Macy'scustomer service/customer accounts

M Jul 01, 2019

As of 6/30/2019 I HAD a Macys account and a Macys card for several years.

I also only have ONE Macys account and only have ONE email address I use for the account AND the card. I've been shopping online for years with this SAME account and the SAME email address.

Last week I was online shopping on the Macys website looking to see if they had any holiday sales out yet. I didn't see any so I put a few things in my favorites so I could have them today when I logged back in to see if they were on sale yet.

Today I try and log in to the Macys site and it tells me there is no such email address! So I tried again, several times, making sure I was typing the right keys, and I STILL kept getting the error message stating there was no such email address!

So I get on the customer chat window and tell them whats going on. They tell me there is no such email address in their system! I told them I've been shopping for years off this account and the email address has NEVER changed! I told them I logged in last week with no problems, and I was told again that my email address does not exist in their system!

Not only that, my Macys card number does not exist in their system!

I told them, obviously they don't want me as a customer anymore since they deleted my account without even giving me a [censored]ing courtesy email or phone call about it!!!
So I told them I will take my money somewhere else!


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