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maricel gotay review: overcharged

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I am very disgusted with Nissan. I leased a 2006 Pathfinder which lease is up soon. My engine light went on. Nissan said they did not warrany that. I hooked the computer to my truck and showed me the part it needed which cost only $45.00 tops. Nissan charged me almost $600.00 to fix this problem which they claim they dont warranty. They claim this part is needed and it would cost me this much. I will never lease from them again. They ripped me off. If I refused to have them fix the car, they would charge me $135 for just take it a look at it. They had me and they knew that. I will never lease another vehicle from them ever again. They lost me as a customer for a new vehicle. I read their forums and all their vehicles seem to have the same problem with the "service engine light soon" I cannot believe they charged me almost $600.00 for this. Rip off!