Marshallsemployee that don’t deserve to be an employee at your company

I had the worst experience of my life at the Marshalls stated. It was only my second time in the store and I'm new to the area. I was really excited to become a new customer to Marshall's, but I was racially profiled while I was with my daughter that is disabled. I still purchased my items even though I was treated like scum. I told the manager as I stood there in uncontrollable tears at the register as I paid for my items. I have never in my entire life wrote a complaint or had an experience so hurtful and embarrassing. My mother was with me and it was her first time in Marshall's and she is 62 years old. I brought her there as a new customer and she left because of the situation never to want to shop in Marshall's again . This was a disaster. I really hope you run the camera back to this day and you will see the disrespect. Disappointed ☹️


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