oct 22, 2018

    I was scheduled to leave Louisville Kentucky Friday at 4:00 PM the bus did not get there Until 5:45going to Atlanta I was late for a wedding which I was supposed to attend and the bus didn't get there until almost 1:30 pm so I feel like I should get a refund very bad experience

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  • Na
    Nathan O Perry Nov 05, 2018

    I am a resident of Orlando Florida and return from Jamaica on June 5th 2017 with a paid ticket to Orlando Florida and due to long lines at immigration missed bus and was refused another bus to go home was told by customer service I had to buy another ticket and I did not have enough so was stuck Miami for 2 days no food or medication

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  • Pr
    Pressure Been Applied Jun 09, 2019

    We been waiting for the bus and I been waiting for them to get back with me about missing luggage.. You guys are the worst.. I wouldn't recommend you guys if you was the last bus running.. I'll dye before I book anything with megabus a real piece of shit.. Bitch ass customer services even the manager with the shit.. I need my shit

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  • Ru
    Ruth Pearson Jun 23, 2019

    I have tried to contact your company to complain about a hit and run. Both emails have bounced backed. Our driver failed to stop and started to speed on princess road.

    My car has been written off and i have reported this to the police and my insurance.

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  • Ed
    Edtrice Durant Aug 24, 2019

    I take mega bus three times a month I took it Thursday to Houston and let my truck parked there as usual . When I came back sat night it was towed . There signs that say you can park at your own risk, not responsible for breakins and such . Bus driver even said it's ok to park your vehicles there . I need to try to refund my tow

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  • Ny
    Nylah Oct 26, 2019

    I have been riding the mega bus for a year and somehow today my reservation was incorrect and I live on a fixed income and I asked to be credited another ticket but instead they gave horrible customer service and just took my money and hung up in my face I want to see if I am able to get a refund or a credit to ride the mega bus

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