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Mayan Palace Great Vacations Club review: Don't let this happen to you!

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Don't fall victim! This is what happened to me: I was taken to breakfast and then told how I could make lots of money if I bought several timeshare weeks with Mayan Resorts and rented them out. I was given figures (which I never got copies of) by my salesman that would make me good money. I later found these figures to be grossly exaggerated. I was also given figures showing how my timeshare would increase in value, which I also later found was false. I was told after I signed the contract by my salesman that I was "locked-in" and could not cancel my contract. I found out several weeks later that this was false, and that I actually had 5 days after signing to cancel. I traded in a timeshare I had before my trip to get into my contract. I found out two months later that Mayan Resorts canceled my trade, so I was still responsible for my original timeshare. DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!

Update by Valerie
Jan 22, 2007 2:40 am EST

We attended a sales presentation for the Mayan Resort timeshares in Puerto Penasco Mexico on January 4th, 2007. As so many before us, we resisted the sales pitch for a time share but succumbed to a vacation club presentation that sounded appealing and reasonable enough for us to afford with our family. Lucky for us we purchased one of the lowest priced packages but so far have received none of the promised services. We have not received the packet which was to be mailed to us within four days and we are unable to access the website without the password to be supplied in the packet. From everything I am reading it is apparent that the packet, when and if we receive it, will not provide us any opportunities for travel as all travel options will be "unavailable". We have requested cancellation of our agreement and a refund to our credit card but up to this point we have not received any response. If we are unable to resolve the issue we will have to proceed to other legal action and publicity to uncover the deceptive and fraudulent practices of this company.

Update by Valerie
Nov 27, 2006 6:34 pm EST

While my friends and I were on vacation in Acapulco, Mexico on October 2nd of this year, I attended a timeshare presentation. After a few hours of a " sales pitch" I decided not to purchase. Before I could leave I had to be interviewed by someone to be sure that I was treated properly by the salesman. At that point, a man named Carlos Ruiz, introduced me to a "vacation package" that included 12 weeks at the Myan Resorts, 10 weeks at resorts in the US and Europe, and an Alaskan Cruise. The cost was $4870 and $349 for my vacations at the Myan Resorts for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo. The other vacations were $ 199 for the same type condos.The cruise was $399 per person and a free airline ticket to the west coast. I was told all of the details would be sent to me in 3 weeks. I decided to purchase, however after thinking it over during the evening, I returned the next day to cancel. I was told that if I canceled, I would lose my down payment, which was my entire purchase price. I was then introduced to Martin Cavanaugh, the resort manager, who also refused to cancel my purchase.
After not hearing from the Great Vacations Club for one month, I called to inquire as to my package, which included the details of my purchase. I was told that I would be sent my package in the near future; however they provided me with an access number to visit the site.
Here is where the nightmare begins! There was virtually no availability, and the prices promised were nowhere to be found. The actual prices were not $349 as promised, but between $800 to $1200! The availability issued was discussed at the time of purchase and I was told by Mr. Cavanaugh that the language of "subject to availability" was necessary in case "during the peak seasons everyone wanted the same week". He promised that if I traveled in "off peak seasons" that I would never have a problem with accommodation. He lied on all accounts! There is no time when the units promised, at the prices promised, are available!
To anyone reading this, don't be fooled by the beauty of the resorts! Although they are wonderful, the GREAT VACATIONS CLUB IS A GREAT RIP OFF !

Update by Valerie
Nov 27, 2006 6:07 pm EST

In August 2005, my wife and I were mis-sold a Great Vacations Club holiday package at the Mayan Palace in Puerto Vallarta in Mexico; the cost was US$4,000. We were told that we would be able to find very good quality time share like property rentals and hotels at all times of the year including normal family holiday times. The first scam is that you do not get the access code until 30 days after you have signed up. This means that you cannot test the system until your rights to reject the contract have expired.

We continue to find that the Great Vacations Club availability is more than frustrating. Since we received the access code we have found it impossible to find any availability in many regions where we looked for a property rental. In summary, the system has such limited capacity, that it will be nigh impossible to ever get value for the US$4,000 that we now feel has been defrauded from us. Even in places, where there may have been some availability, the cost through Great Vacations Club is greater than booking direct with the property or through, Orbitz, and Expedia etc!

We have twice requested the refund of the $4000, which we feel has been defrauded from us through mis-selling, but GVC are now refusing to acknowledge the situation. We would strongly urge any unsuspecting clients to refrain from purchasing this vacation package.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Mar 15, 2016 5:00 pm EDT
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I also had a horrible experience with them. I've purchased my timeshare 3 years ago, and it's been impossible to get out. I was pressured to sign a contract, and i was also scammed, they never did what they promised. We must do whatever it's in our hands to put finish to those thieves!
I was looking for some information about this resort and all their scam tactics, and i've found these articles that have a lot of info
about them, take a look,

Mar 15, 2016 4:59 pm EDT
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I also had a horrible experience with them. I've purchased my timeshare 3 years ago, and it's been impossible to get out. I was pressured to sign a contract, and i was also scammed, they never did what they promised. We must do whatever it's in our hands to put finish to those thieves!
I was looking for some information about this resort and all their scam tactics, and i've found these articles that have a lot of info
about them, take a look:

Nov 20, 2013 10:59 am EST

Do NOT do the Mayan Palace Timeshare presentation! We tried to say no until we were so tired of it we agreed to a 90 minute presentation for $100 USD per couple and 10% off of our charges for the week. The 90 minutes became 150 minutes. Each time they were ready to let us leave a different person prevented us from leaving. Very rude and dishonest. I had to express anger at the fifth person before they showed us the door. This left a sour taste in our mouths for the last few days:

Jul 28, 2013 9:28 pm EDT

We were scammed in Mexico also. Don't know how people can look hard working people in the face and lie to them. They lie time after time. Please, those of you going to Mexico, they'll meet you in the airport and promise free car rental. You may get the free car, but, believe me, that 'free' car will end up costing you several thousand dollars unless you can keep saying, "NO". They won't let you leave. They are pros, they will wear you down. Just walk away when they first approach you. You'll be glad you did.

