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We brought a sofa set from this Marlo furniture, when we received the delivery the back of the sofa was broken. I called them they said they would fix, I was not happy about it just getting fixed I wanted a new sofa that was not damaged. I went ahead and accepted that they fix. More a month passed and still haven't received my sofa. I had to call them to ask where is the sofa. Then when they redelievered my sofa it came back fixed, but the leather had scratches where it had been small cuts in the back of the sofa. I called again, they said they will order the parts and have a technician come and fix, I dont want it fixed anymore I wasnted a new sofa! This is the worst service ever, NEVER EVER AGAIN AM I BUYING FROM MARLO FURNITURE AND I WILL MAKE SURE I WRITE A BAD REVIEW ON GOOGLE, YELP. Worst ever!

Marlo Furniture Company
Marlo Furniture Company

Oct 08, 2019

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