Ap Sep 29, 2019

Go check your cameras on sunday september 29th your manager is the most unprofessional person with the most disgusting character i've ever come across. Aside from calling me a ghetto [censored] she screams at customers and waves her hand in there face while acting so erratic! What uneducated trash do you hire???
I came up to her to ask if there was another size and she just went crazy. I told her if she doesn't like her job quit, she started to scream get out! I told her she's acting crazy and needs to calm down she started screaming so everyone was watching you want to be instagram famous what name do you want. She's absolutely outrageous and does not belong employed. I went to the front and asked if she was the manager and a very calm women said yes and apologized. Mola is an indian women with blood shot eyes who's absolutely disgusting.

  • Updated by AprilNovak, Sep 29, 2019

    I am sending two complaints because I want to ensure this gets noticed. Mola, the manager you have employed at this Marshals is the absolute most disrespectful person I've ever met in my life. Looking for assistance for another size she rushed in while I'm talking to someone to scream and when I told her to calm down she got erratic. After telling her it's disgusting how she's acting she told me to get out and said how hard I am? I threw my item in the floor and turned around she called me a ghetto [censored] and went off with do I want to be Instagram famous and many other distrusting comments. This place is disgusting having someone employed as a manager with such behavior. This needs to be handled, she's unstable.

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