D. McGehee, Texas

Apr 10, 2013 12:18 pm EDT

My wife and I were also duped with gifts to come and see this timeshare scam. I kept asking for a guarantee or proof to everything they promised. They just kept double-talking and repeated themselves over and over again. After 5 hours, the price went from $90K to $9K and we bought (temporarily). Back at our hotel, I looked up the Grand Mayan and two days later we went back to cancel. They refused to let us cancel (which is illegal). They wanted us to make an appointment the morning before our flight left. I didn't have 5 hours to argue with them again so we sent an email cancellation from the hotel. I got home and sent a fax cancellation then sent a certified letter to the hotel. Finally they acknowledged my cancellation (within the 5 day period). I also contacted Profeco. Fortunately, I realized soon enough what a scam this place is. For your family's money- DO NOT BUY AT AT THE MAYAN. This is a forum with many angry Mayan Palace Timeshare owners:

Jul 20, 2010 8:45 pm EDT
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I too fell victim to this scam. I was in Cancun during 2005 with my teenage daughter. I was approached at my hotel to have breakfast and receive a gift if I sat for a presentation. I didn't know anything about timesharing at the time and I thought everything sounded so wonderful and worth the money they were asking $4, 000. Later, that day I begun to feel like I just made a mistake but was unsure of how to correct it. So, the two GVC representatives( Edgar Alarcon & Paul Ramirez) promised me all they had showed me and talked about would be waiting when I arrived home. The package arrived to my home and all there were was coupons for specific weeks. I was very upset and angry that I fell prey to a SCAM while on vacation. Please press for a Class Action.

Jul 17, 2009 11:16 am EDT

Man...please don't be fooled by Great Vacations Club. It should be called Nightmare Vacations Club! BAD BAD BAD!

My parents purchased this a few years back. Because it is so difficult to find a vacations where you want, they have only used it once, this year in Florida, at a stinky hotel (Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotel). THey have options for last minute certificates (which we can never find anything that we are looking for- NEVER) and they also have Resort & Regular week certificates, which are very expensive. A hotel in Hawaii costs about $900/week through Great Vacations Club, and if you go on any travel site it is $30-40/night for that same resort (I am talking about a 1-2 star hotel).

THIS IS A COMPLETE SCAM. I am never going to any timeshare presentations.

Jul 02, 2009 4:56 pm EDT

Ok, for all you folks out there who were "sold" on the idea that you could actually afford these over priced vacations by renting out your weeks (which the Grupo Mayan sales people promise you that will definitely happen, no problem, but then they make you sign a contract that says you are not buying with intent to rent! The way they talk out of both sides of their mouth boggles the vacationing mind, doesn't it?) I have some good news for you.

Recently, we were given the name of Gonzalez & Gonzalez law firm in Mexico. We contacted them via email. ([email protected]) They were able to handle our case, get our deposit money back and cancel our contract. All in a very short time, and they are VERY pleasant to deal with, very sympathetic.

Of course, now the resort or marketing company has someone on all these sites (pretending to be an unhappy customer) saying G&G is a scam and that they took their money and were never heard from again. NOT TRUE! You work with them through PayPal, not sending a personal check to some unknown Mexican location. And those reading this may think I am affiliated with them somehow. But I am not. I am just a satisfied customer wanting to help other victims out there and wanting to send these resort scam artists the message that we aren't all going to take their crap anymore!

So if you want to do something about your situation, please contact these folks. You will be so happy you did. We are!

Apr 05, 2009 2:42 am EDT

Apparently either people don't listen and understand the details, or they don't read before signing anything. Here is my family's POSITIVE experience with the Mayan resorts and experiences with timeshare presentations in general:

Our first encounter with Mayan was when we went to our honeymoon to the Grand Mayan Palace in Acapulco, Mexico, in 2001. Our presentation lasted 2 hours, the guy was Caucasian and very polite and took our "No Thank You" and gave us our vouchers we were promised.

Our second encounter with a timeshare (NOT Mayan) was a couple of years later in Mazatlan, Mexico. We bought and never used it. But because my husband is a Mexican citizen, we actually got Title and Deed for the property. It is all legit and legal.

Our third encounter with a timeshare presentation was again with the Mayan Palace, this time in Puerto Penasco, Mexico, as follows:

My husband and I had the pleasure of going to a Mayan Palace resort presentation in Puerto Penasco and were treated like royalty. We had a delicious meal in a gorgeous restaurant and were given a full's week pass to use the facilities for FREE the entire week we were visiting Penasco. We went everyday to use the pool and when my daughter fell and hit her nose in the pool, the security guards all ran to help her and carried her to the on-site doctor who checked her for FREE and gave her an ice pack. At our presentation, we did not feel "pressured" but my husband did haggle. We ended up buying a Jr. suite with an RCI membership and have since then used it many, many times without any problems. We have gone to the Mayan Palace in Acapulco (in the older, original resort) and absolutely LOVED it, as well as the Mayan in Mazatlan. We have also used the RCI services to go to Vegas twice and were privileged to have traded in our Mayan JUNIOR suite for a 1600 sq. ft., two bedroom, suite with two full kitchens, two full living rooms, two bathrooms, two jacuzzies and two king sized beds that slept 8 for only $189 for the upgrade for the full week just this past month.

Finding availability is always difficult if you wait too long. It's a well known fact among all seasoned timeshare owners that you need to plan your vacations a year in advance. However, using RCI, I have gotten suites in prime locations in only a week to a month's notice in Gold Crown (5 star) resorts. If that is not availability, then I don't know what is.

I'm sorry to read so many people having had such negative experiences, but I think a lot of them are due to the ignorance of the timeshare process. And in the Mayan's defense, these timeshare presentations, bait & switch, etc. etc. ALSO happen here in the U.S. in many resorts. We just came from one in Vegas. The only difference is, here in the U.S. you're lucky if you get a cold sandwich for the hours you've wasted with the many sales rep's they throw at you because they can't take no for an answer.

My best advice for everyone here is, do your RESEARCH before even attending a presentation! Those hundred dollar compensations they offer aren't worth the thousands you're going to pay for something you aren't going to use! LISTEN to the details and take your own notes or ask for the rep's notes and ask for his business card. READ before you sign anything!

People get scammed for lack of knowledge.

Feb 02, 2009 1:57 pm EST

Shell Vacations Club is a RIP OFF.

We need more people to stand up together and get stronger. shell vacation victim please join my communite forum at

Why would someone pay $400 a night with Shell Vacations Club points when you can stay at the same Hotel for $150 by booking with Expedia or other website. The economy is in real bad shape and we should let current owner NOT TO PURCHASE MORE POINTS AND MAKE SURE OTHER PEOPLE DO NOT GET SCAMMED ON THIS RIP OFF.
Do not get fooled by FAKE positve comments made by Shell Vacations employees. Read what current pissed owners have to say about.

