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I was shopping at Marshall's of Kingston on 10/2/2019 and treated so rudely by a customer service rep. named Rebecca that I was actually shaking when I left the store. She is the most unprofessional, abrasive and confrontational person I have ever encountered. I was making a return with a receipt and the system was not recognizing it with the scanner. I asked if there was a problem and was rudely told my items were not on the receipt. I should mention, I used to work at this Marshall's many years ago and know how to read and compare tags with receipts so I pointed out that they were. That is when she became extremely agitated with me and things progressively got worse. Even when I tried to neutralize the situation by asking "are you having a bad day?" her reply was "I wasn't until now". What! She further continued her assault with "not everything is about you" after going on about an issue she had earlier with an associate. I endured this barrage of rude behavior for the entire 15 minute transaction and walked away feeling verbally abused and visibly flustered. I did bring it to the Managers attention upon leaving the store, but felt it may have fallen on deaf ears. Rebecca is not the face you want representing Marshall's as a store or brand. My advise is put her in the stock room or get rid of her. I know help is hard to find and the behavior of one employee isn't going to deter people from shopping there, but customers shouldn't walk out of your store feeling harassed and belittled. I would like a formal apology from either Rebecca or the store manager and an explanation of what disciplinary actions were taken.

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  •   Oct 04, 2019

    You asking her if she was having a bad day is not neutralizing the situation. You were being condescending and patronizing to her.

    You can't say shi7 like that anymore without getting your a** kicked.

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