Marshallswendy the racist manager

El Oct 06, 2019

I am disgusted and in fear for my life thanks to wendy (with the badly dyed red hair) at the marshalls market square ship center 720 jefferson rd. Henrietta, ny 14623. I was verbally assaulted and harassed by wendy. I did call the police and file an official report with monroe county because her behavior was erratic and unacceptable (I assume she is on drugs - her teeth pointed to meth). I pointed out that a product was broken and to discount it 50% as all stores have always do. She refused to honor the discount and instead took off $1!!! That was unacceptable due to the loss of use of the product. Regardless of the discount, the real crime was her disgusting attitude. She said "[censored] then you don't need to buy it" I said "no [censored] lady that's the point of doing the discount i'll buy it at 50% off duh". She continued to yell profanities in my face saying "[censored] i'm not discounting it for you (racially motivated)" and put her hands in my face!!! I was recently in an accident and have a broken neck. That means any sort of bad movement of my neck from idk someone putting their hands in my face causing me to have to duck could have literally killed me!!! As I mentioned a police report was filed for assault and harassment and I expect wendy to be fired immediately.


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