Avoid the Thrifty Car Rental at all costs. The Thrifty Car Rental in Puerto Vallarta has increased prices of their car rentals as much as $200.00 (U.S.A. dollars). Thrifty Car Rental has also partnered with the con artists at the Mayan Palace.

The system is as follows:

When you pick up your car from Thrifty Car Rental in Puerto Vallarta, a Thrift representative tells you that if you go to the Mayan Palace Time Share “presentation, ” you will get a $200.00 (U.S.A. dollars) refund on your car rental. The next day you drive your Thrifty Car Rental car to the Mayan Palace time share presentation. The presentation is extremely unprofessional. The sales reps lie to you about everything, draw on paper, refuse to let you keep the paper, refuse to give you a full tour, and refuse any requests you might have to “think about it” alone for more than five minutes. The Mayan Palace sales pitch is a Chinese box in which more and more sales reps appear for each time you say, “no thanks” or “I’ll have to think about it for a few days.” The sales reps become increasingly aggressive. The sales reps bring you into rooms and demanding you to give them at least $4000.00 (U.S.A. dollars). If you say "no, " another sales rep steps in. They try to keep you in offices for up to six hours. If you drove your car to the Mayan palace, they insist on valet parking, so if you try to leave it is very difficult getting your car back. Even if you say “no” and walk out without spending a dime, you have lost a day in a Mayan Palace prison.

Note: I said “no” and after six hours was “gifted” by the Mayan Palace. They gave me the equivalent in $200.00 (U.S.A. dollars), but in such a way that it would never be associated with Thrifty Car Rental.

Sep 28, 2008 9:35 pm EDT

I have the same bad experience and i would like to do a class action lawsuit, if anyone is interested please let me know, we all should stop this from happening again and again!
monica Mingote
[email protected]

Aug 24, 2008 6:18 pm EDT

My experience is much the same as above, but I guess I am the lucky one. I did not buy anything. We booked a 6 day / 5 night stay at the Mayan Palace in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico. We booked thinking it was a regular resort/hotel. We had originally found it on Expedia with no rooms available, so through Internet research, I found it listed as a Wyndham resort and booked for our honeymoon. When we arrived, the resort was beautiful. The staff was excellent and the food was spectacular. We arrived on Monday August 18, 2008 and enjoyed a fabulaous night. On Tuesday morning, a hostess called and offered us a welcome package at the front counter. We appreciated the offer, but we decided to stay in bed. Later the phone rang again from the hostess asking if we were still interested and she would bring it by our room. Becky arrived later and delivered a map of the facility, a map of the Puerto Penasco area and a list of restaraunts. This also included hours things were open.

On the way out, she mentioned that if we wanted, we could get free breakfast, a 10% discount on all room charges, a $50 room credit and half price massages if we would sit in on a 90 minutes timeshare presentation. She specifically mentioned it was no more than 90 minutes and half of that was breakfast. She said it was "your honeymoon, and they did not want to waste our time."

We were interested in seeing more of the resort and free breakfast is always good. We scheduled for Wednesday morning. We were supposed to be called when they were ready for us, and the call never came, so we started walking around to figure out what we needed to do. Come to find out, we were not put on some list, but "they could fit us in." Shortly after, we were introduced to Flor. We went through an interview process before breakfast to get her squared away on her sales techniques. Before we could go to breakfast, a sales manager asked a few questions and commented on how lucky we were to get this opportunity, because they do not usually work with non-owners. They did not come out and say these things, but I invest in Real Estate, and I could read their techniques.

After the interview process, we skipped the tour and went right to breakfast. We were there for 30-45 minutes. Flor was very interesting too talk to, and we did not talk about purchasing anything. She did mention that hostesses were paid $25 to get guests to the presentation, so we were just $25 to them and we should not believe what the hostess may have said. Other than that comment, it was enjoyable.

After breakfast, we loaded into a van and headed to the sales center. We walked to her sales table with all of her materials laid out. She quickly walked us through all of the models of the other Mayan resorts with a history of each. She then gave us a tour of the models of the Grand Mayan they were starting to build.

Now the sales began. She walked us through the numbers of what a vacation would cost us, being very careful not to lose us in the numbers (another real estate technique) and then compared those to buying a Mayan membership. We did not haggle much. She quickly dropped the price for a Mayan Regency 1 bedroom unit from $34, 000 to $21, 000 and they would pay all taxes and closing cost. Of course she explained the exchange process and fees. All maintenance fees only had to be paid if the weeks were used. The deal sounded good, but we just were not sold. She had also mentioned that a 4 lane freeway from the US border to their resort was going to be completed in the next 12 months and a fully functional international airport was to be completed in the next 15 months. I found both of these very hard to believe. When I asked more about these completion timelines, I got vague answers at best.

After my wife and I talked, we were just too skeptical to continue forward. When we refused to move forward, another sales manager came to discuss the numbers with us and when we turned down the deals he presented, he started to get upset and take stabs at how we acted like we could not afford it and made comments that showed his frustration towards us saying we were not interested.

After a few minutes of listening to both of them throw offers and lower downpayments and increase weeks, golf discounts and other perks, we were ushered to a guy who wanted to know about our experience. It started off with 4 or 5 questions about our sales people, but he quickly jumped into another round of sales where the terms started higher than the previous 2 individuals. When we straightened him out of the last offers, he started offering weeks instead of full memberships. With each "no", the deals got better on both price and perks with continual comments how he works for the owner. After enough "no's", he gave up and his manager had to sign off on his efforts. I thought this was interesting, because he works for the owner. Why did he have to have his efforts approved?

When his manager arrived, it started all over again. By this time I was getting upset. We were coming up on 5 hours of breakfast, sales, more sales, even more sales and this was our honeymoon. I completely shut this guy down. He even went as low in price as to offer us 6 weeks for a $100 downpayment. I was so tired of the whole ordeal, I said no to it all. I told my wife and others later that they could have paid me to come to their resorts again and I would have told them no. The final guy got tired of NO, and with a look of frustration and disgust, showed us to to the front counter for our gifts and off to the hotel we went.

They did honor their gifts, and the rest of our stay was hassel free and as fantastic as we had hoped.

During the remainder of our stay, we talked with other members who shared similar experiences. Current members also commented how on each stay they were pressured into upgrading, or buying more time. One lady my wife talked to said her husband was very updset at the comments they were making at their personal financial situation when they would not upgrade.

