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(I think this one is a scam... How true?)


Greetings once again,

Please, permit me to introduce myself further.

I am a widow to late mr. Jandonerd n ronaldo, from philippines who naturalized and worked in united kingdom as an importer and exporter of textiles and family furniture for so many years. We got married without a child. I decided to search on philippines directories and I got your contact to share my problem with you, because you are from the same nationality with my late husband.

The funds and gold are in a secured protected safe box locked with security pin and was declared as 'family valuables' for security reasons when the deposit was made. The company operation manager does not have an idea that such funds are in the box. It was a secret between me and my late husband. The company has contacted me on my sick bed that the consignment is due for releasing and directed that I should present the next of kin to claim it hence the deposit agreement has expired long ago.

To receive the funds, I will introduce you to the company as my late husband's next of kin to receive the gold and cash deposit of (five hundred thousand dollars) which my late husband deposited as 'family valuables' in the security vaults of a leading security finance company here in london, united kingdom for safe-keeping and investment purposes in philippines before his death (may his soul rest in peace).

When my late husband made the deposit, he did not put any beneficiary or leave anyone else to be contacted as next of kin or his relatives. I have traced to his last known address here in the united kingdom, to search for his relatives and could not locate any. I have contacted the filipino embassy and was informed that my late husband's family in philippines died due to typhoon. Being his wife, I have the right to attest to the company that you are my late husband's relative. I assure you that there is no risk of any sort.

As a retired senior social worker of (international committee of the red cross), I have visited some orphanage homes around me and have done some help to them but my instinct directed me to touch some lives in philippines being the country of origin of my late husband through you. As soon as you accept to stand with me to claim the valuables, you will utilize it in building churches, helping the widows and putting smiles on the faces of motherless and street children by building a motherless babies home and to support the typhoon affected areas. You will use 25% for your effort.

As soon as I hear from you, I shall inform you on what next to do to make sure you claim the trunk safe valuables, before my surgical operation soon. I am battling with life and death right now in the hospital based on what the doctors told me that even if I survive the cancer operations, I will only live for 2 months.

Please pray for me. I hope to hear from you soon to give you more details and send my photo for your view and the certificate of deposit.

I am restricted by my doctors from answering calls due to my deteriorating health status and blood pressure. Thanks in advance for keeping my husband's dream alive. Reply me on email.

Complete the form.




Mobile no:





Warm regards

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Nov 18, 2020 3:56 am

YES people, this is OBVIOUSLY a scam! I get emails like this all the time. This scam has been around since the beginning of the internet.

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Nov 24, 2019 3:56 am

I have recieved that also .. Is this a scam?

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Nov 01, 2019 3:56 am

i received a text msg from a certain Ma. Regine Ronald with the same issue. She even sent me a picture and the Dep Cert. the picture did not match.

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Nov 17, 2019 3:56 am it true?because they also sent a message to the email of my it true or scam?

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