Mavis Discount Tirepoor customer service from josh the manager

I am beyond frustrated and insulted. As we speak my husband's vehicle is at this location. We received a diagnostic yesterday stating a cylinder 3 misfire. An associate who we usually work with (we have been loyal customers of this location since it was Kauffman Tire for the last 5+ years) quoted us the price of changing the one coil and spark plug. We received a call this morning from the manager JOSH (oh boy) saying that we replaced the 6th cylinder coil in March and all of the spark plugs and they recommended if any others went out that we change them all. He said that we signed a "contract" in March agreeing to this and that he absolutely would NOT replace the one cylinder. We were not reminded or informed of this yesterday when we dropped off the vehicle. JOSH proceeded to scream at me on the phone for 12 minutes. As we went back and forth about what we were told/promised and what JOSH said had to be done, the conversation ended with JOSH saying to me "OH MY GOD MA'AM, WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO PICK UP YOUR TRUCK?" I then asked for his manager's information. I called into the customer service line and left a complaint that was escalated to the regional manager. I let them know that I did not have 700.00 to fix all 8 coils at this time and we were basically trying to patch the issue at least until Friday (payday) and that we would have come back to Mavis as we had always done for the last 5 years. It's my money. If I want to spend more in labor because I don't have 700.00 right now to fix everything then it's my purgative. Long story short, 20 minutes later, JOSH called me back, (NEVER APOLOGIZED) and said his regional told him they would replace the one coil. I also spoke to the regional manager on the phone about 10 minutes after that. In my opinion JOSH does not need to be a manager let alone deal with customers. We are allowing them to fix the vehicle since it is already at the shop and we don't want to drive it while it's basically convulsing. I do not think we will be doing business with them again, even though I appreciate the regional manager greatly for his time and HIS apology.

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