After doing some research, I am very glad that we did not purchase anything while there. They kept telling us this was a 1 time offer and they could not do business with us again. That alone scared me off. What legitimate business will say such a thing and not allow any sort of offer/counter offer to be allowed? Also, if I walked in to the Mayan Palace tomorrow with $50, 000 cash, do you think they would send me away? I held on to the old saying "If it is too good to be true, it probably is!"

I am very glad I held my guns. My apologies to anyone who is regretting their decsions to buy and my warnings to anyone who may be traveling to a Mayan Resort. If you want the perks of taking part in the presentation, go and have fun with the sales people and work a deal and watch yourself ruin their day when you Keep Saying "NO", but by all means, leave your credit cards, cash and checkbooks in your pocket. Do Not Buy anything from these sales people.

May 13, 2008 8:34 pm EDT

my husband and I were down at the riviera in 2007 for our thanksgiving vacation. We absolutely loved it. We went into the sales room and got an owners update. They are growin so quickly. Grupo Mayan is defintiely not scammig anyone with their resorts. we made friends with a couple that had just bought at the resort and they wanted to cancel because they hadread online many negative things about grupo mayan. If it were not for us (we have been owners for 8 years) and the positive experience we had with the group, they would have canleled the sale. Grupo Mayans illegal and unethica sales tactics, are sometimes just excuses for people that realize they can not afford what they purchased in mexico. I love goin to the resort and my children love it to. Our salesman told us the contract was renewable four times, which we did not know. We are not happy that even our GRANDCHILDREN will be going to beautiful resorts...and we only had to pay once.

Apr 19, 2008 8:07 pm EDT

wow, this all sounds so familiar! we just back from Cancun. When we arrived a week ago, a guy named Arturo grabbed us as we left the airport and presented a great deal - free tickets to Tulum, and half price tickets for Escaret and Chichen Itza. My husband was suspicious, but I'm more trusting, and we paid $185 for the deal. The next day we went to the breakfast at the Grand Mayan - same as everyone above. We were pressure intensely by person after person - first salespeople, then arrogant, assholish salesmanagers, then (allegedly) the developers, and including one of the family that owns the resorts. I was getting more and more suspicious by the fact that (1) they wanted us to make a decision on the spot, (2) they would not give us anything to read and think about, (3) I told the salesguy about a person who might be interested and asked for his card three times, and he would not give it to me. At this point I was sure it was a fraud, and started to get angry. I said we wanted the tickets we had paid for, which they kept calling "gifts" - very manipulative. If we pay, it's not a gift. I said I felt like we were being held prisoners and that I was getting angry. Finally we got up and went to the ticket desk to get our tickets, and actually got them. Amazingly, we went on all three trips, even trading Chichen Itza for Isla Mujeres; at about $30 per person per trip, I think we even managed to get a deal. I'm so sorry to hear that other people have had much worse experiences than ours. When a product is good, and real, it holds up. The salespeople don't have to badger you, and beg you, and act desperate and lower their prices, and hound you to make a decision on the spot, and not give you time to think or anything to read. These are all signs of a scam. Good luck to everyone getting your money back, or some form of redress. If Cancun wants to continue to grow as a resort, they should really crack down on this disgusting practice.

Mar 11, 2008 12:52 pm EDT

Having read this site I feel very fortunate to have NOT bought into this "fractional ownership" scheme near Playa del Carmen. We were there last week and looking for info about going to Xcaret and saw guys in booths along 5th Avenue advertising many places in the area. First we were told he had a deal for us. We could go 2 for one. My husband suspected it was a scam. He resisted and pretty soon we could go to Xcaret for free, get a bottle of booze and a beach bag IF we'd listen to a 90 minute presentation. My husband asked if it was a timeshare deal. Herbert said yes, but just 90 minutes long and just 15 minutes away. We know lots of people who have listened to these presentations. Some buy in, most do not. The next day was supposed to be cool and overcast, so we took the offer of a free breakfast and listening to the prsentation. First off the place was a good half hour away, not 15 minutes. Yes, the 90 minute talk turned into 4 hours. We had a nice buffet breakfast with Steve and Hector (a trainee). We were shown the 2 bedroom units available. Then we were taking to an enormous, noisy sales room with tables of sales reps and dozens of other tourists. After chatting with and turning down the offers from Steve on buying in and all the fabulous money we could make by renting our unused spare room to others he brought over a manager named Dallas who was more forceful and tried to explain what a big mistake we were making. We still said no, it was not for us. Dallas said we would be spending the same money on vacations anyway. Why not buy? There was something in there about 25 years' ownership. It wasn't hard to calculate that I'd be 86 by then and probably long past being interested in sitting in the sun in a foreign country. My husband told him he doubted that all these vacation properties were worthwhile investments for these times. Dallas, of course, told my husband he was foolish and totally wrong. My brain was beginning to go into the dead zone from listening to figures, reading figures, that were magically changing on paper as time went by. $169,000 became $129,000 after we said no. Then that became $69,000 and finally $29,000. They kept offering one bedroom, then two bedrooms but we could rent the extra out for income, and other options that became more dizzying. Dallas went away in disgust finally and sent over young J. Raul who offered us a series of vacation options in other places that we totally did not understand. He did not explain them well and we wisely said no again. My husband is an engineer. He thinks differently from the way I do, but he too was getting very confused. I finally excused myself to the restroom while my husband continued to politely listen to J. Raul. I regained some sanity by walking away for those few minutes, went back to that very noisy sales area where dozens of vacationers were being tortured by representatives, stood next to J. Raul, took a deep breath and announced that I was all done listening to him and wanted to go back to my vacation, NOW. I would not sit down again. So he said he would take us to another area. He asked if we'd received our gifts. Both my husband and I said no, we had not. J. Raul was walking ahead and facing the other direction and didn't hear either of us. So he turned back and asked again "You DID get gifts?" We both answered no we had not. Again he stopped, "you did or did not?" I again said No, we did not get gifts! I said this only slightly louder because he hadn't heard us the first two times and the room was noisy. Maybe he has a hearing problem! He quickly turned on me and and said "Don't raise your voice to me! I will get you your gifts, but you DO NOT raise your voice to me!" What the heck? I'm probably older than his mom! I'm a quickly fading potential customer! All I can think is that poor J. Raul gets yelled at a lot by desperately tired people who just want to be released from this Hell. He then took us to an area where an older man pretended to be interviewing us about whether we had been treated well by the previous folks. He also asked if we remembered the varoius offers we'd been given and we told him all the numbers that had changed as time went by When he asked about J. Raul and his offers of whatever it was he was offering us we honestly answered that we had no idea what he'd been talking about. This older man twice said he'd get us our transportation back to town real soon. He went over the "gifts" we were to receive. By now the list which had been passed from person to person and rewritten had been shortened to just the Xcaret tickets. But they were not yet ready to release us. Now another guy was delivered to us. I can't remember his name but he is a recent karate championship winner in Europe. I asked if that was supposed to scare us. Ha, ha. Guess they'd heard that before as nobody smiled. He then went into an explanation of still another option where we could get a 7 day Alaskan Cruise and other trips for a fraction of their price with membership in something. I just kept repeating that I'd heard too many numbers, I couldn't think anymore, and I could no longer process any information. My husband said the same thing. We were going brain dead. So many numbers, so many confusing offers. Our day was slipping away. Fortunately we both still hung onto enough sanity to know that with this much pressure on us to make a decision TODAY, it had to be a bad idea. Geez, we had no way to comparison shop! We comparison shop to buy a refrigerator or a car. Why not something with this sort of price tag? Every time the karate champion asked us a question I kept up the same mantra, I can't understand this. I can't think about anything anymore. FINALLY, they let us go. Took us to the "gift desk". We were given a paper slip that looked much like a cash register receipt where my husband's name was handwritten onto it and in handwriting the fellow wrote that we had tickets for Xcaret Plus. We told him about the other gifts we'd been offered by the Herbert at the "sucker" booth on 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen. He said we'd have to take that up with Herbert. We waited outside for a very long time to get our ride back to Playa del Carmen. I was nearly in tears from exhaustion and brain drain. Oh, but here is the good part: We went to Xcaret the next day and were told we had a worthless piece of paper. We needed something printed from a computer. If we wanted $99 tickets to get in, then we had to give them $99 each. Which we finally had to do because this was a place we wanted to go. So not only did we lose a half day of our 5 day vacation, we got nothing but free breakfast! I had the phone number of the fellow who first promised those tickets back in Playa. I called Herbert the night before we left Playa and he said he didn't understand what happened, but he would call his supervisor. I gave him our hotel name and room number. Neither my husband nor I was surprised that we never heard back from Herbert. If you go to Playa do not get info about Xcaret or Chichen Itza or anywhere else from guys standing at small tables along 5th Avenue in Playa. They will suddenly have a great deal for you if you will spend "just 90 minutes" touring at Grand Mayan. (If you want to go to Xcaret from Playa, just take a cab for $10 and go).

