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Maralago Cay Lake Worth Florida review: Manager Millie I don't know her last name

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I am in the process of trying to sell my home. The office manager, Millie is being very difficult. She is asking for ridiculous documents and then doesn't accept them.

I called her about an hour ago to ask her about the progress of an application that was dropped off yesterday. She said that the address was incorrect and she said they have to come in in person to correct this. I called the woman who is trying to purchase my house and I told her I just got off the phone with Millie and she said you gave the incorrect address. She told me she asked Millie to verify my address and she said she couldn't do that.

Now we have to wait until Tuesday to get this application corrected. Also, she wanted all kinds of documents from the IRS. The woman gave them to her and now she doesn't want them.

When I told her I was putting my house up for sale she asked me if I wanted her to list it. I asked her what the fee was. $1200.00. I'm selling my home for $8500. Is this correct? Because of Covid she can't show it. All she could do is give out my phone number. Is that worth $1200?

All I know is she is giving me a really hard time selling my home. I lost one buyer because she was so rude to them that they didn't want to live here.

I have called and left numerous messages about this and no one has called me back. Please do something about this woman so my sale can go through.

Leisa Radosavljevic
4115 4th CT. Lake Worth, FL 33462

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