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I purchased an expensive platform bed from Matisse Company, online. We receive the bed in a few weeks and upon arrival, it was so poorly made, my husband could not put it together. The bed was warped, damaged and missing pieces. Oddly, the bed was packaged very well and the shipping box was undamaged- leading me to believe that the bed was in horrible condition before shipping. My father in law, who is a licenced carpenter, could not put the bed together either. To be frank, the bed was a $2000 piece of s**t!

My husband called the company and spoke with a sales woman who had to put him on the phone with the company's owner. The result of the conversation was absolutely shocking!

The owner told my husband, "There is nothing I can do for you. You purchased that bed. I am not fixing it and I can't return your money. You own that bed." AND THE OWNER OF MATISSE COMPANY HUNG UP ON MY HUSBAND.

The owner refuses to answer our phone calls and the company headquarters are in Florida. We live 1500 miles away. We have lost $2000 and are considering taking legal action. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY! THE COMPANY IS AN OUTRIGHT FRAUD!

If anyone else has had a problem returning defective merchandise, please respond and we could have a class action law suit. Thank you and beware.


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    trixie33 Mar 03, 2010

    OMG! i so agree with this complaint. we tried to return an apholstered piece that was torn and the sales chick told us that we couldnt return it. it took us over 2 weeks to get the stupid owner on the phone and he said that we must have torn the furniture. i could have died! matisse has crappy furniture and even crappier people running the company. horrible company!!!

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    Delphi67 Mar 12, 2010

    Matisse CO. is the worst! Never, Never, Never buy from them!

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    C Garrett Dec 02, 2010

    I just had a similar expereince with a leather sofa. I was told that the sifa would have a couple of spots on it and that was why they were offering a reduced price but when it arrived it was awful with spots everywhere they said they would send someone out to try to clean it but as yet nobody is returning my calls. I am calling my credit card company to dispute the charges. I have tried calling but the owner is not calling me back - they lied. Do not purcahse anything from this company. If anybody else wants to start a class action let me know. I am going to call my local better business bureau and of course my credit card company.

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    kellerTX Jan 03, 2011

    I know the owner of Matisse Co personally. He has no moral code and is a scary person. If you can do anything to put him in jail, do it. He shouldn't be walking around with the rest of us.

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  • Dk
    dk1234a Jan 22, 2011

    thanks for the reviews people, I was about to buy a cool looking bed frame from them at 1, 300, i am so very glad I did not.

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    C Garrett Jan 31, 2011

    Just as an added issue, when I reported the dispute to my credit card company on Matisse, I uploaded photos of the mold on the couch for them to see how bad it was.
    Matisse committed a fraud by uploading a doctored invoice which they had written in "asis” after the fact - my yellow copy of the invoice didn’t have this on, they are now being investigated for fraud. I am also going to the Better Business Bureau and the Consumers association with all of this information. I am a Public Relations expert for a large company and will pursue a news report both locally and nationally on this company. Just here alone there seems to be many issues, who knows how many people they have scammed

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    dontbuyfrommatisseco Mar 19, 2013
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    This place obviously hasn't changed. Miserable experience with this company. Went into showroom, bought a table and 8 chairs. They were great to begin with, offered same day delivery. Fantastic! But then it all went downhill. Delivery guys showed up without drill bits and box cutters. Out of 8 chairs, 4 were damages, 2 were wrong color. Table was also damaged, and frame of table had various dings. They were great about getting a replacement out a couple of days later, only problem was that the table and chairs were again damaged. After all that, they said they'd refund my money but didn't want to refund the delivery charge for the delivery of damaged furniture. So they basically wanted me to pay $95 for 2.5 hours of time spent with their delivery guys and never having been delivered any furniture that was usable aside from a few chairs I could have put in my truck. Now I'm in the middle of disputing the charges because the owner of the place won't refund my money.

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