Mar 03, 2008 1:54 pm EST

We are currently having the same problem. We closed on December 12, 2007. We are still waiting for the website passwords for the locations. We have not received the initial membership application and enrollment package either. This is now the 2nd of March 2008. The phone lines weren't being picked up. The website for the Great Vacations Club now does not exist. I would also like to be involved with the Class Action Lawsuit. We bought a package for $5000.00

Please let us know who is heading this. If now I have the resources to find a law firm which maybe helpful.


Feb 26, 2008 11:58 am EST

Christmas 2007, we got suckered in to buying a package. When arriving home, I googled the company and my heart sank. I was ripped off.

I took advise from this web page and others. I contacted the company and told the rep that I was cancelling my package. When asked why, I told them the truth, they are nothing but a scam and I will stop at nothing to get my money back.

I then sent an email to the company and the rep I bought it from. I told them the same thing. I also told them the date on the contract was wrong because the five days to cancel are 5 working days, not calendar days. I hinted that I started a file with the credit card company, drafted a letter to the Mexican consumer Department and how with internet, I could reach virtually millions of people. I also hinted that I would also start a campaign against the hotel for allowing this to happen there.

It was actually the 6th working day after I signed the contract. I did not expect to get my money back. Without any correspondance, my credit card was credited the $6000 I paid.

I think I was very lucky. Good luck to everyone else getting there money back.

Jan 10, 2008 8:24 pm EST

My sister purchased a GVC plan through the mayan resorts a while ago after all of us lost a half a day of vacation due to the horrifying time share pitch. She gave me a week to use a certificate because they are expiring. So I find a resort in cozumel that I wanted to go to that was available. I go to reserve the resort through the GVC website and the dates are incorrect. I call to get someone to help change the dates for me and they absolutely refuse. Both Darlene and Paco from GVC told me that because I had booked the reservation online myself that there was nothing that could be done, but had I booked the reservation by phone with them that they would be able to help me. Now they won't cancel the reservation and expect me to pay hundreds of dollars for a vacation I cannot take due to the dates. I am being punished for using the website. In order to make us happy all they had to do was change the dates of our reservation, is that really too much to ask? They also say that unless I pay the fee for this reservation then the rest of the certificates that my sister has cannot be used. I never want to travel to Mexico again thanks to these people. They are so horrible. Do not purchase this plan and if you have, do not book through the website (that is if you find anything available to book)! Turns out my trip could have been booked for the same amount of money through AAA. What a scam!

Jan 02, 2008 12:19 pm EST

Grupo Mayan, GVC, Great Vacation Club, Grand Mayan, Mayan Palace, Nuevo Vallarta.

I visited the Mayan Group of Hotels in Nuevo Vallarta the week of November 18, 2007. The complex is made up of 3 Mayan Hotels, residences and a golf course. The complex is defiantly first class, friendly helpful staff, comfortable beds and excellent food. It was one of the more relaxing holidays that I have spent in a long time. I give the resort top grade.

But, and a big but, I made the unfortunate decision of signing up for a tour of the complex with the Mayan time share sales group. We wanted to see the other parts of the complex and what they had to offer as were thinking of purchasing in the area. The promised 90 minute tour began to approach 5 hours and after 3 sales pitches we were shuttled off to the exit sales pitch which I told was an exit interview. We were presented with a teaser package of 9 weeks of which 5 could be Mayan Hotels including 1 week at the Grand Mayan.

