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Don’t be caught by this Master Con Man MARK KNIGHT. [protected] he says he grew up in Gympie however will find a girlfriend and live there. He has 3 kids who spend most of their time with his parents/ex wife. He claims to be the man in charge of hire/fire for a company called Oz Oil an offshore oil rig currently hiring 'green skins' for an existing or new rig. When you can't locate the company on the internet he claims as it was Turkish owned and has recently exchanged hands and website is being sorted. Pay is fabulous. Mark from the kindness of his heart pays for your training ($800) so you don’t miss out as they need the training codes to start writing your contract. You eagerly pay him back with thanks; his PA PAULA (turns out to be his SISTER) is arranging your employment contracts and emailing your receipt for the training course. MARK knows a lot about the industry and is very very convincing. You tell your friends about the opportunity, he turns some down but accepts a few, same deal he pays for your training and you pay him back and await the office to forward your receipt. Job start about a month away. In the mean time you become fairly chatty. He tells you about his brother in law who works for Pickles Auction House and gets great deals on cars (ACTUALLY works for Nestle), he tells you the cars he has and that’s his passion, he has a dealer’s licence. You are in for a deal on a new car and pay a deposit on a car shown to you on the auction website. You pay the rest when he asks because it’s a great deal it is to secure the buy. As your delivery time of your vehicle nears excuses are rolling in to why you don’t have your receipts for the training course or your contracts. You get suss on a few things he says they don’t make sense; being in 2 places at once to different people, contact numbers he gives you for your car don’t answer, avoids handing over email or office contact details.
He will give you the highs of his life and the lows including his ex-wife taking him for 1.7mil in the last 7 years and is back for more so he has caveats on his 7 or so properties and frozen bank accounts for about a month while the authorities sort it out.
It all came together when we were in the area where he said one of the vehicles was ( this is when it was suppose to be delivered 2 days earlier) we asked for the address, he gave us one and no one knew anything about it so we called and he gave us another address that didn’t exist. We started to check further and then it all came out from other sources – He did the same con to a friend of his
After getting suspicious we went to the police who confirmed he was a regular however he hadn’t committed a crime until he runs or refuses the paid for product or our money back.
He is an average trading looking man, very easy going and sooooo smooth with his lies even after we knew and were playing to his game to make sure he didn’t run you still were left thinking...maybe it’s not a scam
We found all of our documents with blank personal loan applications and prepared veda credit checks.
We were luckier than the past victims of this scammer; we put it all together before it was too late. Confronting him as a group and leaving on top.

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Nov 28, 2016 10:28 pm EST

last seen broadford vic this says united states but he is in australia moved from queensland
word is he has moved to south australia but thats not confirmed