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Mark Williams review: Scam, beware

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Mark Williams / [protected]
Is a scammer and a con artist.
Be very aware of this guy, do not do any business with him online or offline.
He will rip you off for your hard earned cash.

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Nov 03, 2019 5:41 pm EST

Ronald James Durand --

Manawa, WI -- A lifelong FAILED C grade criminal and ticket scammer -- Reached out to an add looking to arrange extra tickets for family members to a sold out football game.
After demanding paypal only being able to concoct a vague story about what and which tickets he had, both the University and police were contacted to verify legitimacy.

Unfortunately before the University responded or a simply google search of this piece of trash's name was done -- a REAL point of contact was given out before sending money. After he was caught trying to sell fradulent phony sh*t, he melted down and started posting personal information as part of his tantrum -- these are his Sour grapes.

FORTUNATELY this pile of sh*t has been failing at this so long, and has so many complaints to Law Enforcement against him, the feds are not only aware but a large multi-state federal investigation is now ongoing.

If this post saves 1 person from ever having to engage with this incel, or deal with his fake tickets, then so be it.
Most importantly anyone ever being solicited by this tub of used tampons should immediately contact

Nickstrike - @ - / MHalfenger - @-
(Case# here is 19-9881) -- handling his current ticket cases in multiple states
And the FBI at to push his federal case along.

The only thing more pathetic than Big Red getting f_cked at Folsom Field is Ronald J Durand's -- failed ticket operation.


Jul 07, 2019 9:21 pm EDT

Rondald Durand. Convicted felon, con artist and harasser with multiple restraining orders against him has been selling fake tickets for over a decade.

This is his post. He was caught and is now upset posting here. ‘Attorney Daniels’ could not provide proof he was an attorney lol. But was given the police reports filed against him. Watch for him on craigslist asking for money.

May 07, 2019 11:18 am EDT

Mark Williams is a liar and posts inaccurate and slanderous comments. He is a SCAM