We purchased the Bronze package from Simon Roff at The Grand Mayan Nuevo Vallarta, who told me that he was a representative of Grupo Mayan, on Nov 19, 2007. The reason why we bought the package is because we were told by Simon Roff it offered one week at the Grand Mayan as an owner and one week in the Mayan Palace February 9th through Feb 23, 2008. We were also told we could upgrade to Grand Mayan for the second week if we went to a short update presentation. It also included 4 other weeks at other resorts, a golf card that we can use at Mayan resorts and a travel voucher for $800 He wrote this down on notepaper as we talked which I photographed with my cell camera when he got up to check something. This paper mysteriously disappeared when we were getting the contracts prepared. I asked him to reserve both those weeks for me and was told that he could not do that until I received the package in the mail. I asked him to check inventory and he said that it wasn't necessary as there was all kinds of inventory during that time period.

When I returned to Calgary and received the package in the next couple of weeks, I tried to book several times and was told that first of all, the package did not include Grand Mayan and that there was no inventory in any Mayan resort for those weeks. I checked the RCI website, and as of that date could book Grand Mayan and any Mayan through RCI both on a last minute deal and booking for the dates that I wanted but GVC does not have any inventory. How can this be?

This Bait and Switch technique may be acceptable in Mexico with GVC (Great Vacations Club) and Grupo Mayan sales people, most of whom are expats, but it is certainly not acceptable to the clients that are coming down from North America and Europe. Especially with an organization such as Grupo Mayan who are trying to market high end pricy Vacation Packages that you would expect to have a higher standard of ethics.

I have no use for another time share package such as GVC as I already have aprox 175,000 points per year in Interval and RCI. I can get all the last minute deals and bookings that I want through those organizations in fact the visit to the Mayan was purchased on such a last minute deal. There is an enforced 1 booking in 5 years for the Mayan group of hotels through RCI. This promotional deal is offered to get as many RCI people through their sales pitch as possible. The only reason for me to purchase this package at the time was to come back on those dates and stay at the Grand Mayan with the idea of making a purchasing decision on either a permanent residence in the complex or a longer term condo in the future.

After finding out that I had been taken for a ride, I spoke with Simon Roff, the exit package salesman that sold us the bill of goods. He refused to admit that he lied to us about the package and was quite rude about it. I tried to call Bruce Thompson, the sales manager for this program and was transferred to Luis Chabero who at least appeared to try to find a solution. Then he asked me to put my issues in writing to him and he would get it solved. He then gave me a false email address to send it to. I waited a few days for a response. Nothing, I then spoke to an assistant manager "Drew" who said that "he would get the Ball rolling" then hung up without getting my information. "Get the ball rolling" on what I ask. Then a few days latter I finally was able to speak to Brian Thompson, the sales manager for this area on Dec 16/07. I explained the events that lead up to my purchase and all he could say was that Simon would never say these things and to tell me that there is never any inventory in February then he promptly hung up on me. This is not the way that a professional in an organization behaves. This is also in spite of having a picture of the notes that Simon wrote which is proof of the lies.

I then sent this letter by email to Grupo Mayan as well as Great Vacations Club. There was no response from Grupo Mayan but I did get a call from GVC. Paco Robless, from reservations was very polite and appeared helpful in trying to solve the situation but in the end after not returning calls when he said he would and then finally telling me that he could not help me and that I should wait and book in 2009. That was the last straw. Now it is not the wasted money, nor is it having to tell the kids dad didn’t book in time to get the promised winter break vacation, now it is the principal of the matter and has left an extremely bad taste in my mouth.

I guess that I was naive enough to think that a world class resort company such as the Grupo Mayan, the company that developed and runs the Mayan Hotels, would not stoop to these deceptive bait and switch tactics and blatant lies in order to deepen their pockets. I guess I should not be surprised in this corporate greed trickling down through the ranks of their staff to the sales people on the floor. It seems that this attitude has invaded numerous people in the organization as we have not received help from anyone that we talked to. We have seen amoral events such as WorldCom and Enron exposed and it seems that the business world is awash in unethical practices generated by greed. It is a sad state of affairs.

So go and enjoy the Mayan Group of Hotels on your 1 week trade or last minute deal. It is certainly one of the better choices in Mexico. But stay away from the unethical sales people from Grupo Mayan. They may be charming, they may even be from your home town but they are defiantly not your friend. I do not believe that I will never set foot again in a Mayan resort except maybe to pay the sales group a visit during one of their presentations and explain to everyone that will listen to me what they have done.

Dec 29, 2007 12:31 pm EST

So without reading all the blogs, is there any satisfaction for me who bought the vacations club package and have never found anything to be as represented?

Dec 13, 2007 10:49 am EST


Dec 13, 2007 9:47 am EST

Update to my earlier post: My complaint with Great Vacations Club has been resolved to my satisfaction.

Dec 11, 2007 8:29 am EST

I am in cancun right now and went through the same process while attending the presentation at Mayan Palace here. we too were approached at the airport and attended the presentation on 5 Dec 2007. Like many others after rejecting all the options we were made an offer for 20 weeks at 4900 with 349/199 deal for 5 years and after much denying we finally took the deal having lost whole day there and fatigued by the presentation. yesterday i thought of researching on the matter and have lost sleep having read all the reviews on the net, i too feel that i have been duped. I was not aware of Mexican law of canceling within 5 day period. the rep there specifically had it mentioned that cancellation of deal would lead to no refunds, which at the time i thought i wouldn't anyways do coz it seemed a good deal. I have tried contacting my credit company but cant get through to them will get in touch with them when i head home tomorrow and check if they can with old the money. I WILL ALSO CONTACT THE SALES REP TODAY AND CHECK WITH HIM REGARDING WHAT HE HAS TO SAY.

My advise to all the readers don't attend any any timeshare presentation if you do just say firm NO to the first question they ask regarding being interested and stay firm on that.

GOOD LUCK TO all others and stay away.

Dec 10, 2007 6:11 pm EST

After being beat up at a timeshare presentation in mid October 2007 my wife and I got coerced into buying a GVC vacation package. I will not go into the details as everything that is written on all the other sites about the crooked company is true. We looked it up on the web right after we agreed to purchase and have been trying to cancel and get a refund ever since. We have made 3 requests via email since this is one of their prescribed methods for communication and have not had a reply message yet. I have asked American Express to not honor the charge. Here is a link to some info that is all true

Whatever you do not fall victim to the sales slim that works for this company

Nov 29, 2007 3:36 pm EST

We have the same problem. GVC is a scam. We purchased this in July 2006 after turning down everything else they tried to sell us. We were made all kinds of promises. We were told that we could choose anywhere at anytime for 199 or 349 and it wouldn't matter the size of the room, could be up to 3 bedrooms all for the same price.

We tried to use it in the summer of 2007 but couldn't find anything available but at that time we didn't think much of it.

