please do not send any $$ to a certain Shranick Sethia and, magicway . first they replied to a request for a quote going through a total different company then we sent them money to do the website, they do not respond to emails nor phone calls we have asked for a full refund and they have disappeared leaving us with a terrible horrible template taken off the internet. i repeat they are a complete fraud...


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    Nick_mw Sep 18, 2012

    That's completely incorrect. We had designed and developed the website according to their requirement. We even asked them if you are not satisfied with anything let us know and we will change it.

    The strange thing was the fact that they never had any issues when we shown them design of the website, its just when website was designed, ecommerce platform was integrated and time came for final payment they started creating issues etc.

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    completebolloks Sep 24, 2013

    They spend their time complaining against clients who realize that what they offer is complete nonsense. They are predators that rely their business practices on individuals that have little or no knowledge on the industry and offer services that force their clients to accept new services from them. Their SEO is a joke as it doesn't even target the industry their clients are in and they use strong words to bully their clients into believing they can do a job that they really cant. I for one, am the happiest individual alive knowing I no longer have to deal with these snakes again even though they keep trying to hurt my business by malicious SEO links that cause 404 errors and get punished by Google. I have been forced to take legal action against them and even though this may take years, I am determined to see it through as the end result would mean one less snake in the forest!

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