We've been trying to use it for the past month trying to book a vacation during Christmas. Nothing anywhere in the entire list of places is available. I started to realize something wasn't right and over Thanksgiving break my two sons and I went on three different computers and tried to book on any and every destination listed throughout the world. Not one place was available.

What made me finally realize this really is a scam is I called one of the resorts directly. They said they had rooms available but we were not able to use the $199 certificate during holidays. I told her we wanted to use one of our other certificates without restrictions and she told us they were not allowed to accept any other certificate and we had to call GVC directly. We talked about timeshares and I asked her if we bought a timeshare were there rooms available that week in the MAyan resorts and she said yes.

When I called GVC right after that they said no rooms were available.

As a test I put in some dates that I knew would not be busy and just a few places came up and they were more than double the cost of what is on the certificates and for just one bedroom. So what they promise at the sales meeting about getting a week for 199 or 349 is another lie.

We spent 4800 in good faith and I am now going to every outlet that I can think of to warn people to steer clear of this scam.

Nov 26, 2007 10:34 pm EST

Thank you thank you thank you to Trip Advisor. I bought into the Great Vacations Club for $2500 for all of the same reasons listed above -- was at a time-share presentation at the Grupo Mayan in Mazatlan. My friend who was with me asked about the rescission period, and we were told by Mexican law it was 5 days. On the 5th day we decided to check out what was available at an internet cafe and I immediately came across the postings on Trip Advisor warning about the scam. We went directly to the hotel where I had bought it and told them we wanted to rescind. They were actually terrific, didn't argue with us but reversed the charges with Bank of America and cancelled the membership. It all took about 20 minutes. I can only think the negative attention they have been getting worked, and I thank all of you who shared your experiences so that I didn't have to make the same mistake. Other than that my trip to Mexico was wonderful, and the time-share sales experience taught me a lot.

Oct 09, 2007 2:25 pm EDT

Beware of the Grupo Mayan fraud! I will keep this brief as I am doing a major search on the Grupo Mayan Frauds and am going to pursue this with all the effort I can apply!

After wasting almost an entire day of my vacation trying to get out of the new Grupo Mayan Resort in Plaza Del Carmen without succumbing to the "Gestapo Sales Tactics", my wife and I were so upset it almost ruined our entire vacation. Suffice it to say they took over 6 hours of our day from start to finish, not including the time for the initial "sales pitch" and lies from the moment we got into the Cozumel Airport. We waived all the "free gifts" just to get out of the place and had to go through no less than 8 people - four of which kept trying to "sell us"!

Statements border lining on actual threats were made and a couple of times I actually feared for our physical safety during the time of the so-called "presentation". One sales manager actually said "the fastest way for you to get out of here is to just give us your credit card number and pay" Also as I carefully read over the closure "release" stating that I refused to purchase anything from them he also said "be careful because there's a carbon copy agreement underneath". I was also threatened that they had incurred "costs" to present this to us, as if we were somehow under an obligation of some sort.
In all honesty, I am a fairly competent communicator and am very strong in my decision making processes, clarity in speech, and business practices and I was to the point wherein I said "If you don't let me leave I am going to get up and walk out of here myself". I actually felt extremely intimidated and scared for my wife and my own safety.


I was so relieved to have gotten out of there without spending any money! BEWARE Mexico Vacationers.

In closing I would like to say that this should not reflect on the Mexican people or Mexico in general - we love the area and the people.

Sep 16, 2007 10:15 pm EDT

our complaint start's that when we crossed the border we we approached by a person and asked us if we wanted to participate in a presentation that would take only 45 min's of our time asked for 20 dollar's said that would feed his family that how he make's his living working to get people to go see the mayan palace to tstay there which is a beautifull place to stay bettere that playa bonita and other resort's in rocky point they did picked us up at our hotel had to walk a few block's because they could not drive thru the gate a van drove us to a office and asked us for all our document's we agreed and they drove us to mayan palace was nice had the presentation but took 5 hour's took most of our vacation time when we could of had a better time other places so they were very puchy and told them we could not acept thier offer at this time we went thru 5 other person's trying to convince us in buying propertie when we fianalyy said no they made an offer and told us well you can get this packaged great vacation club package so we agreed they took money from our credit card and promised us a free pass to use all the facility's they have at the mayan it was all ready late we did not have our car they had piced us up they told us do worry you can use them tomorow the beach and all the facilitie's we showed you they will have your name's that you bought the great vacation club packaged we got there the next day and would not let us use any of them we told them we were here and bought this packaged they told us we had to leave it was for member's only when we went to the place where we had bought the packaged it was a different staff and told us they did not know who we were talking about and when we got back to the state's we checked our bank account and more money was drafted form it with out our knowledged it was not fair that we purchased this great packaged they said it was going to be great and could not use the weight room sauna or any other facilitie's or even the pool or be at the beach be carefull about this scam don't let it happen to you we are working on getting our money back hope we do
vacation gone bad probably can't stay at the mayan if we had paid the 2800 dollar's they wanted

Aug 31, 2007 12:24 pm EDT

I may be in a minority but I have been happy with my GVC package. I had a three year package and have used it to book six vacations. Three were at $199 and the other three were from $249 to $449. I know that I have saved at a minimum 50% for three vacations and at least 75% for the last minute $199 weeks. I think the reason it works for me is that we book vacations at the last minute, within one to two months of when we want to go, are flexible in terms of where we will go, we are willing to stay at older resorts and usually travel in the off season. Our last trip was the second week of August to Cabo San Lucas. For $449, we had a one bedroom 2 bathroom oceanview suite with a wrap around balcony and unobstructed view of the Pacific ocean. It was just fabulous and clearly a bargain for what we paid. With the cost of the package factored in, I have clearly saved money. It will expire next June and I expect we will save on at least one or two more vacation weeks clearly making the package a wise purchase.

Aug 01, 2007 5:21 pm EDT

- First, I much say to thank very much to all of you that posted your story in this web-site. My story likely the same as Jason at Mayan Resorts in Puerto Vallarta above but my location is in Cabo San Lucas, Mayan Resource.

- I just got a trip in Cabo San Lucas on July 2007, attended Mayan Resorts timeshare... After I get out of all sells person in upstairs and starting to walk down and then a local guy from Great Vacation Club asking for a survey why I don't buy, and then he offered a packet with 6,900 with free a trip in Cancun, free air ticket ... what he said " it is a direct with Mayan Resorts" and I did bargain with them, they discounted to 4,000... keep bargain how much the price can go and final price is $2,000 include a trip to Cancun, free air ticket ... I was spent there almost 6 hours with beat up pressured on my mind at that time with no lunch, hungry and got headache and got hallucination. They hand out a form for me to initial and sign on the bottom of the contract. But when I look quickly over the contact, it is not exactly what they said, and I talked with them I could not sign it, then they give me only 30 seconds to make decision on it and use this to pressure me.

- I still see something inconsistent in their words and also (too good to be true) but I some how i still like to buy it, as since the packet upstairs from $ 49,000, down to $33,000 .. $11,000... $9,900 and now from down stair with GVC with the price $6,900... $4,000..., $2,900 and final price is $2,000.

- Finally, I don't know why I did say NO at that time and walk out of the door without talking a word (That is so lucky for me.) and they give me back money for taxi and gift as they promised.

- When I m back to California, I'm still thinking about should I buy it or not at that time. And don't even know if it is scam or not because they gave me back money for taxi and gift at front office. I made my decision to search on internet and found out a great helpful message on this board and find out the true of sale person at Mayan Resorts in Mexico. Again, Thank very much for all of you had posted your message and shared it to people. God bless you all.

Jul 31, 2007 1:37 pm EDT

On June 23rd 2007, I signed up for the Great Vacations Club because I was told, I could renew my membership for 25 years. I understood that every 5 years I would have to renew for about $399 for the next 5 years. However, when I received my packet, there was nothing in it stating 25 years, so I called customer service and they stated there were NO 25 year memberships. They only had 10 years. I was furious. I sent them an email canceling my membership and and sent back my entire packet. A few days later I received a phone call from the Mexican affiliate wanting to know why I returned my packet and wanted to cancel my membership... and I again explained about the 25 years. I told the guy that both my sisters were present at the presentation and that I was just plain lied to and it wouldn't have mattered if they gave me 10 cruises and a 1000 other perks... I had signed up for the 25 year membership NOT 10. The guy then said he would get back to me in a couple of days and he did... he told me "he would not cancel my membership and if I wanted to take him to court, then that's what I would have to do...

I'm sure this isn't going to help people that have already signed up and found out it was a scam... but at least you'll know you're not alone!

Jul 24, 2007 9:57 pm EDT

We too were fraudulently scammed. We made such a mistake believing Mayan Resorts that the timeshare would pay for itself either by donating the weeks as tax write-offs or by renting the weeks out. We have disputed charges and are complaining to every consumer protection agency I can in both the US and in Mexico.

If anyone knows of an attorney that can help us, please respond via email.

Jul 08, 2007 1:15 am EDT

After 4 hours of sales and a beautiful hotel in Puerto Vallarta, I fell for the GVC scam. I have sheets from the sales person telling me I could go to any Mayan property or associated property for $199/$349. It seemed like a great way to get into timeshares and try it out with a lower entry fee of $6,000. I worked through all the math with the sales person on cost making sure it was something valuable when including the 'membership' fee. After 2 days, I changed my mind and went back to the hotel in Puerto Vallarta requesting a cancellation. The sales team told me it was impossible to cancel. My girlfriend with me started crying figuring that we had been scammed. The sales person walked away and came back with a different contract and saying the best they could do was refund $2,000 and change the membership to gold. If we didn't like it, we would have to travel to central Mexico to contest it in court. I got the refund, came home and found out I was completely defrauded. I found all these post about Mayan and GVC. After I received my package, I logged in and realized there were almost no hotels at $199/$349. The sales person had pitched me several times that I could stay at a Mayan in any size room for $199, but when I logged into GVC, anything other than the low end hotel size rooms were far more expensive. That is when I realized how far I had been duped. I also realize now that the Mayan broke Mexican law and should have honored my request to cancel. I've filed complaints with the Mexican government consumer affairs and have started working with Bank of America. I've made several attempts to contact Grupo Mayan and they have little interest in helping me. I'm also starting with Bank of America to see if I can get Grupo Mayan incapable of processing Mastercard and Visa request. If everyone complains about the fraud, it is likely they will be unable to process credit cards and won't be able to manage their fraudulent business any longer.

Jun 29, 2007 1:56 pm EDT

Do not fall for this scam when visit Mexico, do not take presentations no matter what they offer...

May 20, 2007 3:18 pm EDT

Can't believe i did it! i'm a ph. d. professor, retired--maybe that's why! My financially astute and very successful brother in law who was with us was totally appalled and tried to talk me out of the great vacations purchase.

On april 21,2007, i purchased a great vacation package for $6000. Today, may 20, i tried to log in to the gvc site--"no pages found" at 5:05pm sunday. I started searching other possible sites and came across this one.

Tomorrow, monday, i will start trying to get my money back--it already sounds fruitless. I'm willing to join in a class action suit.

By the way, i bought the package at the puerto vallarto mayan palace.

Apr 25, 2007 11:35 am EDT

Following up on the message regarding a class action suit:

My cancellation is still pending. One thing that I was lucky enough to come away from our sales presentation with was a napkin a salesperson had written on where he had written to the effect that we had waived our five day cancellation period. I'm wondering if this might be helpful to any legal action that is pending.

We were at the Mayan Palace Riviera Maya the week of the 16th of April, 2007.

Apr 19, 2007 12:37 pm EDT

There are lots of sites out there with complaints, but Mayan Resorts people are playing hard ball. Several sites have been shut down in recent weeks by what I assume is the threat of legal action.

There was a class action suit in the works, but since MR is a Mexican company, from what I've heard, Mexico do not recognize class action suits.

Here are some links...

Remember you have 5 business (working) days to cancel, and you will get your money back. I did (cancel) and I have (my money back).

Apr 15, 2007 8:42 am EDT

We fell prey to this scam too, and are in the process of trying to get our money back through Bank of America credit card company. We didn't think that Bank of America would be affiliated with a fraudulent company like this. Great Vacations Club is as fraudulent as they get!

We are looking for any loop-holes in the contract to get us out of this nightmare. We are suggesting that Bank of America stand behind us in this complaint and withdraw their services to Great Vacations Club.

Are there other web-sites we can post our complaints on? What are the chances of filing a class action law-suit against Great Vacations Club?

Apr 10, 2007 10:48 am EDT

We too we forced into this bogus scam! The pressure is so unreal-how do these people sleep at night!? We are trying to get a refund! Help